Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Ruth Huston, November 18, 1978

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Introduction / coming to Leslie County

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Partial Transcript: --some of the different places. Some were shot from horseback and it wouldn't make too good a picture. But--um--I--um--I used up quite a bit of film in Leslie County.

Segment Synopsis: Huston discusses why she came to Leslie County and the dormitory she ran there.

Keywords: Advertising; Advertisment; Dormitories; Dryhill (Ky.); F.N.S.; FNS; Health; Horseback; Houses; Organizations; Pictures; Wooten (Ky.)

Subjects: Education; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Hyden (Ky.); Leslie County (Ky.); Presbyterian Church--Kentucky; Rural schools--Appalachian Region; Rural schools--Kentucky; Teachers--Kentucky; Teaching

00:03:40 - Miss Tolk and Miss Roberts / school

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Partial Transcript: Well, were you familiar with--um--with Miss Tolk and--um--Miss Roberts?

Segment Synopsis: Huston discusses a nurse and a teacher she knew, Miss Tolk and Miss Roberts. She talks about her impressions of the people in eastern Kentucky. She discusses the dormitory she ran and the students' education.

Keywords: College; Communities; Dormitories; High school; Impressions; Learning; Local people; Locals; Mountain people; Opinions; Students; Sunday School; Teaching; Training

Subjects: Berea College; Education--Appalachian Region; Education--Kentucky; Nurses; Presbyterian Church--Kentucky; Public health; Regionalism--Appalachian Region; Rural schools--Appalachian Region; Rural schools--Kentucky

00:08:40 - Mary Breckinridge

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Partial Transcript: Well n--when did you meet Mrs. Mary Breckinridge?

Segment Synopsis: Huston talks about the dormitory she ran. She discusses meeting Mary Breckinridge and being invited to join a Frontier Nursing Service committee. She tells a story about the first Christmas party Mary Breckinridge threw at Wendover for the local people. She talks about the local peoples' opinions of Mary Breckinridge and whether Breckinridge ever spoke about her children.

Keywords: Cameras; Care; Children; Clinics; Committees; Dormitories; F.N.S.; FNS; Food; Holy Land; Hospitality; Houses; Locals; Marriage; Meetings; Missionaries; Neighbors; Opinions; Parties; Planning; Presents; Reluctance; Renting; Toys; Wendover; Work

Subjects: Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965; Christmas--Appalachian Region; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Hyden (Ky.); Leslie County (Ky.); Nurses

00:15:43 - Frontier Nursing Service committees

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Partial Transcript: Were you at the first meeting of the Hyden committee?

Segment Synopsis: Huston discusses the Frontier Nursing Service committee meetings. She recalls watching Mary Breckinridge work with the committees to get what she needed for her clinics.

Keywords: Children; Clifton Rhodes Breckinridge; Committees; Control; Cornerstones; Dedications; Drought; F.N.S.; FNS; Fathers; Food; Hardships; Homes; Hyden Hospital; Leaders; Manipulation; Meetings; Members; Needs; Politics; Water

Subjects: Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Hyden (Ky.)

00:19:34 - Churches and religion

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Partial Transcript: Well now Miss Tolk worked somewhat with the FNS nurses and they--they--um--aided each other at various times. Was there anytime that you remember that the--the Presbyterian Church or any of the other church organizations that were--that had people in that area, that they worked with the FNS?

Segment Synopsis: Huston discusses religion, including what she knew of Mary Breckridge's religious beliefs. She talks about her reasons for moving to the eastern Kentucky region and more about her impressions of the people there.

Keywords: Aid; Books; Episcopalian; F.N.S.; FNS; Impressions; Local people; Locals; Mountain people; Needs; Nurses; Opinions; Pretenses; Reasons; Religious beliefs; Seances; Spiritualism; Spiritualists

Subjects: Appalachia; Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965; Church; Churches--Kentucky; Episcopal Church; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Presbyterian Church--Kentucky; Religion; Rural churches

00:23:41 - Leadership of the Frontier Nursing Service / church / education

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Partial Transcript: Can you think of anything else that--that I haven't asked you about or that we haven't talked about... about the Presbyterian Church organization there or the FNS or anything about the--the county people that--that you would like to tell me about?

Segment Synopsis: Huston talks more about Mary Breckinridge and her contributions to the local area through the Frontier Nursing Service. She talks more about the local churches and the dormitory she ran. She talks briefly about the Great Depression and whether the people in Leslie County received government aid. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Aid; Attitudes; Babies; Baptist Church; Children; Dinners; Dormitories; F.N.S.; FNS; Federal government; Government relief programs; Great Depression; Influence; Leaders; Leadership; Local; Meetings; Opinions; Organizations; Schools; Social activities; Social events; Social life; Students; Training; Wendover

Subjects: Baptists; Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965; Church; Depressions--1929--Kentucky; Education; Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.; Hyden (Ky.); Leslie County (Ky.); Nurses; Presbyterian Church--Kentucky