Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Sidney H. Hulette, September 17, 1975

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:06 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is an unrehearsed, taped interview with Mr. Sidney Hu--Hulette and Charles Atcher, the Archivist of the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Sidney Hulette is introduced. The interviewer discusses signing release forms.

00:01:53 - First impressions of the University of Kentucky and why he decided to enroll there

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Hulette we appreciate the opportunity to interview you on your life at the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about visiting the University of Kentucky campus as a child for football games and talks about his impressions of the campus. He says his decision to attend the university was mainly due to his older brother and friends enrolling there, as well as the university's reputation.

Keywords: Appearances; Basketball; Brothers; Construction; Fans; Football; Friends; High school; Loyalty; Reputations; Schools; State schools; Visits; Youth

Subjects: Campus visits; College campuses.; College choice; Union County (Ky.); University of Kentucky

00:05:27 - Majoring in accounting and his opinions on the program

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Partial Transcript: Now did you, uh, enter the university in 1960?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about changing majors while in school at UK. He talks about why he decided to major in accounting, and his decision to enroll in law school afterwards. He gives his opinion on the quality of the University of Kentucky accounting program.

Keywords: Accounting program; Business school; Changes; Classes; Credit hours; EKU; Economics; Graduation requirements; History; Interests; Jobs; Law school; Majors; Preparation; Quality; Revenue Department; Training

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University; Higher education; Universities and colleges--Evaluation; University of Kentucky. College of Business and Economics

00:09:27 - Opinion of the University of Kentucky Law School

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Partial Transcript: The law school, uh--again, uh UK--uh, and I've got to be critical, to a degree, of their law program. And this, of course, is just a personal judgment, but, uh, I felt like that many of the instructors that we had, uh, didn't know how to practice law.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about why he did not enroll in the pre-law program at UK and gives his opinion on the program.

Keywords: Age; Doctorate of jurisprudence; Experience; Instructors; LLB; Law School; Maturity; Practice; Practicing law; Quality; Undergraduate degree; Work

Subjects: College majors; College teachers--Rating of.; Educators; Universities and colleges--Faculty.; University of Kentucky. College of Law

00:14:29 - University of Kentucky professors

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Partial Transcript: Could you, uh, pinpoint or, uh, point a finger at one of your favorite professors, uh, while at the university?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette describes one of his favorite teachers at UK, Dr. Christian. He talks about the size of his classes and the quality of the education he received.

Keywords: Business school; Class size; Classes; Curriculum; Dr. Christian; Economics; Individual attention; Instructors; Interests; Personal; Professors; Quality of education; Statistics; Student-teacher ratio; Students; Teachers; Well-rounded

Subjects: College teachers.; Educators; Universities and colleges--Employees; Universities and colleges--Faculty.; Universities and colleges--Professional staff; University of Kentucky. College of Business and Economics

00:19:03 - Fraternity involvement

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Partial Transcript: If my, uh, records are correct--(coughs)--and I hope they are, um, you were a member of a fraternity.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about joining the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. He talks about the reputation of fraternities on campus during his time at UK, including the opinions of the university administration and the student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel. He talks about the benefits he received from joining a fraternity. He says that fraternity members were often concerned about academics because of the need to maintain a certain grade average to remain in the fraternity, and says that fraternity brothers would encourage each other to succeed academically.

Keywords: Anti-fraternity sentiment; Attitudes; Beneficial; Benefits; Charity work; Delta Tau Delta fraternity; Diversity; Dr. Frank Dickey; Dr. John Oswald; Education; Fraternities; Friendships; GPA; Grade point average; Greek letter organizations; Kentucky Kernel newspaper; Leadership; Reputations; Rush chairman; Social organizations; Study programs; University administration; Viewpoints; Volunteers; Well-rounded

Subjects: College environment; Greek letter societies.

00:26:52 - Other campus organizations

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Partial Transcript: Um, was Sigma Nu, uh, kicked off campus during your--

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about other clubs and organizations on campus, including other fraternities and religious groups. He talks about social functions and activities on campus that were often attended by fraternity members.

Keywords: Activities; Attendance; Clubs; Fraternities; Kicked out; Leadership; Newman Club; Participation; Performances; Religious organizations; Requirements; Sigma Nu fraternity; Social functions

Subjects: College environment; College students--Conduct of life.; College students--Social conditions; Greek letter societies.

00:30:12 - University presidents

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Partial Transcript: Um, referring back to part of our conversation while ago, I had a definite impression that, uh, you were, uh, much more pro-Dickey than you were Oswald.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about the differences between university presidents Frank Dickey and John Oswald.

Keywords: Classmates; Detached; Dr. Frank Dickey; Dr. John Oswald; Fraternity brothers; Friendly; Law school; Personable; University presidents

Subjects: College administrators--Rating of; College presidents; Universities and colleges--Administration.

