Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Charles E. Salter, October 31, 1978

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:06 - Personal background / founding of Harrods Creek Baptist Church / past ministers

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Partial Transcript: My name is Edward Owens. I'm working for Dr. George Wright, a history professor at the University of Kentucky, on his oral history project, The Black Church in Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Salter discusses how he came to be pastor at Harrods Creek Baptist Church. He also describes how the church was founded and lists some of the notable ministers that served before him.

Keywords: Ellen Kennedy; Estella Kennedy; Harrods Creek Baptist Church; Kentucky State University; Lexington (Ky.); Reverend Ben Welch; Reverend Brown; Reverend Dedrick; Reverend E. T. Offutt; Reverend Eugene H. Young; Reverend Hardin F. Johnson; Reverend Harris; Reverend John Rody; Reverend Riley; Reverend Virgil T. Taylor; Simmons University

Subjects: African American Christians; African American churches--Kentucky; African American clergy; African Americans--Education; African Americans--Religion; Education, Higher--Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc.; Religious education--United States

00:14:53 - Changes to the church / personal ministry / early African American churches

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Partial Transcript: We might add that this church when--fourteen years ago when I came here had something like 470 dollars in its treasury, building fund treasury.

Segment Synopsis: Salter discusses a wide range of topics in this section: from changes that have been made to the church, to his personal form of ministry and his beliefs on homosexuality, and how early African American churches began.

Keywords: Black churches; Building; Church services; Community work; Construction; Counseling; Homosexuality; Ministry; Plantations; Preaching; Recreation; Religion; Slavery; White churches

Subjects: African American Christians; African American clergy; African American families; African American preaching; African Americans--Conducts of life; African Americans--Recreation; African Americans--Religion; African Americans--Social life and customs; Homosexuality--Religious aspects--Baptists; Segregation--Kentucky; Slavery, abolition, and emancipation

00:29:35 - Focus of the church / role of the black minister / notable pastors

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Partial Transcript: Has the focus of the church changed over the years?

Segment Synopsis: Salter discusses how the focus of the Black church has changed over the years. he also describes the role of the minister in the Black church. He also lists some of the notable former pastors of the Harrods Creek Baptist Church.

Keywords: Black church; Black community; Church board; Church membership; Deacons; Education; Land ownership; Leadership; Ministers; Preaching; Property; Reverend Virgil T. Taylor; Reverend Young; Segregation; Trustees; White church

Subjects: African American clergy; African American leadership; African American preaching; African Americans--Education; Church and state--United States; Education, Higher--Kentucky; Race relations--Kentucky; Religious education--United States; Segregation; Slavery, abolition, and emancipation

00:42:03 - Relations with white churches / church's involvement in social issues

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Partial Transcript: What kind of relationship existed between Black and White churches years ago?

Segment Synopsis: Salter discusses the church's relations with White churches in the area. He also describes how the church has been involved in social issues over the years.

Keywords: Baptist churches; Black churches; Black ministers; Bread lines; Burial funds; Church services; Great Depression; Military soldiers; Moral support; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Ministerial Coalition; Partnerships; Reverend Dr. J. V. Bottoms; Reverend F. D. Sampson; Reverend William J. Hodge; Social activities; Solace; Soup kitchens; Urban renewal; White churches; World War II

Subjects: African American churches--Kentucky; African American clergy; African Americans--Politics and government; African Americans--Religion; Civil rights demonstrations--United States; Civil rights movement; Depressions--1929--Kentucky; Race relations--Kentucky; World War, 1939-1945

00:59:34 - Black and white churches uniting / strengths and weaknesses of the black church

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Partial Transcript: Will Black and White churches ever unite?

Segment Synopsis: Slater discusses the idea of Black and White churches uniting. He also describes the strengths and weaknesses of the Black church.

Keywords: Baptist Church; Black churches; Black community; Black men; Black ministers; Black women; Church attendance; Church membership; Congregation; Infidelity; Marriage; Preaching; Religious worship; Satisfaction; Segregation; Spirituality; Unity; White churches

Subjects: African American churches--Kentucky; African American preaching; African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Religion; African Americans--Social conditions; Race relations--Kentucky