Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Clifton Weidlich, May 28, 1983

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:04 - Meeting John Sherman Cooper / Life at Yale University

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Partial Transcript: The following is an unrehearsed interview with Clifton Weidlich of New York City.

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich recalls when he first met Cooper. Weidlich also talks of his and Cooper's time spent at Yale, including sports, fraternities, and senior societies.

Keywords: Anniversary; Best fraternities; Built; Captain; Club; College; Contact basketball; Continued; Contributed; Crew; East Coast; First; Founded; Fraternities; Freshman basketball; Friendly; Group; John Sherman Cooper; Junior fraternity; Junior year; Juniors; Literary societies; Made it; Major Y; Major sports; Manner; Memorial Quadrangle (New Haven, Conn.); Met; Mid-west; Minor sport; No letter; No room; Old gymnasium; Older school; Practice; Senior societies; Senior year; Skull and Bones; Small Y; Started; Tap day; Tapped; Today; Transferred; Try out; Unprecedented; Unusual; Watson Wise; Widower; World War I; Wright Hall (New Haven, Conn.)

Subjects: Baseball; Basketball; Beta Theta Pi; Centre College (Danville, Ky. : 1918- ); Football; France; Friendship; History; Ivy League (Athletic conference); Kansas; Kentucky; Missouri; New Haven (Conn.); New York (N.Y.); Night; People; Personality; Politicians; Popular; Roommates; Rooms; Students; Track; Undergraduate; Westminster College (Fulton, Mo.); World War, 1914-1918; Yale University

00:08:53 - Life after Yale University / 1948 presidential election

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Partial Transcript: Uh, as you know, John went to, uh, uh, Harvard Law School and, uh, later I don't know where.

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich discusses his and Cooper's lives following their graduation from Yale in 1923. Weidlich details his experience with the 1948 presidential election.

Keywords: 1948 presidential election; Acquaintance; Active; Always; Circuit judge; Early days; Elected; General Patton; John Sherman Cooper; Judge; Law firm; Law school; Lower court; Position; Republican Party; Return; Run; Senate; Short; Tall; Thomas Dewey; Together; World War II

Subjects: Bridgeport (Conn.); Cincinnati (Ohio); Friend; Friendship; Great Depression; Harvard Law School; Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); New Haven (Conn.); New York (N.Y.); Politicians; Somerset (Ky.); Students; Undergraduate; Work; World War, 1939-1945; Yale Law School; Yale University

00:11:52 - Skull and Bones / 1948 election results

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Partial Transcript: The Skull and Bones take--used to take in fifteen members.

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich briefly explains the process of being selected for Skull and Bones at Yale University. Additionally, Weidlich considers why Thomas Dewey lost the presidential election to Harry Truman in 1948. How Dewey affected Cooper's own campaign that year is also mentioned.

Keywords: 1948 presidential election; Abolished; Admitted; Affected; Amusing; Book; Campaign; Campaign style; Close; Congressman; Door; Expectations; Harry Truman; Invitation; John Sherman Cooper; Junior class; Lackluster; Landslide; Lost; Members; Mistake; Most prestigious; Not as devoted; Old campus; Party man; Results; Room; Save; Senior societies; Skull and Bones (Yale); Tapped; Thomas Dewey; Too young; Underplayed; Vote

Subjects: Friendship; Meeting; Missouri; New Haven (Conn.); Politicians; Spring; Students; Undergraduate; Yale University; Young

00:14:23 - Cooper's personality / Yale University then

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Partial Transcript: Now in, in school--in college here, uh, as I say, he, uh, he was a--very popular.

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich describes Cooper's personality. Weidlich also details what Yale was like while he and Cooper attended in the late 1910s and early 1920s.

Keywords: Arthur Twinning Hadley; Blush; Build up; College politics; Democratic state; Election; Faculty; Family; Friendly; Graduate school; Houses; James Rowland Angell; John Sherman Cooper; Junior fraternities; Kentucky politics; Law school; Majority; Medical school; Mysterious; National fraternities; Natural politician; Non-academic; Not aware; Not in societies; Not involved; Prep school; Republican; Resigned; Return; Room; Rule; Senior societies; Serious; Sheffield Scientific School (Yale); Silent; Skull and Bones (Yale); Stature; Student council; Tomb; Watson Wise

Subjects: Change; Childhood; Fathers; Friendship; Kentucky; Legacies; Missouri; New Haven (Conn.); People; Politicians; Popular; Roommates; Students; Time; Undergraduate; Yale University

00:19:13 - Cooper's voting habits / Changes at Yale University

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Partial Transcript: Uh, one story they tell about him...

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich briefly tells a story that illustrates Cooper's voting habits in the Senate. Weidlich considers the changes that Yale has undergone throughout the years.

Keywords: Against; Alumni; Angelo Bartlett Giamatti; Angry; Close; Colleges; Consideration; Contribution; Dean Acheson; Dissatisfaction; Donation; Done; English system; Favors; Fraternities; Gone; Good friend; Important; James Rowland Angell; John Sherman Cooper; Junior fraternities; Kentucky politics; Law firm; Leading Senator; Relented; Republicans; Robert Taft; Senate; Sheffield College (Yale); Sophomore dance; Vote; Wall Street; Yale College

Subjects: Building; Change; Friendship; Harvard University; Kentucky; Money; New Haven (Conn.); New York (N.Y.); Politicians; Students; Undergraduate; Voting; Yale University

00:22:38 - Class reunion / Cooper's character

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Partial Transcript: Uh, uh, I saw him last night.

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich briefly talks of his class reunion. Weidlich assesses whether Cooper has changed since his Yale days.

Keywords: Appearance; Class; Dinner; Early; Friendly; Girl; Good looking; John Sherman Cooper; Leave; Natural; Not changed; Old; Reunion; Roommate; Talking; Watson Wise; Wife

Subjects: Aging; Memory; New Haven (Conn.); Politicians; Student; Tyler (Tex.); Yale University

00:24:24 - Cooper as a student

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Partial Transcript: Would you consider him a, a, a serious student?

Segment Synopsis: Weidlich describes Cooper as a student at Yale.

Keywords: Academy; Advantage; College boards; John Sherman Cooper; Lower; Mid-west; No trouble; Prep school; Southern colleges; Standards

Subjects: Centre College (Danville, Ky. : 1918- ); Friendship; New Haven (Conn.); Politicians; Professors; Students; Transfer; Undergraduate; Westminster College (Fulton, Mo.); Yale University