Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Glenn A. Wilson, August 15, 1977

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Wilson's knowledge of Chandler's upbringing

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Partial Transcript: --Charles P. Roland from the History Department of the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson, who lived in the same town in which Happy Chandler was raised, recounts his memories of Chandler's father ("Uncle Joe"), his family (including Happy), and their way of life in Corydon, Kentucky.

Keywords: "Uncle Joe"; Alben Barkley; Chandler’s childhood; Christian parishioners; City taxes; Corydon (Ky.); Family loyalty; Fathers; Happy Chandler; Home farming; Home life; Joseph Chandler; Lodgings; Mail delivery; Mothers; Objection to paying taxes; Produce; Step mothers; Strict parenting; U.S. Senate; U.S. Senate Campaign 1938

Subjects: Boys; Brothers and sisters; Children of single parents; Children, White; Children--Wounds and Injuries; Country life; Families.; Family farms.; Farm life.; Farms, Small; Farms, Small.; Land use, Rural.; Parents; Rural children; Rural conditions; Rural roads

GPS: The interview takes place in Corydon (Ky.).
Map Coordinates: 37.741389, -87.706667
00:09:50 - More about Happy's father, Joe Chandler ("Uncle Joe")

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Partial Transcript: Uh, so uh, Uncle Joe was, uh, uh--he, he did various kind of jobs.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson gives more details about Chandler's father ("Uncle Joe"). He discusses Uncle Joe's manner of raising his family, their low economic status, the various jobs Uncle Joe worked to support his family, and the types of farming they did on their family farm.

Keywords: Brothers and sisters; Education of children; Family farm owners; Family farms; Joseph Chandler; Mrs. Chandler; Parents; Poor citizens; Post offices; Poverty; Property ownership; Strict parenting; Tobacco crops

Subjects: Abandoned children; Agriculture.; Boys; Brothers and sisters; Children of single parents; Children, white; Children--Kentucky; Country life; Crops; Discipline of children; Education; Families.; Family farms.; Farm life.; Farmers.; Farms, Small.; Land use, Rural.; Neighbors; Parents; Rural children; Rural conditions; Single parents

00:14:42 - Happy Chandler's birth and details about his mother

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Partial Transcript: His first wife, I understand she was--he had met her when she was in an orphan's home.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson discusses details about Chandler's mother. He states that she left Happy and his family when Happy was only four years old. He then talks about the night that Chandler was born.

Keywords: "Uncle Joe"; Abandonment; Birth of Happy Chandler; Chandler's mother; Child death; Family homes; Joe Chandler; Joseph Chandler; Lieutenant governors; Midwifery; Orphans' homes; Poverty; Small town houses

Subjects: Abandoned children; Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991; Childhood; Children; Children--Kentucky; Country life.; Families.; Family farms.; Farm life.; Farms, Small.; Lieutenant governors--Kentucky; Neighborliness; Neighbors; Parents; Politicians--Kentucky; Rural children; Rural conditions; Single parents; children of single parents

00:20:19 - Details about Happy Chandler's childhood home

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, this house, uh, I tore this house down.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson talks about the history of the house in which the interview is taking place. Happy Chandler's family rented it for a time when Happy was young.

Keywords: 1800s houses; Bedrooms; Childhood homes; Elm trees; Fireplaces; House renting; Log houses; Old houses; Photographs; Remodeling; Tenant farming

Subjects: Children; Children--Kentucky; Country life.; Dwellings--Remodeling; Families; Families.; Neighborhoods; Neighbors; Rural conditions

00:27:02 - The Wilson family’s thoughts on Chandler’s political career

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Partial Transcript: Well, is there anything else?

Segment Synopsis: Wilson describes his family's reaction when Chandler decided to run for the U.S. Senate against Alben Barkley. Wilson then goes on to talk about his own political career and his relationship with Chandler.

Keywords: "Uncle Joe"; Alben Barkley; County court clerks; Friends of Chandler; Friendships; Governor of Kentucky; Governors; Henderson County (Ky.); Joseph Chandler; Kentucky politics; Political elections; Political supporters; Second Chandler Governor Administration; Senatorial elections; Senators; Voting

Subjects: Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956; Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991; Elections; Governors--Election; Governors--Kentucky; Political campaigns--Kentucky; Politicians; Politicians--Kentucky; Politics and government; State governments; State governments--Officials and employees; Voting

00:34:21 - Chandler's involvement with the local community college

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Partial Transcript: I remember that, uh, Happy never had been asked to, uh, give the commencement exercise here at the University of Kentucky Community College until about two years ago.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson discusses a few occasions on which Chandler interacted with the community college near his hometown. He then talks about Chandler visiting the graves of his family and the good memory he has for his own (and other peoples') family history.

Keywords: Cemeteries; Chandler supporters; Chandler’s home; Chandler’s memory; College benefactors; Commencement exercises; Community colleges; Deceased family members; Families; Family histories; Founding colleges; Genealogies; Good memories; Happy Chandler; UK Community College; University of Kentucky

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991; Education, Higher--Kentucky; Education--Kentucky; Education--Political aspects; Elections; Governors--Kentucky; Politicians; Politicians--Kentucky; Politics and government; University of Kentucky

00:38:42 - Local baseball exhibition game with Boston Red Sox when Chandler was Commissioner of MLB

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Partial Transcript: Now he and Earle Clements, uh--this is from memory, but Earle was from Morganfield.

Segment Synopsis: Wilson recounts the occasion on which Chandler, while he was Commissioner of the MLB, brought the Boston Red Sox to play a local Kentucky semi-professional baseball team for an exhibition game. Wilson then discusses a political rally at which he was present and that involved several notable Kentucky politicians, including Chandler.

Keywords: "Uncle Joe"; Baseball coaching; Baseball commissioners; Boston Red Sox; Campaign chairman; Community baseball; Democratic governors; Earle C. Clements; Exhibition games; Happy Chandler; Henderson County (Ky.); Joseph Chandler; Kentucky baseball; Kentucky football; Kentucky governors; Local Kentucky baseball teams; Lyndon B. Johnson; Major League Baseball (MLB); Political platforms; Political rallies; Politicians' wives; Rival politicians; Ruby Laffoon; Semi-pro baseball; Senators; World Series; World Series tickets

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991; Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Democratic Party (Ky.); Democratic Party (U.S.); Elections; Governors--Election; Governors--Kentucky; Kentucky--Politics and government; Political campaigns--Kentucky; Politicians; Politicians' spouses; Politicians--Kentucky; State governments; Voting