Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Louise M. Stewart, July 27, 1987

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:05 - Family background

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Partial Transcript: Let's get your full name.

Segment Synopsis: Louise M. Stewart talks about her family of eleven siblings that was supported by her father who was a farmer. She talks about her schooling, and the jobs that she has had. She talks about her life as a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Keywords: Children; Knob Fork (Ky.); Marriage; School; Selling vegetables

Subjects: Alcoholism; Education; Employment; Families.; Farming; Occupations; Pikeville (Ky.)

00:06:22 - Opposition to women voting

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Partial Transcript: Di--did, uh--when you were growing up at, uh, Knob Fork, do you remember, either in the little house or in the bigger house on the big road--

Segment Synopsis: Stewart struggles to remember when women got the vote, but can't really recall that time. She does talk a bit about the opposition to women voting in general, and voting day.

Keywords: Ballots; Information; News; Republican; Voting places

Subjects: Newspapers; Voting; Voting rights; Women and politics; Women's rights.; Women--Suffrage

00:12:37 - Political campaigns

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Partial Transcript: Uh, have you ever worked for a political candidate?

Segment Synopsis: Stewart shares a little that she remembers about campaigning, and the presidents that she remembers. She doesn't have a lot to say about women politicians.

Keywords: Community gathering; Location; Political views; Polls; U.S. presidents; Voting booths

Subjects: Political campaigns.; Politicians; Politics, Practical.; Voting; Women and politics; Women politicians

00:18:15 - Women politicians

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember anything about some of the political figures, women, around here?

Segment Synopsis: Stewart tries to remember Kathryn Langley and other women politicians as prompted by the interviewer.

Keywords: Congresswoman; Katherine Langley; Running for office

Subjects: Women and politics; Women politicians

00:23:07 - Women's roles

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Partial Transcript: Did you think back then, if you can sort of try to recall the frame of mind, was she--did other women feel proud you think because of her?

Segment Synopsis: Stewart gives her opinions about women as politicians, and what level is suitable for women. She also talks about life being easier for women now due to modern conveniences.

Keywords: Female presidents; Physical labor; Role of women; U.S. president

Subjects: Women and politics; Women politicians; Women's rights.