Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with James P. Hendrick, May 29, 1983

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:41 - Classmates / Cooper's roommates

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Hendrick, you were a classmate of John Sherman Cooper at Yale in 1923.

Segment Synopsis: Hendrick lists some of his Yale classmates that were good friends with Cooper. Cooper's roommates at Yale are described.

Keywords: 250 Crown St (New Haven, Conn.); Appearance; Ballad; Chosen; Different; Famous; Fraternities; French Foreign Legion; Freshman year; Good friends; Hard time; House; Interesting; Jewish; John Sherman Cooper; Law school; Leading people; Liked; Luncheon group; Marvelous; No fraternity; Not as popular; Not recognized; Not the best; Order; Senior year; Sophomore year; Southern; Taught; Terrible; Today; Together; Ugly; University Club; Unsure; Veteran; Watson Wise; Well-liked; Wonderful; Wright Hall (Yale University); Years

Subjects: Alpha Delta Phi; Beta Theta Pi; Career; Character; Classmates; Delta Kappa Epsilon; France; Friend; Furniture; Lucky; Man; New Haven (Conn.); People; Politicians; Popular; Prejudice; Roommates; Students; Undergraduate; Virginia; Woman; World War II; Yale University; Zeta Psi Fraternity

00:08:05 - Cooper and Stuart Symington

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Partial Transcript: Yesterday, when we gave for the 60th reunion--uh--awards. . .

Segment Synopsis: Hendrick compares Cooper to fellow Senator and classmate Stuart Symington.

Keywords: 60th reunion awards; Admired; After; Beginning; Captain; Class; Class books; Contrast; Crew; Difference; Established; Fine; Got along; John Sherman Cooper; Leading people; Member; Minor; Minor athletics; Not as popular; Politics; Senators; Statement; Stuart Symington; University; Unusual; Well-liked; Wonderful; Yale Athletic Association Committee

Subjects: Ability; Athletics; Awards; Baltimore (Md.); Baseball; Basketball; Business; Career; Debt; Football; Good; Learning; Life; New Haven (Conn.); People; Politicians; Proud; Reasons; Students; Successful; Undergraduate; United States; World; Yale University

00:12:06 - Contact since Yale and career

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Partial Transcript: You--uh--you have--have--uh--have known him since Yale as well.

Segment Synopsis: Hendrick discusses his career in the federal government and his contact with Cooper since their Yale days.

Keywords: Advisor; Aid; Assistant secretary; Bank; Boss; C. Tyler Wood; Commissioner of narcotics; Congressional relations; Countervailing; Deputy assistant secretary; Dumping; Duties; Eleanor Roosevelt; End; Foreign trade; GATT; Help; Job; John Sherman Cooper; Law and enforcement; Nominated; North Vietnam; Office; Representative; Resigned; Return; Senate; Senators; Talking; Treasury; U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland; Unofficial; Unsuccessful

Subjects: Asia; Capitol Hill (Washington, D.C.); Career; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1947 October 30); Hanoi (Vietnam); Hope; Human rights; Marshall Plan; People; Politicians; Time; United States. Department of State; United States. Department of the Treasury; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Washington (D.C.); Work; Yale University

00:16:06 - Cooper's wives / Yale and success

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Partial Transcript: I didn't know John's first wife.

Segment Synopsis: Hendrick briefly talks of Cooper's marriages and second wife. Hendrick considers how being an alumni of Yale helped Cooper in his life and career.

Keywords: Advantages; Appointed; Connections; Courses; Distinguished; Ex-husband; Friends; Graduates; Great; Happy; Help; Hostess; Impression; John Sherman Cooper; Liked; Lorraine Cooper; Public life; Second wife; Skull and Bones (Yale); Specialized; Thomas Shevlin Jr.; U.S. Ambassador to India; University

Subjects: Career; Divorce; Good; Gossip; Life; Marriage; People; Politicians; Teaching; Undergraduate; Wives; Yale University

00:20:04 - Dean Acheson and Cooper / Stories of Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Some people assume that--that his entrée into the--the State Department. . .Some people try to make a Yale connection there.

Segment Synopsis: Hendrick details his impressions of Dean Acheson. Hendrick explains that Acheson did not choose Cooper for a position in the UN because of their shared affiliation with Yale, but rather for Cooper's abilities as a politician. Additionally, Hendrick recalls some stories that Cooper often told.

Keywords: Alumni; Beautiful; Book; Congress; Crowd; Dean Acheson; Democrat; Familiar; Faults; Full name; Impression; John Sherman Cooper; Knew; Middle name; Name; Policeman; Started; Stop; Story; Storyteller; Taken care of; The South; Theme; Unprejudiced; Untrue

Subjects: Education; Georgia; Judgment; Man; Politicians; Poor; Snob; Speech; Time; United Nations; United States. Department of State; Washington (D.C.); Yale University