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00:00:26 - Coming to Lynch, KY, from Michigan

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Partial Transcript: OK, I came to Lynch when I was 13 years old with my mother.

Segment Synopsis: Verona M. Smith talks about her family moving from Michigan to Lynch, KY.

Keywords: Clothing; Dances; Grape dance; Helping mother; Liquor; Lodges; New baby; Number 1 (camp); Number 5 (camp); Staying home

Subjects: Benham (Ky.); Farming; Lynch (Ky.); Migration; Mining; Recreation; Unions

00:08:27 - Remininsing about businesses in Lynch, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Oh, my, that commissary was beautiful.

Segment Synopsis: Smith talks about the refreshments and stores in Lynch, Ky.

Keywords: Embroidery; Ice cream parlor; Local business; Pastries; Race relations; Refreshments

Subjects: Businesses; Lynch (Ky.)

00:11:17 - Changes in Lynch, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Oh, I want to tell you about a little boy that, uh, from Ill-- Carney, Michigan.

Segment Synopsis: Smith talks about her keeping a former Lynch resident up-to-date on the changes in town.

Keywords: Colored school boarded-up; Living expenses; Returning to Lynch

Subjects: Correspondence; Housing; Lifestyles; Lynch (Ky.); Schools

00:17:40 - Childhood Friends and the Community in Lynch, KY / The Catholic Church / immigration

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Partial Transcript: Well, I had a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends and in fact...

Segment Synopsis: Smith talks about her childhood and her friends. She gives an overly positive assessment of Lynch and the people. She talks about how her parents were immigrants.

Keywords: Citizenship papers; Close community; English language; Girlfriends

Subjects: African Americans; Community; Cooking; Friends; Harlan (KY.); Immigrants; Memories; Religion