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00:00:05 - Background information

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Partial Transcript: Would you, uh, tell me your full name?

Segment Synopsis: Allie Mae Burke remembers the members of her family, and family life.

Keywords: Brothers; Farm life; One-room schools; Parents; Poor family; Reading; Sisters; Women's life

Subjects: Education; Families.; Floyd County (Ky.); Siblings; Teaching

00:05:13 - Women and the vote

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Partial Transcript: Um, do you remember--we're going to talk about the 1920s now, for a little while.

Segment Synopsis: Burke shares her memories about women voting in the 1920s.

Keywords: College; Daughters; Food; Husbands; Lighting; Polls; Wives; Women get to vote

Subjects: Education; Political parties; Voting; Voting rights; Women and politics; Women--Suffrage

00:10:45 - Influencing votes

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Partial Transcript: Do you, do y, you remember--now you say you--when did you become politically active?

Segment Synopsis: Burke talks about the disagreements between the political parties, the influence of husbands on their wives' votes, and the buying and selling of votes.

Keywords: Buying votes; Campaigning; Liquor and voting; Voting rationale

Subjects: Elections--Corrupt practices; Political campaigns.; Political corruption--Kentucky; Political parties; Voting rights; Women and politics; Women--Suffrage

00:15:43 - Local politicians

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Partial Transcript: I wanted to ask you two more things in the Twenties and then we'll talk about your son.

Segment Synopsis: Burke remembers personal stories about local politicians.

Keywords: Campaigning; John W. Langley; Katherine Gudger Langley; U.S. Congress

Subjects: Pike County (Ky.); Political campaigns; Politicians--Kentucky

00:22:47 - Son's campaign for jailer

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Partial Transcript: Okay now, let's, let's--tell me about your son running.

Segment Synopsis: Burke remembers her campaign work for her son and meeting other politicians.

Keywords: Campaigning; Elected; Jail matrons

Subjects: Political campaigns.; Politicians--Kentucky; Politics, Practical.; Women and politics

00:26:23 - News about political candidates

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Partial Transcript: How did you all get your information about who was running for governor and who was--

Segment Synopsis: Burke talks about the various ways that her family got the news about political candidates, and their dispositions.

Keywords: Getting the word out; Kindness of local politicians; Mail; Newspapers; Pine Mountain Settlement School

Subjects: Political campaigns.; Politicians--Kentucky

00:31:45 - Women of today / conclusion

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Partial Transcript: I have a couple more questions I need to ask you.

Segment Synopsis: Burke talks about her preference for being a woman of her day than a woman of today, her role as a teacher, and bits and pieces about other things.

Keywords: Adult education; Children; Flu epidemic; Food; Teaching adults

Subjects: Depressions--1929--Kentucky; Education; Farm animals; Farming; Great Depression; Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919; Women