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00:00:26 - First Impressions of Judge Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Birdshitell: I thought we, uh...
Onassis: Are you sure it's working?
Birdwhistell: Right, I can, it's a good machine because I can actually monitor...

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis describes Judge Cooper as a friend of the Kennedy couple

Keywords: 1950's; Charley Barlett's Restaurant; friends

Subjects: Senator Albert Gore, Sr.

00:02:55 - Friendship with Mrs. Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: Of course in, uh, '54 then he was, uh, defeated by, uh, uh, Alben Barkley...

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis describes her friendship with Mrs. Cooper and their similar experiences as newlyweds to politicians, including The Cooper's first assignment in India

Keywords: Indian embassy; Lorraine Cooper; Mrs. John Sherman Cooper; newlywed

Subjects: Ambassador; David Bruce; Diplomat; India; Senator Galbraith

00:09:06 - Qualities of Judge Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: What was it in your opinion about Judge Cooper that allowed him to be a county judge in Somerset, Kentucky and be an ambassador around the world...

Segment Synopsis: She describes the qualities of Judge Cooper that were valuable to his judgeship, diplomatic endeavors, and political friendship with JFK.

Keywords: character; compassion; sensitivity; values; wisdom

Subjects: Ambassador; Diplomat; Judge; Somerset, Kentucky

00:12:35 - Cooper and JFK during the 1960 campaign

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: um, I've been told that during the 1960 campaign that, uh, as you know, well know, the West Virginia primary was so crucial, uh, someone said that President Kennedy asked Senator Cooper for some advice...

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis recounts the campaign of 1960.

Keywords: 1960; Don Wilson; Mark Shore; West Virginia; daily life; dinner party; family; memory; photographer; primary

Subjects: Life Magazine; Presidential election; West Virginia; elections

00:17:12 - An event shortly after JFK's inauguration

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: Senator Cooper recalled a story he was talking about soon after you all moved into the White House that there was some films being shown at the Indian embassy and President Kennedy didn't want to go by himself, do you remember that night?

Segment Synopsis: Cooper attends an event at the Indian Embassy with President Kennedy because Mrs. Kennedy was still recovering from childbirth and the inauguration.

Keywords: Indian Embassy; John Kennedy Jr.; film

Subjects: Indian Embassy

00:20:18 - Dinner parties as newlyweds in D.C.

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Partial Transcript: I remember they came to the first dinner party I ever had when we were married.

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis reminisces about dinner parties and the couples with whom the Kennedy's and Cooper's socialized.

Keywords: British Ambassador; Joe Walsips; Lorraine Cooper; Robert and Ethel Kennedy; The Bartlett's; The Harlecks; dinner party; friends

Subjects: British Ambassador; Washington, D.C.; diplomat

00:23:11 - The White House Years

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Partial Transcript: I suppose by necessity though that your, your, your informal contact with the Cooper's probably, uh, uh, uh lessened a little bit during the White House years...

Segment Synopsis: How socialization changed during the White House years, plus policy differences and similarities between Cooper and JFK.

Keywords: Civil Rights Program; Douglas Dillon; Secretary of State; Southerner; differences

Subjects: Civil Rights; Legislation; Russia

00:26:49 - The Coopers in Washington

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: So you would say then that you felt The Coopers enjoyed the social life, the political life, in Washington...

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis reflects on how The Cooper's fit in to the Washington social and political circles.

Keywords: contacts; dinner parties; gender segregation; political talk

Subjects: politics; social life

00:30:39 - The Warren Commission

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: Because of your close personal friendship, what was your reaction then to Judge Cooper being named to the Warren Commission?

Segment Synopsis: Reflections on Judge Cooper's assignment with the Warren Commission.

Keywords: Douglas Dillon; Robert Lovitt; Robert McNamara; Senator Jackson; assassination; briefing

Subjects: John F. Kennedy Assassination; Warren Commission

00:33:55 - Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Birdwhistell: Have you maintained contact with The Cooper's over the years?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Onassis expounds on her friendship and love for Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.

Keywords: changes; deafness; happiness

Subjects: Lorraine Cooper; friendship