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00:00:30 - Coming to Lexington / developing his practice

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Partial Transcript: Dr. Weeks first of all could you tell me how you got to Lexington?

Segment Synopsis: Weeks mentions his reason for coming to Lexington. He goes on to talk about the development of his practice, including how he accumulated his patients. He also details the racial makeup of his patients. He talks about his relationship with both his black and white patients.

Keywords: Black businesses; Black medical practice; Patient makeup; Private practice; Race relations

Subjects: African American business enterprises; African American physicians--Kentucky--Lexington

00:04:43 - Socioeconomic status of patients / University of Kentucky hospital vs. private medical care

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Partial Transcript: Could you tell me a little bit about the socioeconomic, uh, status of your patients?

Segment Synopsis: Weeks talks about the socioeconomic background of his black and white patients. He talks about the division between University of Kentucky medical care and physicians and Lexington's private hospitals and physicians. He goes on to talk about the difference between receiving medical assistance at the University hospital versus a private physician. He talks about the race relations and level of care at the University of Kentucky hospital.

Keywords: Indigent patients; Level of care; Lower class patients; Middle class; Patients; Private Care system; Private physician care; Socioeconomic status; UK hospital

Subjects: African American physicians--Kentucky--Lexington; Hospitals--Kentucky--Lexington; University of Kentucky. Medical Center

00:09:59 - Family history / opportunities for black professionals

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Partial Transcript: Okay, I'd like to know a little bit about, uh, your church involvement uh, your political involvement in Lexington.

Segment Synopsis: Weeks mentions his limited political and church involvement in Lexington. He talks about his parent's background, including where they are originally from and their educational history. He also mentions his parents occupations. He goes on to give advice to black professionals who are coming to Lexington.

Keywords: Black professionals; Church involvement; Educational background; Family history; Floridians; Independent businesses; Middle Class; Political involvement

Subjects: African Americans--Religion

00:13:39 - Educational system / Class relations / Classism

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Partial Transcript: Could you tell me uh, give me your opinion on the educational system with reference to blacks in Lexington.

Segment Synopsis: Weeks talks about the education system in Lexington. He talks about the class relations among his patients. He goes on to discuss classism; he mentions questions on the MCAT as examples of classism. He also talks about his belief in the promises of America.

Keywords: American Blacks; American dream; Class relations; Classism; History; Neighborhood schools; Parental involvement; Social classes; Sociological issues; West Indian Blacks

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Kentucky--Lexington; Lexington (Ky.)--Social conditions

00:23:29 - Perceptions of Lexington

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Partial Transcript: So living in Lexington is just, Lexington is just incidental, it doesn't matter where you live, you feel?

Segment Synopsis: Weeks talks about his perceptions of Lexington. He talks about how both black and white people in Lexington aren't as aggressive as people are in other cities. He also tells a story about mural in a grocery store that concerned him.

Keywords: Grocery store; Less aggressive; Mural; Slow going

Subjects: African Americans--Kentucky--Lexington--Social conditions

00:31:24 - Racial encounters

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Partial Transcript: How long have you lived here, and after you tell me that, could you tell me if you have seen any change?

Segment Synopsis: Weeks shares a story about an experience he had when he was shopping in a women's clothing store. He also tells a story about an encounter he had with another man in the hospital's record room.

Keywords: Hospital; Ladies stores; Race relations; Racial encounters; Racially motivated conflicts; South end

Subjects: African Americans--Kentucky--Lexington--Social conditions