Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Mrs. Frank Newell, June 23, 1976

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:10 - Voice

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Partial Transcript: He had a good, natural tenor voice.

Segment Synopsis: Newell discusses Chandler's voice and stage presence that he maintained as a singer. Chandler's attitude towards singing as a whole is also mentioned.

Keywords: Admiration; Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Arguing; Boarding houses; Courthouses; Danny Boy (Song); Dining rooms; Doors; Emotional; Living rooms; On-pitch; Passionate; Sonny Boy (Song); Support; University of Kentucky College of Law; Wife

Subjects: Competition; Crying; Governors; Kentucky; Marriage; Music; Singing; Songs; Tone; Versailles (Ky.); Voice; Young

00:03:52 - Chandler's temper / Chandler's love life

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Partial Transcript: But you felt that he was unusually emotional and--

Segment Synopsis: Newell describes Chandler's temper, and his tendency to become angry when prompted. Chandler's love life, including Newell introducing Chandler to his future wife is detailed.

Keywords: Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Beautiful; Boarding houses; College of music; Country; Dating; Expressions; Funny; Introduced; Laughing; Original; Self-expression; Sense of humor; Sensitive; Serious; Style; Western Kentucky; Wife; Word choice; Words

Subjects: Calm; Comparisons; Education; Friends; Governors; Kentucky; Lancaster (Ky.); Marriage; Meeting; Money; Mothers; Nicknames; North Carolina; Politicians; Romance; Tempers; Training; Versailles (Ky.)

00:09:00 - Chandler's life at the Newells' boarding house

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Partial Transcript: What years did, uh, did Happy room at your mother's house?

Segment Synopsis: Newell illustrates what it was like to have Chandler living at her mother's boarding house in Versailles while he attended law school at the University of Kentucky. Chandler's interference with Newell's social life is described.

Keywords: Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Alone; Angry; Appearance; Appreciative; Attorneys; Boarding houses; Borrow; Clothes; Dates; Determined; Driving; Inconsiderate; Outgoing; Studs; Style; Tuxedos; University of Kentucky College of Law

Subjects: Age; Commuting; Football; Friends; Governors; Kentucky; Lexington (Ky.); Money; Mothers; Neck; Poverty; Responsibility; Romance; Sons; Thanksgiving; Training; University of Kentucky; Versailles (Ky.); Work; Young

00:14:26 - Chandler's self-confidence / Chandler's electoral success

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Partial Transcript: And this confidence, tell, tell me about his self-confidence, Mrs. Newell.

Segment Synopsis: Newell describes Chandler's high level of self-confidence. Newell considers the role of Chandler's self-confidence in his successful career as a politician. The triumph of Chandler's first electoral victory, and his first term as governor are also mentioned.

Keywords: Age gap; Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Amusing; Attitudes; Attractive; Boarding houses; Center of attention; Child-like; Commendable; Contemporaries; Convincing; Determined; Dinners; Elected; Elected offices; Enjoyment; Funny; Governor's mansions; Help; Humble; Intruding; Irritating; Nerve; Popularity; Public figures; Talented; Unaware; Unpopular; Votes; Voting precinct; Young

Subjects: Brass; Brothers; Charisma; Christmas; Contradiction; Entertaining; Governors; Kentucky; Love; Mothers; Proud; Self-confidence; Successful; Talking; Versailles (Ky.)

00:20:21 - Reactions to Chandler

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Partial Transcript: You feel that they grew envious--many of them grew envious of his success.

Segment Synopsis: Newell details the reactions of people to Chandler's success, as well as his popularity amongst certain populations of voters (such as older people).

Keywords: Adversity; Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Contemporaries; Human nature; Interested; Jealous; Old people; Unpopular

Subjects: Animals; Children; Compassion; Credit; Football players; Governors; Kentucky; Loyalty; People; Popularity; Success; Young

00:22:44 - Chandler's temper and upbringing

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Partial Transcript: I, I can see you were impressed by his hot temper.

Segment Synopsis: Newell recalls Chandler's temper, and her reactions to his behavior. The dynamics between Newell and Chandler are found to be influenced by the death of Newell's father at a young age (which set the tone for Newell's interactions with men). Newell also talks of the role that Chandler's poor upbringing played in his lack of manners and social etiquette in comparison to her own upbringing, which stressed manners and social customs.

Keywords: Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Angry; Boarding houses; Boyfriends; Boys; Clothes; Crude; Customs & etiquette; Different; Irritating; Musicians; No manners; Observation; Social etiquette; Unacceptable; Unappreciative; Uneducated; Unhurt; Upbringing

Subjects: Brothers; Childhood; Corydon (Ky.); Culture; Death; Early life; Fathers; Governors; Kentucky; Men; Money; Mothers; Parents; People; Poverty; Social classes; Tempers; Versailles (Ky.)

00:25:27 - Chandler's personality / Chandler and Newell family dynamics

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Partial Transcript: Just, he is certainly a colorful, remarkable character.

Segment Synopsis: Newell assesses Chandler's personality, particularly his positivity despite his impoverished upbringing. Newell also characterizes the dynamics between her mother and Chandler during the time that Chandler lived in their boarding house.

Keywords: Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Backgrounds; Boarding houses; Deserving; Devoted; Disagreements; Funny; Happy; Interested; Laughing; Nicknames; No self-pity; Not complaining; Outgoing; Remarkable; Strong morals

Subjects: Affection; Character; Crying; Early life; Emotions; Governors; Kentucky; Life; Mothers; Personality; Poor; Singing; Sympathy; Versailles (Ky.); Young

00:28:14 - Chandler's interests and character

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Partial Transcript: I think his whole interest was sports.

Segment Synopsis: Newell briefly talks of the interests that Chandler had as a young man. Newell also discusses Chandler's character and his devotion to his wife and family.

Keywords: Affectionate; Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler; Dedicated; Family man; Happy; Loving; Married; Morals; Unbelievable; Uninterested; Wife

Subjects: Character; Children; Girls; Governors; Grandchildren; Kentucky; Marriage; Nature; People; Perfection; Promotion; Proud; Sports; Women; Young