Interview with Willis Haws, June 23, 1986

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:15 - Personal background

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Partial Transcript: Okay Mr. Haws, you, uh--can you tell me a little bit about yourself and uh--

Segment Synopsis: Willis Haws shares his background as an active community member, family man, and professional educator.

Keywords: Educational counseling; Marshall University; Martin County (Ky.); Teaching; University of Kentucky; Warfield (Ky.)

Subjects: Families.; Teachers--Kentucky

00:06:10 - History and economy of Martin County, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Well, when did the mining industry first come into Martin County?

Segment Synopsis: Haws discusses the development of Martin County in relation to the coal industry.

Keywords: Beauty (Ky.); Earlston Coal Mine; Early 1900s; Economy; Employment; Kermit (W. Va.); Strip mining

Subjects: Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Martin County; Martin County (Ky.)

00:10:05 - History of Himlerville, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Okay a few minutes ago you, you mentioned a town in the 1920s, Himlerville.

Segment Synopsis: Haws talks about Martin Himler's role in the establishment of the once-thriving community, Himlerville, now known as Beauty, Kentucky.

Keywords: Coal mining; Economy; Great Depression; Himler Coal Company; Himlerville (Ky.); Hungarian immigrants; Hungary; Martin Himler; Norfolk and Western Railway Company; Tug River

Subjects: Beauty (Ky.)

00:17:58 - Economy and public establishments in Himlerville

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Partial Transcript: About the town of Himlerville itself, you, you talked about it containing an opera house.

Segment Synopsis: Haws describes the establishments built by Martin Himler. He says he is not aware of details concerning the town's coal mining role.

Keywords: Camp houses; Catholic churches; Coal camps; Community life; Economy; General stores; Himlerville (Ky.); Opera houses; Public utilities; Theaters

Subjects: Beauty (Ky.); Communities

00:24:03 - Life in Himlerville

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Partial Transcript: How about, uh, how did the people in, in the area, the native Americans, get along with the, with the Hungarians?

Segment Synopsis: Haws discusses what life was like for residents of Himlerville, Kentucky.

Keywords: Carpentry; Cincinnati Post (Ohio); Craftsman; Families; Gardening; Himlerville (Ky.); Hungarian descendants; Hungarian immigrants; Hungarian newspapers; Interracial marriage; School; United Mine Workers of America

Subjects: Hungarian Americans; Immigrants--Kentucky--Beauty

00:33:08 - Detailed history of Martin County, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: I think we've pretty much covered Himlerville pretty well.

Segment Synopsis: Haws shares a detailed description of the history of Martin County.

Keywords: Agriculture; Coal mining; Lyndon B. Johnson; Poverty; Rural communities; Rural development; War on Poverty; Warfield (Ky.); Warfield Coal and Saltworks; Work Projects Administration

Subjects: Martin County (Ky.); United States. Works Progress Administration.

00:40:31 - School board and politics

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Partial Transcript: The school industry, or not the school industry, but the school business in Martin County has traditionally been a rather large employer...

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Haws shares about politics and the role of the school board in Martin County.

Keywords: County led by school board

Subjects: Economy; Martin County (Ky.); Politics; Poverty; Republican Party; School board members--Attitudes