Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Richard L. Harwood, April 22, 1980

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Impressions of John Sherman Cooper

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Partial Transcript: The following is an unrehearsed interview with Richard L. Harwood for the John Sherman Cooper Oral History Project.

Segment Synopsis: Harwood recalls his impressions of Cooper and his personality.

Keywords: Alben Barkley; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Campaigns; Candid; Cared; Democrats; Different; Earle Clements; East coast; Eloquent; Enjoyed; Foreign affairs; Friends; Great; Helpful; Hesitant; Honest; Image; Impression; Intellectual; John F. Kennedy; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky politics; Kentucky tradition; Law firm; Lawrence Wetherby; Less Kentuckian; Liked; Lost; Louisville Courier-Journal; No demagoguery; Painful; Pleasant; Precedent; Reporters; Roots; Senate; Senators; Special interest; Tendencies; Thruston Morton; U.S. Ambassador to India; Unexpired term; Virgil Chapman; Wife; Won

Subjects: Aura; Behavior; Death; Elections; Hyperbole; India; Journalists; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Liberal; People; Personality; Politicians; Retirement; Social; Speeches; Washington (D.C.); Work; Yale University

00:06:50 - 1954 Senatorial campaign / 1956 Senatorial campaign

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any, uh, any recollections of his campaign against Barkley in '54?

Segment Synopsis: Harwood recalls Cooper's 1954 and 1956 Senatorial campaigns.

Keywords: 1954 Senatorial campaign; 1956 Senatorial campaign; Advertising expert; Against; Alben Barkley; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Approaches; Convey; Defected; Democrat; Different; Difficult assignment; Distance; Duty; Dwight Eisenhower; Earle Clements; Fatalistic; Feeling; Foreign policy; Hard; High level; Image; Institution; John Sherman Cooper; Lawrence Wetherby; Less difficult; Non-partisan; Personalities; Point of view; Positive; Projection; Recall; Reporters; Republican; Role; Senate; Senators; Story; Team; Thruston Morton; Today; Voting behavior; Well-respected

Subjects: Journalists; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Labels; Legend; Politicians; Voting; Washington (D.C.); Writing

00:10:11 - Cooper's work in the Senate / Public perceptions of Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Of course he had his problems with the Eisenhower administration.

Segment Synopsis: Harwood discusses Cooper's role and work in the Senate, including his work on domestic issues, foreign policy, and relations with the Eisenhower administration. Harwood also describes the dynamics between Cooper and his constituents.

Keywords: Active; Administrative assistant; Aggressive; Appointments; Assertive; Before; Carl Perkins; Characteristics; Constituents; Courthouse; Daughter; Delightful; Democrat; Depressed Areas bill; Different; Dislike; Dissenting; Domestic issues; Easy; Eisenhower administration; Elected; Ezra Taft Benson; Few; Foreign policy; Friends; Image; Important; Influential; John F. Kennedy; John Sherman Cooper; Judge; Kentucky politicians; Late; Lee White; Legislation; Lorraine Cooper; Loved; Lunch; Mainstream; Old; Old man; Parasol; Price supports; Projects; Reporters; Republicans; Richard Nixon; Secretary of Agriculture; Senate; Senate Agricultural Committee; Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Senators; Served; Shape; Social issues; Stories; Strong; Thruston Morton; True conservatives; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Wheelchair; White House; Wife; William Macomber; William Miller

Subjects: Aging; Diplomats; Federal government; Intellectuals; Jokes; Journalists; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Liberal; Life; Madison County (Ky.); Parties; People; Personality; Politicians; Public works; Republican National Committee (U.S.); Social; Staff; States; Tobacco; United States; United States. Department of Agriculture; Veto; Walking; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:17:31 - Cooper's contributions to the Senate and constituents

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Partial Transcript: What was--how do you see his role in the Senate?

Segment Synopsis: Harwood details Cooper's contributions to the Senate and to his constituents.

