Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Thomas W. Murphy, October 1st, 1987

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: It's October 1st, 1987. I'm in the home of Thomas Murphy- known as Jack Murphy- in Springfield, Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Arthur Kelly introduces Thomas "Jack" Murphy, a WWII veteran. Murphy served with Company K, 3rd Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment Medics, 6th Infantry in the Philippines.

00:03:23 - New Guinea and Lone Tree Hill

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Partial Transcript: Let me start with New Guinea, since that's the first action you had.

Segment Synopsis: Thomas Murphy tells how the battle site "Lone Tree Hill" received its name. He also talks about American fire power and patrols in New Britain.

Keywords: Lone Tree Hill; New Britain (New Guinea); New Guinea Campaign

00:15:29 - Saving Lives

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Partial Transcript: You saved a guy's life a time or two, Jack?

Segment Synopsis: He describes the actions he took as a medic to save lives. He gives an example of a soldier he helped. He also talks about banzai attacks, injuries and his comrade's death.

Keywords: banzai attacks; wounded soldiers

00:27:02 - Japanese Attacks

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Partial Transcript: When the Japs first hit you- can you explain that a little bit?

Segment Synopsis: He describes the Japanese attacks, how the battle started and how the Americans defended themselves.

Keywords: Company K; Company L; Lone Tree Hill; bomb attacks

00:50:24 - Battle at Lone Tree Hill

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Partial Transcript: How many people did you treat that night, would you say?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about the people he treated the night of the battle and the environment he treated them in. He then gives more detail about the battle itself.

00:59:53 - Mental Effects

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Partial Transcript: Working on your mind, Jack.

Segment Synopsis: He tells how he dealt with the mental effects of warfare.

Keywords: Casualties; Lone Tree Hill; Mental Stability

01:12:25 - Philippine Invasion

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Partial Transcript: Did you all do any rehearsing for that Philippine invasion?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls practicing for the Philippine invasion and landing at Lingayen Gulf. They mention the Bataan Death March and other Kentucky soldiers.

Keywords: Lingayen Gulf

01:26:05 - Battle of Muñoz

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Partial Transcript: Can you recall a little better for me on those tanks?

Segment Synopsis: He briefly recalls seeing the tanks that were abandoned. He goes into detail about the Battle of Muñoz and his treating people there.

Keywords: Battle of Muñoz; tanks

01:45:44 - Fighting over Foxholes

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Partial Transcript: Is this where they, the tanks were shooting each other over your foxhole there?

Segment Synopsis: He describes a specific situation when the Japanese and Americans were shooting over his foxhole, and how he reacted to their fighting above him. They then moved north to the Cagayan valley.

Keywords: Cagayan Valley; trench warfare

01:58:04 - Fighting near the Waterworks

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Partial Transcript: Where did you get wounded, Jack?

Segment Synopsis: He mentions getting wounded in the Philippines and goes into detail about the fight around the waterworks there.

Keywords: Bomb explosions; Philippines; war injuries

02:10:14 - End of the War

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Partial Transcript: At the end of the war, where were you?

Segment Synopsis: He tells of how they had just captured some Japanese nurses when the war ended. He gives his family history and tells how his faith helped him through the war. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Children; Family Members--Parents; Religious faith