Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Price Daniel, October 18th, 1976

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: The following is an unrehearsed interview with Judge Price Daniel for the Earle C. Clements Oral History Project of the University of Kentucky Library.

Segment Synopsis: Daniel describes the first time he met Clements, his time in Texas, and going to Washington.

Keywords: Alben Barkley; Austin (Tex.); Campaign committee; Democratic Convention; Dwight Eisenhower; Inauguration; Loyalty; Lyndon Johnson; Minority Whip; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985

00:04:24 - Clements' relationship with Lyndon Johnson

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Partial Transcript: Of course, uh, Senator Clements, uh, became very close to Lyndon Johnson in the Senate. I, uh, wanted to ask you how you would describe the relationship...

Segment Synopsis: Daniel recalls Clements' relationship with Lyndon Johnson, and how rarely they disagreed. The discussion turns to Clements' rise through the Senate and his many relationships within the Senate.

Keywords: Conservatives; Disagreement; Liberals; Lyndon Johnson; Minority Whip; Relationships; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:09:29 - Tidelands Oil controversy

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Partial Transcript: One of the issues, I think, that was important to you when you went to the Senate was the issue of the Tidelands Oil.

Segment Synopsis: Daniels talks about the Tidelands Oil controversy. At the time, Texas was fighting the federal government for rights to oil fields submerged beneath the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Daniels recalls that the repercussions of these new concepts on ownership rights affected all states, and was incredibly divisive in the Senate at that time. He also comments on Clements' stance on Joseph McCarthy's approach to Cold War politics.

Keywords: Cold War; Communism; Democrats; Joseph McCarthy; Oil; Ownership; States rights; Texas; Tidelands; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Petroleum in submerged lands; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:14:40 - Eisenhower Administration

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Partial Transcript: As a member of the, uh, Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee in the Senate, uh, did you ever work with Clements in regard to, uh, tobacco legislation that was coming through?

Segment Synopsis: When asked about Clements' involvement in legislation concerning commerce in Kentucky such as coal and tobacco, Daniel had little to recall. He then moves on to discuss the Eisenhower administration, and how Clements rarely had a reason to be critical of it.

Keywords: Coal; Commerce; Criticisms; Democrats; Eisenhower Administration; Legislation; Tobacco; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:18:38 - Desegregation

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Partial Transcript: Of course, another issue that you were involved with here in Texas as Attorney General was the, uh, integration of the, of schools.

Segment Synopsis: Daniel recalls his (and Clements') involvement in the desegregation of schools, and briefly comments on Clements' involvement in Lyndon Johnson's campaign for re-election in 1954.

Keywords: African Americans; Graduate schools; Integration; Law schools; Segregation; Texas

Subjects: Civil rights--Law and legislation; Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Segregation in education

00:23:38 - Majority Whip / Minority Whip

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Partial Transcript: I g, I guess another question that is, im, important was how effective Clements was in, in his position as Majority Whip.

Segment Synopsis: Daniel talks about Clements' effectiveness and style in his positions as Majority Whip and Minority whip, and his "heavy hand" in getting things done.

Keywords: Leadership; Lyndon Johnson; Majority Whip; Minority Whip; Styles; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:29:35 - Political philosophy / re-election campaign

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Partial Transcript: In terms of Clements' political philosophy, from your vantage point, if you had to place a label on his political philosophy, what would it, what would it be?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel discusses Clements' political philosophy, calling him a moderate and very practical. He goes on to speak about Clements' time as governor, and about Daniel leaving the Senate. They talk about Clements' re-election campaign and political defeat in 1956, as well as Daniel's own campaign for governor at that same time.

Keywords: Campaigns; Governors; Lyndon Johnson; Moderates; Philosophy; Political defeat; Practicality; Pragmatism; Re-election; Resignation; Thruston Morton; U.S. Senate

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Political campaigns; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:38:31 - Social networks

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Partial Transcript: So at least from where you stood you didn't see Clements as a, a, a, uh, close advisor in the administration.

Segment Synopsis: Daniel describes Clements' infrequent participation in D.C., his socialization with his colleagues, and his interpersonal skills.

Keywords: Expression; Leaders; Leadership; Lyndon Johnson; Parties; Personalities; Senators; Socializing; Washington D.C.

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; United States. Congress--History--20th century

00:43:47 - Fred Vinson

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Partial Transcript: With your permission, I would like to ask you a couple of questions about Fred Vinson, who has served on the court. Would that be possible at this time?

Segment Synopsis: The interview concludes by going off-topic, as Daniel answers some questions about Supreme Court Justice Fred Vinson.

Keywords: Fred Vinson; Harry Truman; Supreme Court

Subjects: Vinson, Fred M., 1890-1953