Keywords: Above; Accomplishments; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Always; Appreciated; Arthur Vandenberg; Class; Constituents; Coverage; Debate; Drought; Electorate; Engage; Farm; Foreign affairs; Gene Snyder; George McGovern; Good contribution; Governor; Help; Impact; Inferiority complex; Interested; International affairs; John Sherman Cooper; Joseph McCarthy; Liked; Long; Magazines; Millionaire; National legislators; Non-effective; Not an Arkansan; Not mainstream; Outsider; Parochial interests; Parochial legislators; Price supports; Reporters; Republicans; Respectable; Rich; Role; Same; Senate; Senators; Talking; Theory; Thruston Morton; Tradition; Two party state; Wayne Morse; William Fulbright; Win; Winthrop Rockefeller

Subjects: Arkansas; Character; Coal miners; Dams; Elections; Encouragement; Intellect; Interest; Journalists; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Legacy; New York; Newspapers; People; Politicians; Proud; Psychoanalysis; Republicanism; Reputation; Respect; Successful; Time; Tobacco; Washington (D.C.)

00:23:13 - Civil rights legislation

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Partial Transcript: When you came to--at the time you came to Washington...

Segment Synopsis: Harwood recalls Cooper's role in civil rights legislation.

Keywords: Articles; Assassination; Attention span; Bills; Broad; Cautious; Considered; Frustrated; Hectic; Important; Influence; Involved; Issues; John F. Kennedy; John Sherman Cooper; Kennedy administration; Lyndon Johnson; Missed; Proceedings; Regarded; Reporters; Republicans; Role; Senate; Senators; Significant; The South; Traumatic; Voice of reason; Won

Subjects: Civil rights; Civil rights movement; Great society; Journalists; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Liberals; Opportunity; Politicians; Time; Washington (D.C.)

00:25:50 - Cooper as a Republican / Cooper and John F. Kennedy

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Partial Transcript: In one of your articles, um, June of '62, concerns a speech that Cooper made at Hartford, Connecticut...

Segment Synopsis: Harwood evaluates where Cooper lies on the political spectrum. Harwood then talks of Cooper's friendship with John F. Kennedy.

Keywords: Accepted; Admirers; Agree; Assertion; Both; Build; Civil rights legislation; Comments; Confused; Conscientious; Critical; Easy; Expectations; Fiscal conservatism; Fiscal policies; Friends; Good job; Individuals; Issues; Jacob Javits; John F. Kennedy; John Sherman Cooper; Kennedy administration; Maintained; Members; Not a hypocrite; Not alone; Personal dedication; Political; Political opportunist; President; Questions; Recognized; Recollection; Relationship; Reporters; Republicans; Senate; Senators; Serious; Serve; Similar; Streak; Supporters; Talking; Too much; Warren Commission

Subjects: Article; Conservative; Conversations; Criticism; Friendship; Hartford (Conn.); Journalists; People; Politicians; Republicanism; Responsibility; Secret; Social; Speech; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:32:20 - Cooper and the Vietnam War / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: It appears that one of Senator Cooper's regrets is the Gulf of Tonkin vote.

Segment Synopsis: Harwood illustrates Cooper's evolving perspective on the Vietnam War. Harwood then shares his final thoughts about Cooper.

Keywords: Agonize; Beginning; Colleagues; Congress; Controversy; Cooper-Church amendments; Credibility; Different; Dislike; Division of powers; Duties; Easier; Embarrassing; Foreign policy; Govern; Gracious; Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; Important; Incident; Individuals; Issue; John Sherman Cooper; Kind; Later; Left; Less contact; Louisville Courier-Journal; Nice; No skepticism; Not much controversy; Older; Painful; Phone call; Powerful; President; Questioned; Reporters; Reputation; Response; Retrospect; Revisionism; Role; Senate; Senators; Sentiment; Significant; Strong; Two worlds; Vote; Wayne Morse; Wise; Years

Subjects: Ability; Aging; Caring; Change; Character; Explanation; Journalists; Kentucky; Liberals; Pendulum; Politicians; Speeches; Time; Travel; United States; Vietnam; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Voice; Washington (D.C.); Washington post