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00:00:04 - Family life

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Partial Transcript: What we're going to do is just chat about your early life and some of your remembrances, you know, of when you were growing up.

Segment Synopsis: Hager White talks about her younger years and life on the farm, all in Johnson County, Kentucky.

Keywords: Family background; Living off the land; One-room schools

Subjects: Families.; Farm life.; Farming; Johnson County (Ky.); Rural conditions; Rural schools--Kentucky; Voting

00:05:46 - Voting, elections, politics, and politicians

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember when women received the vote? In 1920?

Segment Synopsis: Hager White talks about various politicians in Johnson County, women serving on juries during trials, and voting incidents.

Keywords: A. Jack May; Eddie Hill, circuit judge; John W. Langley; Judge Bailey; Judge Hill, county judge; Juries; Katherine Gudger Langley; Selling votes; Shootings during elections; Women on the jury; Women voting

Subjects: Jury.; Political candidates; Politicians--Kentucky; Politics, Practical.; Voting; Voting rights; Women--Suffrage

00:15:44 - Politicians and corruption

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Partial Transcript: Ho--was there anybody hat you ever really admired or disliked that was in politics?

Segment Synopsis: Hager White talks about her few memories of politicians and their deeds.

Keywords: Jack May; Katherine Gudger Langley; Politicians going to prison

Subjects: Political corruption--Kentucky; Politicians--Kentucky

00:18:40 - Political parties / women working

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Partial Transcript: Di, did any--what party did most of the people vote for around here and why do you think they voted that way?

Segment Synopsis: Hager White talks a little more about politics and politicians. She talks more about women working, and women in general in Johnson County, Kentucky.

Keywords: Democrats; Republicans; Stay-at-home wives; Women and jobs

Subjects: Political parties; Women--Employment.

00:23:29 - Her grandmother, a midwife / holidays

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Partial Transcript: Where did you attend church?

Segment Synopsis: Hager White mentions her church and talks about her grandmother who was a midwife. She also talks about Christmas and other holidays, and news.

Keywords: 4th of July; Birthing babies; Celebrations; Christmas; Going to town; Grandmothers; Newspapers; Paintsville Herald; Paintsville Pathfinder

Subjects: Childbirth; Families.; Midwifery; Midwives

00:28:43 - Political women / life now

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Partial Transcript: How did you know that someone was running for political office?

Segment Synopsis: Hager White has no real knowledge of the Kentucky women who helped women get the vote in 1920. She talks about the changing times, children today, and trading at the local store.

Keywords: Changing times; Getting the news; Trading at the store; Word of mouth

Subjects: Children; Communication; Women and politics; Women--Suffrage

00:33:24 - Important life events / admirers and idols / schools and teachers

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Partial Transcript: Now, since today's your birthday--

Segment Synopsis: Hager White mentions the few things that are important to her. She also talks about little girls that she admired, and the schools and school teachers.

Keywords: Female school teachers; Looking up to others; Not going to hospitals; Riding the mail hack into town; Treated at home

Subjects: Children; Education; Grocery stores; Marriage; Paintsville (Ky.); Schools; Teachers