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00:00:02 - Her family background

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Partial Transcript: The following is an unrehearsed interview with Mary Anne Wyatt.

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt discusses her education in the sciences, and her similarity to her father Wilson Wyatt in her wide variety of interests. She talks about schools that she attended growing up, contrasting Louisville Collegiate School to the more science-oriented Atherton High School.

Keywords: Atherton High School; Education; Louisville Collegiate School; Private schools; Public schools

Subjects: Louisville (Ky.); Political activists.; Schools.; Science.; Scientists.; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996

GPS: Louisville (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 38.250, -85.767
00:05:58 - Growing up the daughter of a public figure

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Partial Transcript: When did, uh, when did you first become interested in, in your father's career or, or first become aware that, that your father was a public figure as well as just a, a Louisville attorney?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt describes growing up as a child of a public figure as a difficult experience for a young girl as shy as she was. She explains that in high school she realized that her father's position distanced her from her classmates.

Keywords: Bashfulness; Lawyers; Newspapers; Politicians; Shyness

Subjects: Children.; Parenting.; Parents.; Press.

00:12:10 - Life in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere

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Partial Transcript: After your father finished his term as mayor of Louisville in 1945, he was appointed by President Truman to be the federal housing administrator, a very difficult job at that time.

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt describes life in Washington D.C. during the time her father worked in housing administration (1945-1947). She describes her experiences in summer camps and explains that her family did not often go on vacations.

Keywords: Family vacations; Summer camps; Travel

Subjects: Camps.; Family life.; Schools.; Washington (D.C.)

GPS: Washington (D.C.)
Map Coordinates: 38.905, -77.016
00:17:52 - Her father as attorney and public servant

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Partial Transcript: --(Clears throat)--Which did you think your father preferred, uh, public service or the practice of the law? He did a lot of both. Uh, was it obvious to you when he was happiest or seemed most fulfilled?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt explains that public life was her father's greatest ambition, although he did not consider it a way of supporting his family. She agrees that her father also viewed his interludes of private life as a way of reconnecting with the people he wished to serve in public life. She explains that her mother, too, enjoyed political involvement.

Keywords: Careers; Politics; Public life; Wilson Wyatt

Subjects: Lawyers.; Politicians.; Practice of law.; Women and politics; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996

00:22:20 - Her father's work with Adlai Stevenson

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Partial Transcript: How did the family, uh, react to your father's decision to become Adlai Stevenson's campaign manager in 1952? Was this something that was anticipated, or, or is it something which came up rather, uh, hurriedly?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt explains that her father's decision to manage Adlai Stevenson's presidential campaign in 1952 was, like other decisions, much discussed in the family. She recalls that Stevenson was a friend of her father's and an approachable man.

[[Volume decreases significantly after 24:00.]]

Keywords: Adlai Stevenson; Presidential campaigns; Wilson Wyatt

Subjects: Political campaigns.; Presidents--Election.; Stevenson, Adlai E. (Adlai Ewing), 1835-1914; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996

00:25:46 - Her father as lieutenant governor, 1959-1963 / her college education

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Partial Transcript: What were your recollections of the, uh, 1959 gubernatorial race in Kentucky?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt discusses her father's difficult decision to step down as candidate for governor of Kentucky and instead to run for lieutenant governor on the ticket of Bert Combs in order to overcome opponents within the Democratic Party. She discusses her education in science at Randolph-Macon College, which prevented her from participating in the campaign as much as she otherwise would have.

Keywords: Gubernatorial campaigns; Universities and colleges; Wilson Wyatt

Subjects: Governors--Kentucky; Lieutenant governors.; Political campaigns; Randolph-Macon College; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996

00:31:41 - Her father's senatorial campaign, 1962

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Partial Transcript: While he was lieutenant governor your father ran for United States Senate in 1962 against Thruston Morton, another, uh, prominent Louisvillian.

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt explains how apt the office of senator would have been for her father, and she discusses the hardships the family suffered in the face of false accusations by her father's opponent Thruston Morton.

Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; Senatorial campaigns; Thruston B. Morton; Wilson Wyatt

Subjects: Morton, Thruston B. (Thruston Ballard), 1907-1982.; Political campaigns.; Senators.; United States. Congress. Senate.; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996

00:36:27 - Earle Clements, Bert Combs, Lawrence Wetherby, and Happy Chandler

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Partial Transcript: Did you know some of, of your father's political contemporaries in Kentucky well enough to have strong opinions about them, uh, one way or the other?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt comments on several political contemporaries of her father, all former governors of Kentucky. Earle Clements, she says, was a completely different kind of person than her father, as was Bert Combs. She recalls that her father admired Lawrence Wetherby, but says that she does not recall much about Happy Chandler.

Keywords: Bert T. Combs; Earle C. Clements; Happy Chandler; Lawrence Wetherby; Politicians

Subjects: Clements, Earle C. (Earle Chester), 1896-1985; Combs, Bert T., 1911-1991; Governors--Kentucky; Wetherby, Lawrence W. (Lawrence Winchester), 1908-

00:39:29 - Her father's greatest accomplishments

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Partial Transcript: What do you feel have been your father's greatest accomplishments? What, what do you think that he is most proud of having accomplished, and do you agree with that or do you have different, uh, ideas about what is his greatest accomplishment?

Segment Synopsis: Mary Anne Wyatt explains that her father Wilson Wyatt considers his work in national government the most significant, particularly his work in housing administration. She says that she would have liked to be more involved in her father's political life, even though she would not have liked to have had much attention from the public. She praises her father's integrity, which was visible in his career, and explains that he was self-reliant but avoided confrontation. The interview is concluded.

[[Recording is interrupted at 45:42.]]

Keywords: Accomplishments; Achievements; Honesty; Integrity; Public figures; Wilson Wyatt

Subjects: Careers.; Federal government.; Housing.; Wyatt, Wilson W. (Wilson Watkins), 1905-1996