Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Robina Whitley, July 9, 1987

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:20 - Family Background and Family Stories

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Partial Transcript: In West Virginia. McDowell County, West Virginia.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley tells of her memories of her family and a story about a raid by Native Americans.

Keywords: Family stories; Indians; Memories of Indians

Subjects: Indiana; Native Americans; Pennsylvania; Race relations

00:05:53 - Immediate Family Memories

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Partial Transcript: I remember hearing him telling me about them.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley talks more about her parents and siblings, school, and bean sandwiches.

Keywords: Bean sandwiches; Father was jack of all trades; Mother died young; Nine children

Subjects: Biscuits; Blacksmithing; Education; Farming

00:10:32 - Space Between Neighbors / Getting the News / The Civil War / Education

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Partial Transcript: Everybody worked. The women worked, the men worked, how we washed was on a wash board.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley talks more about her family, family members from Pennsylvania, the Civil War, and getting an education in their tiny school.

Keywords: 8th Grade education; Before the railroads; Neighbors half a mile away; Newspapers

Subjects: Civil War; Communications; Education; Neighbors; Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers

00:16:58 - Holidays, 4th of July / Teaching School Until Married / Women Suffrage

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Partial Transcript: We didn't have it, but 4th of July.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley tells of the holidays, and her coming to Kentucky from West Virginia to teach school, and women getting to vote in 1920.

Keywords: Better schools and churches; Came to Kentucky to teach; Couldn't teach after getting married; Greensboro County, WV; Lower Elk (Ky.); Nice community; Robert Whitely; Store owned by lumber company; Women get the vote

Subjects: Fishing; Pike County (Ky.); Schools; Suffrage; Voting

00:24:43 - Voting / Theodore Roosevelt / Coal Mining & the Strike /

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Partial Transcript: Oh, we were Democrats!

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley talks about voting, Roosevelt, the mining company store; inflation; coal mining and the strike.

Keywords: "Bucket packing"; Closed the mine store during the strike; Grundy (Ky.); Lower Elk (Ky.); Mine maintenance men; Moving about; Roosevelt caused inflation; the coal mines

Subjects: Coal miners; Hunger; Inflation; Managed the company store; Pike County (Ky.); Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Strikes and lockouts; Voting

00:36:59 - Voting / WWI / Women Staying Home to Take Care of Children

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Partial Transcript: We voted. We stayed out of it.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley tells about her husband in WWI, voting, women in office, and women staying at home.

Keywords: Betsy Arnold; Duty to vote; Kagtheryn Langley; President Woodrow Wilson; Strong Democrat; WWI soldier; Women in office; Women staying in the home

Subjects: Voting; Women politicians; World War, 1914-1918

00:45:14 - The Lord Expected Women to Be In the Home!

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Partial Transcript: Where did the Lord expect us to be!

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley gives her views on why women should not be involved in politics, especially married women.

Keywords: No politics for women; Women's place is in the home and teachers

Subjects: Women politicians

00:48:17 - Politicians of Yesterday and Today / Life Back When was GRAND

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Partial Transcript: Abraham Lincoln. Oh, Boy!

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley talks about the presidents that she liked, didn't know much about the Kentucky governors, and life of the past.

Keywords: Admirable presidents and governors; Better food in the past; People now days; The Thompsons

Subjects: Classism; Governors; Memories; Politicians; Presidents

00:57:37 - Women Make Problems for Themselves These Days / Some of this and some of that

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Partial Transcript: They came her, they make themselves, they make more problems for themselves.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley gives her views on what is wrong with women now days.

Keywords: 10 Whitley children; Women are carrying things to extremes; Women are not content; Women's Club in Grundy, KY

Subjects: Gardening; Women

01:05:22 - Remember Wars of the Past: Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: Oh, yes.

Segment Synopsis: Robina Whitley shares her memories of past wars and how people got the news.

Keywords: Getting the news

Subjects: Memories