Interview with Sam Ketron, July 25, 1985

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:07 - Interview introduction / military training

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Partial Transcript: And I'm talking to, uh, Mr. Sam Ketron who is 88 years old and is a veteran of World War I.

Segment Synopsis: Sam Ketron talks about volunteering for military service within days of the US declaration of war during World War I. He discusses his basic training in the artillery as a horse teamster in Montgomery, Alabama.

Keywords: Artillery; Cavalry; Teamsters; Volunteers

Subjects: Military service, Voluntary--United States.; World War, 1914-1918--Personal narratives, American

00:04:15 - Military service in France

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Partial Transcript: Well, n--did you go overseas?

Segment Synopsis: Ketron describes his voyage to Bordeaux, France on a cattle boat. He talks about his service with Battery D 135th Field Artillery, which was not deployed to combat but provided replacements for other units. He describes his return voyage on the battleship USS New Hampshire. Ketron states he did not see much action.

Keywords: Artillery; Infantry; Replacements; Seasickness; Three-inch gun

Subjects: Bordeaux (Aquitaine, France); United States. Army--Military life.; World War, 1914-1918

GPS: Bordeaux, France
Map Coordinates: 44.84, -0.58
00:10:03 - Experience in France after the war

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Partial Transcript: Do you stay in France some after the war was over?

Segment Synopsis: Ketron relates that he remained in France for a time after the war because of a transportation shortage. He states his only leave was an AWOL visit to Bordeaux.

Keywords: AWOL; Absent Without Official Leave; Furloughs; Horata (Ship); Paris, France; USS New Hampshire

Subjects: Bordeaux (Aquitaine, France); United States. Army--Military life.; World War, 1914-1918

00:13:17 - Why Ketron joined the Army

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Partial Transcript: Why d--why did you join the Army in 1917?

Segment Synopsis: Ketron explains why he joined the Army in Cleveland, Ohio. He again relates his experience in action when his ammunition wagon came under enemy artillery fire.

Keywords: Cleveland (Ohio); Mercer County (Ky.); Shrapnel

Subjects: Military service, Voluntary--United States.; United States. Army--Military life; World War, 1914-1918

00:16:41 - Civilian life after returning to the United States

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Partial Transcript: What did you do when you got out of the Army after the war?

Segment Synopsis: Ketron describes his return to Cleveland after the war to take clerical and manual labor jobs. He says he returned to Ohio because he wanted to "see the world."

Keywords: Army food; Montgomery (Ala.)

Subjects: Cleveland (Ohio); World War, 1914-1918--Veterans--United States

00:21:52 - Ketron's family relationships

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Partial Transcript: Did you, uh--you, you, you've used the, the Veterans Hospital over in Lexington some, have you?

Segment Synopsis: Ketron discusses his family life in Ohio and Kentucky after his military service. His tells how his wife died young without children and that he never remarried. He talks about his parents, siblings and other family relationships. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Veterans Hospital

Subjects: Families.; World War, 1914-1918--Veterans--United States