Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Kathryn B. Overbeck, July 26, 1986

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:08 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: And I came to Lynch, Kentucky in 1922.

Segment Synopsis: Kathryn Overbeck discusses her background and arriving in Lynch in 1922. She talks about attending EKU. She mentions her involvement with her church.

Subjects: Catholic Church; Choirs (Music); Eastern Kentucky University

00:03:29 - Community life in Lynch, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Could you tell me about Lynch then? The town itself.

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck shares about life in Lynch including discussion of immigrants in the community and the buildings in town.

Keywords: Band music; Community buildings; Community celebrations; Holidays; Hotel; Old country; United States Steel Corporation; Work ethic

Subjects: Immigrants--Kentucky--Lynch; Lynch (Ky.)

00:07:28 - Teaching immigrant children

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Partial Transcript: Could you talk about teaching immigrant children in school?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck taught 2nd grade in Lynch. She remembers the immigrant students being very eager to learn and that they almost always advanced.

Keywords: Immigrant children

Subjects: Education; Schools; Teachers--Salaries, etc.; Teaching

00:10:15 - Immigrants' role in community

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Partial Transcript: What kind of jobs did most immigrants do in the mines?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck tells of immigrant involvement in the community, local construction, and the church.

Keywords: Catholic Church; Choirs (Music); Coal loading; Foreman; Stone masons

Subjects: Immigrants--Kentucky--Lynch

00:13:48 - Recreation in Lynch

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Partial Transcript: How would you say people got along in Lynch. I mean the various immigrant groups, were there any trouble between them because of--

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck tells of the dances immigrants held in town. She discusses other activities the community members did for recreation.

Keywords: Baseball; Club; Dances; Hotels; Hungarian Grape Dance; Theater

Subjects: Immigrants--Kentucky--Lynch; Recreation

00:18:19 - Medical care / housing

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Partial Transcript: How about medical care in Lynch?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck discusses the quality of medical care and housing in Lynch, Kentucky. She discusses the effects of the Great Depression on residents of the town.

Keywords: Coal company housing; Health clinics

Subjects: Depression 1929--Kentucky; Hospitals; Injuries

00:21:58 - Alcohol production / founding of Lynch

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Partial Transcript: Was there a lot of drinking going on in Lynch in, in its--

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck tries to remember how immigrants procured their alcohol. She talks about the founding of the town and their first shipment of coal.

Keywords: Bathhouses; Founders; Moonshine; Police; Town development; Winemaking

Subjects: Distilling, Illicit; Lynch (Ky.)

00:26:48 - Transportation / nightlife

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Partial Transcript: Could you tell me what your first impression of the Lynch was when you got here.

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck recalls how individuals were transported around Lynch, explaining Pullman cars. She talks about what townsfolk did for nightlife.

Keywords: Dances; Entertainment; Hotels; Pullman cars; Taxicabs

Subjects: Transportation--Kentucky

00:31:56 - Boardinghouses

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Partial Transcript: Uh, were there a lot of boarding houses in Lynch?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck discusses living arrangements for many immigrants including amenities of boardinghouse and hotel living. She describes each section of town.

Keywords: Boarding bosses; Dining services; Division of town; School superintendents

Subjects: Boardinghouses; Company Store

00:38:53 - Women in the workplace

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Partial Transcript: Uh, did a lot of, of women work in Lynch?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck discusses women in the workplace. She talks about the amenities available at the company store. She talks about how she loves living in Lynch and denies her daughter's requests for her to move.

Keywords: Department stores; Gender roles; Women in the workplace

Subjects: Company Store; Sex Roles

00:42:54 - Cemeteries / church

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Partial Transcript: How about a cemetery? Uh, could you talk some about that?

Segment Synopsis: Overbeck talks about the many cemeteries in Lynch and the surrounding areas. She talks about different churches and the various groups that go to them.

Keywords: Out migration; Religion

Subjects: Cemeteries; Churches--Kentucky