00:32:45 - Social activities and athletic events

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Partial Transcript: Well, what were some of your favorite social activities and what was the social attitude on campus at that particular time?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about where students would hang out around campus during his time at UK. He talks about attending university football and basketball games. He talks about athletes he knew.

Keywords: Athletic events; Basketball games; Danceland; Dances; Darby Dan Farm; Football games; Football players; Fraternity houses; Joyland; Parties; Social activities; Stadium Inn; The Paddock; Two Keys Tavern

Subjects: College athletes; College campuses.; College football players; College sports.; College students--Conduct of life.; College students--Social conditions; University towns

00:38:06 - Campus political activities

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Partial Transcript: Did you take part in any, uh, campus political activities?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette says he was not involved with political activity at UK, but talks about protests that occurred during his time at the university.

Keywords: "Hippies"; Army recruiters; Campus political activities; Sit-ins

Subjects: College students--Conduct of life.; College students--Political activity.; Student protesters; Vietnam War, 1961-1975

00:39:56 - Fashion

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned a very interesting point, Sidney, and that is, uh, the dress or the lifestyle--

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about the clothes and hairstyles that were popular during his time at the university. He talks specifically about how students in the law school dressed when attending classes.

Keywords: Blue jeans; Dirty; Facial hair; Fraternities; Hairstyles; Law school; Moccasins; Neat; Professional; Sandals; Skirt length; Styles; Ties

Subjects: Clothing and dress.; College students--Conduct of life.; Fashion.

00:45:04 - Benefits of a college education

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Partial Transcript: Uh, Sidney, it, uh--(coughs)--uh, well if you're like me you read a lot. Don't get a--to read as much as you'd like.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette describes the benefits he received by getting a college education, including exposure to new ideas and people he would not have otherwise met.

Keywords: Broadened outlook; Changes; College education; Experience; Exposure; Impact; Knowledge; Minorities; Philosophy; Politics; Social life; Thinking

Subjects: College graduates; Education, Higher--Kentucky--Lexington

00:48:26 - University of Kentucky's impact on Lexington

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Partial Transcript: Uh, it's been said, uh, and editorialized, --------(??) of the Lexington Herald Leader just, uh, wrote an editorial to the people of Lexington that, uh, the community should be very grateful, uh, to the university for being located in Lexington because it means a terrific economic, uh, shot in the arm to the community.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about whether the University of Kentucky is a benefit to the community of Lexington. He weighs financial and intellectual benefits against the great influx of students causing problems for the city.

Keywords: College students; Community; Financial benefits; Grateful; Impact; Industry; Intellectual benefits; Negative feelings; Off-campus living; Prominence; Student body

Subjects: College campuses.; Lexington (Ky.).; Universities and colleges--Public relations; University towns

00:54:12 - University of Kentucky libraries

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Partial Transcript: Speaking of students and their needs, uh, as an undergraduate, uh, I'm sure you spent a good deal of time in the library.

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about his use of the resources provided by the M. I. King Library and the Law Library at UK. He talks about whether he read local newspapers from his hometown at the library, and talks about his current use of the phone-in reference service.

Keywords: Growth; Kentucky Legal Information Service; Law library; Local newspapers; M. I. King Library; Phone-in system; Remodeling; Reputations; Research; Resources; Students' needs; Undergraduate library

Subjects: Academic libraries.; Libraries and business.; University of Kentucky. Libraries

00:58:41 - Changes at the University of Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Um, now as an alumni, and the years have slipped by as they do on all of us, what have you detected as the most significant change at the university since your graduation?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette talks about how the University of Kentucky and its campus have changed since he was a student there in the 1950s and '60s. He discusses the growth of the campus which makes it difficult to walk from one class to another, and gives his opinion on the loss of several buildings on campus due to remodeling.

Keywords: Administration Building; Buildings; Changes; Distance; Donovan Hall; Football teams; Friendly; Growth; Population; Shuttle buses; Size; University presidents; Walking; Whitehall Building

Subjects: Campus size; College buildings.; College campuses.; College facilities.; University of Kentucky

01:04:42 - What he would have changed about the University of Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: I have one last question, Sidney, and that is: looking back over your college days, if you could have changed any one thing at U of K, what would it have been?

Segment Synopsis: Hulette discusses what he would like to change about the University of Kentucky. He talks about what he would have done differently himself during his time there. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Changes; Improvements; Intellectual opportunities; Libraries; Professors; Tenure; Work ethic

Subjects: College students--Attitudes.; College teachers--Rating of.; College teachers--Tenure.; Educators; Universities and colleges--Evaluation; Universities and colleges--Faculty.