WSCP 15: Celebration of Muddy Waters with John Primer, Bob Margolin and Paul Oscher

Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour


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00:00:00 - Show Introduction 00:01:12 - Performance: "Satisfaction" (Michael Johnathon)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "It was 1965 and four young British guys had a deep respect and passion for a Chicago Blues guy, so much so, that they named their band after one of his songs. A few months later they found themselves on their first American tour in Florida and they played to a couple thousand people in a small little arena..."

Segment Synopsis: Michael Johnathon performs "Satisfaction," written and recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1965. He tells the story of how the Rolling Stones were inspired by their Chicago-based blues hero Muddy Waters and came to record "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" in Chicago.

Keywords: Chicago; Chicago Blues; Florida; Muddy Waters (musician); Rolling Stones (band); Satisfaction; cynicism with commercialization; guitar; riff; rock and roll; song of disillusionment

Subjects: Guitar (acoustic); vocals (male)

00:05:54 - Welcome / Artist Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Celebrating and giving tribute to Muddy Waters, who would have been 100 years old, with several of his bandmates.

Keywords: Bob Margolin (Artist); John Primer (Artist); Muddy Waters (Artist); Paul Oscher (Artist)

00:07:11 - Performance: "Feel Like Going Home" (John Primer)

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Segment Synopsis: John Primer performs "Feel Like Going Home."

Keywords: Feel Like Going Home (Song); John Primer (Artist)

Subjects: Chicago blues; blues

00:11:02 - Interview 1: John Primer

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "Great John Primer from the cd, '100 Years of Muddy Waters'"

Segment Synopsis: John Primer tells how he was discovered by Muddy Waters in 1979, how he dreamed he would play with Muddy Waters as a kid, and his first night playing with the Muddy Waters band.

Keywords: Camden; John Primer (Artist); Mexico; Mexico City; Mississippi; Willie Dixon; blues; blues music awards

Subjects: Chicago blues; blues

00:14:12 - Performance: "Love In My Heart For You" (John Primer)

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Segment Synopsis: John Primer performs "Love in My Heart For You," a song he wrote, from his album "All Original."

Keywords: John Primer (artist); Love in My Heart for You (song)

Subjects: Chicago blues; bass (electric); blues; blues (12 -bar blues); drums; slide guitar (electric); vocals

00:18:08 - Performance: "Baby, Please Don't Go" (Bob Margolin)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "our next artist who was also in the Muddy Waters band, as a matter of fact, during the Martin Scorsese while Muddy Waters performed on that film"

Segment Synopsis: Michael Johnathon introduces Bob Margolin was a member of the Muddy Waters blues band and was in the band for the "Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues" motion picture. Bob Margolin and band performs "Baby, Please Don't Go."

Keywords: Baby Please Don't Go (song); Bob Margolin (artist); Martin Scorsese; blues; heartache; imprisonment; lamp; motion picture; rolling stone

Subjects: Chicago blues; bass; blues; drums (Chuck Cotton); guitar; harmonica (Tad Walters); vocals

00:21:14 - Interview 2: Bob Margolin

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Segment Synopsis: Bob Margolin talks about how he played with Muddy Waters close to 7 years; Muddy Waters' charisma; how Muddy Waters taught him to write original music; and tells why he plays guitar with a thumb pick.

Keywords: Bob Dylan; John Lennon; Muddy Waters; Paul McCartney; finger pick; flat pick; thumb pick

Subjects: Chicago blues; blues

00:25:41 - Performance: "Heaven Mississippi" (Bob Margolin)

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Segment Synopsis: Bob Margolin performs "Heaven Mississippi," written by Terry Abrahamson and Bob Margolin, from his new album "My Road."

Keywords: BB King; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Muddy Waters; Robert Johnson; blues; devil; dream; heaven; never die

Subjects: Bob Margolin (artist); Chicago blues; G minor (key); Heaven Mississippi (song); blues; drums (Chuck Cotton); harmonica (Tad Walters); slide guitar (electric)

00:31:12 - Break

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Subjects: Chuck Leavell (musician); Fairbanks, Alaska (listener); (sponsor); WoodSongs Gathering Festival (partner)

00:32:12 - Woodsongs Kid: Patrick Long and Connor Stith, "Sweet Home Chicago" (Interview and Performance)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "We have two WoodSongs Kids as we're celebrating Muddy Waters and the blues, we found two teenage boys who love playing the blues"

Segment Synopsis: Patrick Long (from Clarksville, TN) and Connor Stith (from Bowling Green, KY) talk about their musical backgrounds.

Keywords: Bowling Green; Clarksville; Kentucky; Tennessee; guitar; singing; teenagers

00:35:47 - Performance: "Honey Bee" (Paul Oscher)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "We have on our stage another one of the bandmates of Muddy Waters, it's an honor to have him here as well"

Segment Synopsis: Paul Oscher performs "Honey Bee," a song recorded by Muddy Waters.

Keywords: Honey Bee (Song); Muddy Waters (Artist); Paul Oscher (Artist)

Subjects: Chicago blues; beat board (foot percussion); blues; harmonica; slide guitar (electric); thumb pick

00:40:12 - Interview 5: Paul Oscher

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "That's Paul Oscher, baby. Paul, it's great to have you here, your second time on the show"

Segment Synopsis: Paul Oscher tells how he joined Muddy Waters' band in the mid-1960s during the Civil Rights Movement as first caucasian member; on marriage to playwright Suzan-Lori Parks (first African American woman to win Pulitzer Prize for drama); his musical influences; and the relatability of the blues.

Keywords: Civil Rights; Eric Clapton; Keith Richards; Levon Helm; Little Walter; Muddy Waters; Otis Spann; Paul Oscher (artist); WoodSongs; blues (genre)

Subjects: Chicago blues; blues

00:43:12 - Performance: "Ida Mae" (Paul Oscher)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "well let's go ahead and demonstrate"

Segment Synopsis: Paul Oscher performs "Ida Mae," an original song from his album "Bet on the Blues." Oscher plays all the instruments himself.

Keywords: beat board (foot percussion); guitar; harmonica; vocals (male)

Subjects: Chicago blues; blues

00:46:23 - Performance: "Got My Mojo Workin" (John Primer, Bob Margolin, Paul Oscher)

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Partial Transcript: Johnathon: "they're gonna play this song together as a group, we're sort of going to go out with a concert experience. All three of them together playing the Muddy Waters tune: 'Got My Mojo Workin'"

Segment Synopsis: John Primer, Bob Margolin, Paul Oscher perform "Got My Mojo Workin" together.

Keywords: Blues (Genre); Got My Mojo Workin' (Song); Muddy Waters (Artist)

Subjects: Chicago blues; bass (electric); blues; call and response; drums; guitars (duo); harmonica (solo); vocals (male)

00:51:02 - Coda: Michael Johnathon

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Partial Transcript: "The great Paul Oscher, John Primer, and Bob Margolin. We are celebrating the wonderful world of Muddy Waters"

Segment Synopsis: Michael Johnathon wraps up the show with a thought about the meaning of the blues.

Keywords: Willie Dixon; blues; thought; woman leaves and comes back

00:52:12 - Message from Michael Johnathon 00:52:38 - From the Woodsongs Archive: "She's Got It" (Mud Morganfield and Kim Wilson)

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Keywords: Blues (Genre); Kim Wilson (Artist); Mud Morganfield (Artist); She's Got It (Song)