Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Bertha Coleman, July 9, 1987

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:08 - Family Background Information

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Partial Transcript: Bertha Coleman. And I was born up on...

Segment Synopsis: {Recording and the speaker are muffled and hard to decipher throughout the recording.} Bertha Coleman shares her memories about her family and childhood.

Keywords: 15 children; Carpenter; Farm animals; Pike County (Ky.); Raising corn

Subjects: Family; Farming; Home; Memories; Siblings

00:06:59 - School / Holidays / Women and Voting and Life

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Partial Transcript: Ugh. Then my daddy took the paper.

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman talks about the schools she attended. She quit school in the 8th grade at the age of 17. She also shares her limited memories of women getting the vote.

Keywords: Born in 1905; Carpenter; Daddy fixed homes; Married life; Republicans; Women get the vote

Subjects: Christmas; Coal Miners; Education; School

00:15:10 - Working in the Campaigns / Voting Box

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Partial Transcript: Well, I don't know, I wasn't around you see.

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman shares her very limited memories of campaigns, polls, and voting.

Keywords: Husband told her how to vote; Husband worked with the campaigns; Voting procedures

Subjects: Campaigns, Election; Elections; Pike County (Ky.)

00:21:09 - News / The Children / Women Politicians

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Partial Transcript: ... used to read the paper a lot, but see my eyes is not good now.

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman talks about her 10 children, and a bit about women in politics.

Keywords: 10 children; Local news; Women in politics

Subjects: Motherhood; Newspapers

00:25:01 - Husband's Vote / Mining Wife / The Depression

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Partial Transcript: Lord, I never did take much interest in nothing like that myself.

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman talks about her memories of a voting incident concerning her husband, and she also talks about life as the wife of a coal miner. She also talks a bit about her memories of The Great Depression.

Keywords: Don May, Trustee; Life as a miner's wife; Married in 1922; Up early, home late

Subjects: Coal miners; Depression 1929--Kentucky; Presidents; Voting

00:31:54 - Husband, Coal Miner, Disabled / Women's Work Not in Mines / The Union

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Partial Transcript: I hear you. He got that ...

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman talks about her husband becoming disabled as a coal mine worker, the disability payments he received, and life after that.

Keywords: Mining unions; Women shouldn't be miners; Women's place taking care of family

Subjects: Coal miners and mining; Coal miners- - diseases- - Kentucky; Disability; United Mine Workers of America

00:37:48 - Life Better in the Past

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Partial Transcript: Dahhh! Back then!

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman gives her thoughts on the past versus the present life for all, especially opportunities for women.

Keywords: Bad television shows; Healthier foods; Less confusion in past; Locked doors; Past v. Present; Self-sufficient

Subjects: Food; Television; Violence

00:42:53 - Life is Different Now / Children and Discipline

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Partial Transcript: Ah, yes, it's different!

Segment Synopsis: Bertha Coleman gives her thoughts and memories on children, discipline, and maintaining the family harmony.

Keywords: Children don't mind now a days; Love and harmony in the house

Subjects: Discipline of children; Family; Television