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00:00:01 - Moving to America

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Partial Transcript: I'm Graeme Fairweather and I'm currently professor of mathematics and engineering mechanics at the University of Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Graeme Fairweather discusses coming to America and working at Rice University. He talks about how he and his wife then moved from Houston to Kentucky.

Keywords: Houston, Texas; Immigrants; Lexington, Kentucky; Scotland; University of Kentucky; University of Toronto

Subjects: Emigration and immigration.; Rice University.

00:03:44 - Children and cultural gaps

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Partial Transcript: Things have changed a lot since we came to Kentucky. Primarily because our family is growing up and has also expanded since then.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses the cultural and generational gaps that have formed between him and his children.

Keywords: Children; Cultural gaps; Generation gaps; High school; United States

Subjects: Families.

00:08:12 - Coming to appreciate Scottish culture in the US

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Partial Transcript: Until the late '70s, my wife and I couldn't imagine life anywhere else but in United States.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses how he and his wife came to appreciate the Scottish culture in the United states by going to a party celebrating Robert Burns' birthday.

Keywords: Grandfather Mountain; Highland dancing; Highland games; Kilts; Lexington Pipe Band; Robert Burns; Scotland; Scottish country dancing; Soccer

Subjects: Scottish Americans--Ethnic identity.

00:17:05 - Scottish country dancing

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Partial Transcript: Well, my wife and I have continued Scottish country dancing and it, it has led to some significant changes in our life--our lives really.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses his a sabbatical in Toronto and how he and his wife learned a lot about Scottish Country Dancing while there. He talks about how Scottish Country Dancing has affected his life.

Keywords: Dundee, Scotland; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Scottish country dancing; Stanley Park; Toronto, Canada; Vancouver, Canada; Willowdale

Subjects: Dance; Toronto (Ont.)

00:21:05 - Scottish groups and their Issues

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Partial Transcript: One of my main jobs in Scottish country dancing locally is to act as emcee at...

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses the Scottish groups in Kentucky as well as some of the issues they have had. He talks about the Highland games and how he participated in them.

Keywords: Ben Ricki; Emcees; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Highland games; Scottish country dancing

Subjects: Scottish Americans--Kentucky

00:24:29 - Visits to Scotland

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Partial Transcript: Now until the early part of, uh, this decade I had really no desire to return to Scotland to visit or certainly not to settle down permanently.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather talks about how he has visited Scotland throughout his years of living in the United States.

Keywords: Americans; Christmas; England; Great Britain; South Africa; Vacations; Winter

Subjects: Scotland

00:31:16 - Yearning for Scotland

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Partial Transcript: And I think I'm like most people who've been away from home for a long time...

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather describes his yearning for Scotland and the freedom that can be experienced in Scotland. He goes on to discuss his son's desire to go to school in Scotland.

Keywords: Automobiles; College; Dundee, Scotland; Guilt; Lexington; Public transport; University; Yearning

Subjects: Scotland; Scottish Americans--Ethnic identity.

00:35:45 - No true sense of belonging

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, I think I'm at the stage now of not knowing where I belong.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses how he feels as though he doesn't truly fit in America, but would be unable to adapt to the British system again if he were to return.

Keywords: America; Belonging; Britain

Subjects: Scottish Americans

00:36:40 - More on Scottish groups and their issues

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Partial Transcript: Well, in Central Kentucky we have--or we had three separate Scottish groups.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather talks more about the issues that have arisen between the Scottish groups in central Kentucky, as well as how the groups have changed over time and how he participates in them.

Keywords: Highland Dancing; Lexington Pipe Band; Scottish Country Dance Society; Scottish Country Dancing

Subjects: Scottish Americans--Kentucky--Lexington.

00:48:18 - Scottish food in America

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Partial Transcript: One other thing I--or there are two other things I'd like to mention. One of them is about food.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses how his tastes have changed while living in America, as well as his inability to find British food anywhere in North America other than Canada.

Keywords: Bacon; Biscuits; Britain; Canada; Candies; Cocoa; Food; HP Sauce; Sausages

Subjects: Food habits

00:53:32 - Religion in America and Scotland

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Partial Transcript: One of the things that struck me very soon after we arrived on our first visit was something to do with religion.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather describes the issues with religion in Scotland and his surprise at the diversity of religion in America, as well as how Scotland is becoming more open-minded about religion.

Keywords: America; Catholics; Jewish; Presbyterian; Protestants

Subjects: Religion; Scotland

00:55:31 - The Fairweather name and familial roots

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Partial Transcript: Fairweather is a very uncommon name in the United States.

Segment Synopsis: The origin of the Fairweather name is discussed. He goes on to talk about his familial roots, how his knowledge of his family has grown, and how he seeks to preserve it.

Keywords: America; Canada; Dundee, Scotland; Enterprises; Fairweather name; Family roots; Navy; Sailors; Scotland; South Africa

Subjects: Families.; Genealogy

01:05:21 - The future for Fairweather

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Partial Transcript: What does the future hold for us in Kentucky? I just, I just don't know.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses why he plans to continue his life somewhere more "British' than America. He goes on to express how he feels as though he might be running away from problems.

Keywords: Canada; Climate; Great Britain; Lexington, Kentucky; Quality of life; Scotland; Toronto

01:14:46 - The Royal Family

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Partial Transcript: My, my British blood is running thick as the result of the visit to the Bluegrass of the Queen in October of last year.

Segment Synopsis: Fairweather discusses the Queen's visit to Lexington and how they followed her travels throughout the city. He goes on to tell of his thoughts on the royal family. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Bluegrass region; Great Britain; Keeneland; Lexington, Kentucky; Royal Family; Scotland

Subjects: Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1926-