Interview with Winfred D. Hogans, September 10, 1983

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:06 - Personal background and family history in Redfox, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Reverend Darrell [Higgins], its certainly been a pleasure to, to meet you and to be able to talk with you about your experiences here.

Segment Synopsis: Hogans discusses his family history and connection to Redfox, Kentucky.

Keywords: Breedings Creek; Family; Father; Haggans; Higgans; Hogans; Redfox (Ky.); Slavery; Slaves

Subjects: African American families; Family history; Genealogy; Redfox (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc.; Slavery, abolition, and emancipation

00:09:35 - Families in Redfox / churches in the area / economic conditions

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Partial Transcript: And the other thing is that there are several, um, families--well not several but there are about four or five white families in Redfox.

Segment Synopsis: Hogans discusses some of the families in Redfox, Kentucky. He also talks about some of the churches in the area.

Keywords: Baptist churches; Coal miners; Coal mines; Combs; Corinth Baptist Church; Families; Frasiers; Housing; Little Home Baptist Church; Neighborhoods; Pastors; Redfox (Ky.)

Subjects: African American neighborhoods; African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Housing; African Americans--Race identity; African Americans--Religion; Appalachian Region; Coal miners--Kentucky; Coal--Kentucky

00:19:49 - Blacks coming back to Hazard

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Partial Transcript: Now as far as Perry County where we are now, um, they are centrally located right here--

Segment Synopsis: Hogans discusses the economic conditions in Perry County, Kentucky. He describes how land ownership has affected the local economy.

Keywords: Appalachia; Black community; Coal; Coal miners; Employment; Hazard (Ky.); Home; Housing; Land; Moving; Perry County (Ky.); Population; Redfox (Ky.); Relocation

Subjects: African Americans--Appalachian Region; African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Housing; African Americans--Social conditions; Land and people

00:30:40 - Coal mines in Perry County / young people / Black churches

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Partial Transcript: Um, are there many coal mines open?

Segment Synopsis: Hogans discusses the coal mines in Perry County and how this affects the local economic conditions. He also speaks on the condition of young people in the area. He also describes some of the Black churches in the area.

Keywords: Church attendance; Coal mines; Corinth Baptist Church; Education; Employment; Hazard (Ky.); Hymns; Jobs; Missionary Baptist churches; Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church; Musical styles; Perry County (Ky.); Population; Religious music; Singing; Unemployment; Welfare; Work; Young people

Subjects: African American churches--Kentucky; African American singers; African American teenagers; African Americans--Economic conditions; African Americans--Education; African Americans--Employment; Discrimination in employment; Education, Secondary--Kentucky; High school graduates--Employment--United States