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00:00:13 - Background / immigration to America

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Partial Transcript: Well, why don't we just start by having you all tell me about your background.

Segment Synopsis: Bessie Funich talks about her educational background and her family, including her parents who immigrated from Hungary. Tony Funich talks about coming to America from Yugoslavia, working in Brooklyn, and moving to Lynch, Kentucky.

Keywords: "Old country"; Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.); Country of origin; Cumberland (Ky.); Farming; Hungary; Lynch (Ky.); Yugoslavia

Subjects: Emigration and immigration.; Immigrants

00:07:59 - Working in the coal mines

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Partial Transcript: And, and where did you stay when, when you first came to Lynch then?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich shares his mining experiences.

Keywords: Dead air; Dynamite; Gasses; Housing; Jobs

Subjects: Coal miners--Kentucky--Lynch; Coal mines and mining--Kentucky--Lynch

00:14:16 - Lack of safety in mines / wages

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Partial Transcript: Were there a lot of people hurt in the mines then?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich talks about the dangers of mining and discusses how much he was paid for his work.

Keywords: Burning coal; Injuries; Live wires; Preventing mining accidents; Weak spots

Subjects: Immigrants--Kentucky--Lynch; Mine safety; Wages--Coal miners

00:20:43 - Community of Lynch, Kentucky / mining union

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Partial Transcript: What kind of store was in Lynch when you were there?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich talks about the community of Lynch, Kentucky and the improvements made after the establishment of the UMWA.

Keywords: Company stores; Hotels; Work ethic

Subjects: Lynch (Ky.); United Mine Workers of America

00:24:49 - Meeting his wife

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember the immigrant clubs that were in Lynch?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich recalls attending wedding ceremonies of people he knew and discusses how he met his wife.

Keywords: Courtship; Dances; Immigrant clubs; Weddings

Subjects: Marriage

00:27:44 - Boardinghouses

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me about living in the boardinghouses?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich recalls staying in the boardinghouses, including the cost per day and the services that were provided for the boarders.

Keywords: "Old country"; Cooking; Employees

Subjects: Boardinghouses

00:31:15 - Work history

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever go to school after you came to Lynch?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich tells of his work history, including his time spent working on ships for the United Fruit Company.

Keywords: Post war job market; Refrigerated ships; Traveling for work; United Fruit Company

00:39:18 - Family life in Yugoslavia / working on the ship to America

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever go back to the "old country"--

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich shares his experiences coming to America and working on the ship. He talks about his family's farm in Yugoslavia.

Keywords: Farming; Gardening; Race discrimination

Subjects: Emigration and immigration.; Yugoslavia

00:46:40 - Wages, promotions, and safety in the mines

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Partial Transcript: How about in the mines then, how, how was the pay rankings like that?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich describes how individuals were able to be promoted in the mines. He shares guidelines for safety in the mines and talks about how mining has changed over the years.

Keywords: Coal mining methods; Depending on others; Industrial safety; Job knowledge; Mining machinery; Promotion (advancement); Respect for authority

Subjects: Coal mines and mining--Safety measures; Mine safety; Wages--Coal miners

00:55:58 - Recreation

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Partial Transcript: When you, when you weren't working, when--after, after work was over for the day or something what kind of things did you do?

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich talks about what he used to do for recreation.

Keywords: Entertainment; Gardening; Playing cards; Recreation

00:57:48 - Mining union / patriotism

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Partial Transcript: I talked with some people in Lynch, I don't know about three weeks ago when I was down, and they told me about a lot of bootlegging and stuff went on.

Segment Synopsis: Tony Funich discusses whether he knew any boarders involved in bootlegging. He talks about the mining union. He talks about pro-American views.

Keywords: Big coal companies; Bootlegging; Collective labor agreements; Moonshine; Small coal companies; United Mine Workers Association

Subjects: Distilling, Illicit; Lewis, John Llewellyn, 1880-1969; Patriotism; United Mine Workers of America