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00:00:07 - Introduction / farming and owning a grocery store

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Partial Transcript: For the oral history project, Frontier Nursing Service, by Dale Deaton, at approximately 10:15AM on 6 July, 1978. You moved in this area about 1921, and you came from Harlan County?

Segment Synopsis: John Caldwell is introduced. He talks about moving to Leslie County from Harlan County. He also talks about farming, owning a grocery store, and food preservation.

Keywords: Agriculture; Cattle; Corn; Farming; Food; Ginseng; Grocery stores; Harlan (Ky.); Hogs; Pine Mountain (Ky.); Roads; Wagons

Subjects: Farm life--Kentucky; Farms; Food--Preservation; Leslie County (Ky.)

00:05:38 - Logging in Leslie County

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Partial Transcript: What else did people work at back in that period?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell talks about logging. He mentions several lumber companies and explains a logging procedure used in the 1940s. He also talks about the first road built in Leslie County.

Keywords: Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.); Greasy Creek (Ky.); Huber Lumber Company; Intermountain Coal and Lumber Company; Logs; Lumber; Pine Mountain (Ky.); Roads; Wages; Wood; Work; Working

Subjects: Logging; Wages; Wages--1930-1940.

00:09:44 - Rural health / beekeeping / politics

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Partial Transcript: Well, has there ever been any doctor or nurses that lived up in this area?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell discusses whether doctors or nurses have ever lived in the area and illnesses being treated at home. He also speaks about beekeeping and producing honey. He briefly talks about his lack of knowledge about national politics.

Keywords: Beehives; Beekeeping; Care; Diseases; Doctors; Health; Healthcare; Home remedies; Honey; Illnesses; Medical care; Medicine; Nurses; Physicians; Politics; Rural Medicine; Rural health services; Self-treatment; Sickness

Subjects: Bee culture; Bees; Medical care; Medical care--Kentucky; Rural health--Kentucky

00:14:07 - Rattlesnake hunting

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Partial Transcript: Well, I understand that sometimes you go rattlesnake hunting and collect them up.

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell talks about his hobby of rattlesnake hunting which was mentioned in National Geographic Magazine. He describes the process and how he takes groups of people on hunting trips in August and September. He discusses eating rattlesnakes.

Keywords: National Geographic; Snake handling

Subjects: Hobbies; Hunting; Rattlesnakes

00:17:07 - More on logging and the grocery store / coal miners union

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Partial Transcript: To go back to the logging a little bit, did they use splice stands on Greasy Creek to get any of those out?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell talks more about logging and his grocery store. He mentions the first car in the area, a Model T. He also talks about the coal miners union in Harlan County in the 1930s.

Keywords: Coal miners union; Coal mining; Greasy Creek (Ky.); Grocery stores; Labor unions; Logs; Mines; Mining; Water

Subjects: Coal miners--Kentucky--Harlan County; Coal miners--Labor unions--Kentucky; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region; Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Harlan County; Dams; Logging

00:22:53 - John Shell / more about snake hunting

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Partial Transcript: Well, what do you do now mostly?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell talks about an article written about him in National Geographic Magazine for his preservation of the home of John Shell, who was reported to be the oldest living person in the United States. He also talks more about taking his visitors snake hunting, local wildlife, and mentions that people did not do anything for entertainment.

Keywords: Entertainment; Farming; Farms; Home; John Shell; National Geographic; Snake hunting; Weddings; Wildlife

Subjects: Farm life--Kentucky; Hunting

00:27:23 - Childbirth / local churches / coal mining

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Partial Transcript: Do you know if most people, when their children were born, were they born at home?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell discusses the commonality of home births with the help of a midwife. He talks about the non-professional experience of the midwives. He also mentions the local churches and talks about why he is hesitant to allow coal mining on his property.

Keywords: Babies; Children; Church; Churches; Coal mining; Deliver babies; Delivery; Diseases; Doctors; Health; Healthcare; Home remedies; Illnesses; Infant mortality; Infants; Land; Medical care; Medicine; Mines; Mining; Physicians; Public health; Rural Medicine; Rural health services; Snake handling

Subjects: Childbirth; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region; Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Leslie County; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Midwifery--Appalachian Region; Midwives--Appalachian Region; Nurses; Nursing; Snake cults (Holiness churches)

00:32:06 - Caring for John Shell

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Partial Transcript: The John Shell that lived in the house that you now own and are preserving, when you first came here he owned all this property, right?

Segment Synopsis: Caldwell talks about caring for John Shell, who was said to be the oldest living man at the time. He describes errands he did for Shell including carrying him around the house and cleaning his property. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Houses; John Shell; Land; Laurel Creek (Ky.); Oldest living man; State fairs; Work

Subjects: Housing--Appalachian Region