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00:00:02 - Meeting Earle Clements / African-American community

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Partial Transcript: --following in a non-rehearsed taped conversation with Professor C.L. Timberlake, a longtime leader among Kentucky's New Deal Democrats. Mr. Timberlake has been a teacher, school principal of Morganfield's Dunbar High School, and President of Paducah Vocational College. Now at age 93, Mr. Timberlake has been married 56 years to his most gracious wife.

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake recalls first meeting Clements in 1932 and the early years of their relationship, giving an account of Clements' time as a football coach. Timberlake then goes on to discuss his work in the African American community.

Keywords: Athletics; Campaign staff; Coaches; County judges; Football; Gubernatorial; Happy Chandler; Minority votes; Political campaigns; Relationships; Republicans; Volunteer work

Subjects: African Americans--Social conditions; Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Coaches (Athletics); Football.; Minorities--Political activity

00:05:19 - Campaign support

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Partial Transcript: Were you involved, uh--well, I--very strongly in his nineteen, uh, forty-five, con, uh, congressional race--'44 congressional race?

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake describes his involvement with every campaign Clements ran: 1945 Congressional race; 1947 gubernatorial campaign; 1950 campaign for U.S. Congress; and his 1956 campaign for re-election. The discussion then turns to various University of Kentucky basketball athletes, and Clements' relationship with that community.

Keywords: African Americans; Basketball players; Democratic factions; Democrats; Happy Chandler; Liberals; Public relations; Senators; Support; University of Kentucky

Subjects: Basketball players--Kentucky; Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Political campaigns

00:11:27 - 1955 Gubernatorial campaign / 1956 re-election campaign

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Partial Transcript: In, uh, in 1955, when, when Governor Chandler ran for, for office, he was opposed by Bert Combs, who was supported by Clements, uh, and Wetherby.

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake discusses the 1955 Kentucky gubernatorial primary between Bert Combs and Happy Chandler, and then reflects on Clements' failed 1956 re-election campaign, and the weight of the African American vote in that election.

Keywords: "Dixiecrats"; African Americans; Bert Combs; Governors; Happy Chandler; Jackie Robinson; Kentucky; Lawrence Wetherby; Minority votes; Political defeat; Thruston Morton

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Political campaigns

00:17:23 - Integration

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Partial Transcript: Of course, dur, during the, um--Mr. Clements' uh, gubernatorial administration, uh, Kentucky in many ways was beginning to integrate.

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake discusses the state of segregation versus integration in Kentucky during Clements' gubernatorial administration, saying he "threw all his weight behind integration," and explaining the legislation efforts surrounding the issue.

Keywords: African-Americans; Day Law; Governors; Integration; Legislation; Lyndon Johnson; Minorities; Morganfield (Ky.); Paducah (Ky.); Repeals; Simeon Willis

Subjects: African Americans--Segregation; Kentucky. Governor (1947-1950 : Clements); Legislation

00:22:14 - Appointments in education

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell us something about, uh, your appointment as Principal at Mor--at Morganfield's Dunbar High School, and your appointment, uh, as President, I believe, of Paducah Vocational College, and, uh, did Mr. Clements have any role in this?

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake talks about his various appointments to educational offices: Principal of Dunbar High School in Morganfield, President of Paducah Vocational College, and his "surprise appointment" to the State Textbook Commission.

Keywords: African American history; Appointments; Committees; Controversies; Dunbar High School; Educators; Governors; Morganfield (Ky.); Paducah (Ky.); Paducah Vocational College; Principals; State Textbook Commission

Subjects: Educators; Kentucky. Governor (1947-1950 : Clements)

00:29:15 - Funding for Black colleges

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Partial Transcript: What can you tell me about, um, Governor Clements' providing of funds to the various black colleges in the state? Um, th, the colleges, I know, traditionally had been neglected.

Segment Synopsis: Timberlake answers a succession of questions about the state of Black colleges in Kentucky under Clements as governor, also addressing Clements' relationship with Rufus Atwood, and leadership in the African American community at that time.

Keywords: Black colleges; Curriculum; Education; Educators; Funding; Leadership; Legislation; Rufus Atwood; Schools; Simeon Willis; State Board of Education; Support

Subjects: Government spending policy; Higher education and state; Kentucky. Governor (1947-1950 : Clements); Segregation in education

00:35:40 - Employing African Americans in government

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Timberlake, can you, uh, tell me, going back, now, to the 1930s, uh, whether Mr. Clements as county judge, uh, employed many, uh, blacks, or people from the black community, on WPA and WPA-type jobs?

Segment Synopsis: The interview closes with Timberlake discussing Clements' hiring of the first African Americans to government positions in the state.

Keywords: Affirmative action; Employment; Equal opportunity; Foremen; Government workers

Subjects: Integration; Kentucky--Politics and government; Kentucky. Governor (1947-1950 : Clements)