Interview with Morris S. Collier, January 11th, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Arthur L. Kelly introduces Morris Collier. Collier served with Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion in the Philippines

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Bataan; Clark Field; Company D; Corregidor; Philippines

00:02:14 - Philippine invasion

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Partial Transcript: Let's start when you first move north to meet the invasion at Lingayen Gulf.

Segment Synopsis: He recalls fighting off the Japanese at Lingayen Gulf and falling back to Bataan.

Keywords: Agno river (Philippines); Japanese Imperial Army; Lingayen Gulf; Manila Bay; Philippines

00:12:16 - Losing tanks

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Partial Transcript: I want to make sure we don't get some confusion on the tape about where this action occurred.

Segment Synopsis: They specify the place where Company D lost their tanks.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Agno river (Philippines); Company D; Lingayen Gulf

00:33:01 - Engaging the Japanese

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Partial Transcript: Where were these Japanese that he engaged?

Segment Synopsis: He describes one of his fellow soldiers engaging the Japanese and deploying their tanks. He also describes other soldiers who were a part of the 192nd Tank Battalion.

Keywords: Joseph Million

00:42:11 - The Japanese push back

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Partial Transcript: So, the next morning, then what happens?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls Japanese airplanes attacking and his being pushed back towards Bataan. He also mentions eating chicken with Captain Altman and getting the idea to move out of Bataan before Company D abandoned their tanks.

Keywords: Bataan; Tanks

00:56:28 - Moving from Bataan

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Partial Transcript: After the chicken incident and the moving to avoid the bombing, what occurred?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls moving from Bataan to avoid being bombed by the Japanese, receiving word that they had to leave their tanks behind and his reaction to the order.

Keywords: Agno river (Philippines); Bataan; Tanks

01:12:57 - Abandoning tanks

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Partial Transcript: I'll tell you when it was when I got hurt. It was January the 8th. I got wounded.

Segment Synopsis: Morris Collier briefly recalls getting wounded and they continue to talk about Company D abandoning their tanks.

01:31:39 - Getting reorganized

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Partial Transcript: Start right at the river bank, if you don't mind.

Segment Synopsis: He remembers crossing the river after Company D abandoned their tanks, the journey to get back to friendly lines and regrouping after the incident.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Agno river(Philippines); Company D; Joseph Million; Sergeant Edward French

01:50:13 - Back to Bataan

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Partial Transcript: What happened to you then, from the time your got your tank up a little bit north of Clark Field, that you think, and the time...

Segment Synopsis: He describes engaging the Japanese on their way to Bataan, at Corregidor. He also talks about preparing for capture and the brutality of the Japanese.

Keywords: Bataan; Capture; Corregidor; Japanese Troops; Tanks

02:09:27 - Experiences as a wounded soldier

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Partial Transcript: You got wounded on the 8th. Let's get into that one there.

Segment Synopsis: Morris Collier discusses the first wound he received at Clark Field and other wounds as well. He also gives vivid details of the bombing at Clark Field.

Keywords: Bataan (Philippines); Clark Field; Hermosa (Philippines); Hospitals; Malaria; Mariveles (Philippines); war injuries

02:31:28 - Bombing at Clark Field

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Partial Transcript: I had one that I had to make get out of the tank.

Segment Synopsis: He describes the action that took place at Clark Field and how he contributed to its defense as a tanker. He also talks about the behavior of the American soldiers and how they treated the people of the Philippines.

Keywords: Clark Field (Philippines); Philippines; tanks

02:46:27 - Injuries

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Partial Transcript: We missed that time you got hit and fell down inside your tank. Where did that occur?

Segment Synopsis: He recalls his second injury during the war and again brings up the events that led to Company D abandoning their tanks while trying to avoid being bombed by the Japanese.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; 194th Tank Battalion; Carmen (Philippines); Clark Field (Phillipines); tanks; war injuries

03:04:41 - A tank gets bombed

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Partial Transcript: I'm in Nicholasville at Morris Collier's house.

Segment Synopsis: Collier remembers his tank getting hit and preparing to surrender to the Japanese. He quickly mentions food rationing and how disease and lack of food affected his body. He also talks about the tanks being search for alcohol.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Bataan (Philippines); Battle of the Big Pocket; Malaria; bomb attacks; surrender; tanks

03:18:19 - Surrender to the Japanese

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Partial Transcript: When they surrended on the morning of the Ninth, there's an earthquake right before they surrendered. Do you remember that?

Segment Synopsis: He reminisces about the earthquake that took place the day they surrendered to Japanese.

Keywords: Bataan Death March; Bayonets; Earthquakes; Japanese troops; Philippines; surrender

03:30:47 - Review of Surrender

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Partial Transcript: That was on the way to O'Donnell.

Segment Synopsis: He remembers arriving at Camp O'Donnell. They review the location of the company when they surrendered to the Japanese.

Keywords: Cabanatuan; Cabcabin (Philippines); Camp O'Donnell; Prison camps; Prisoners of War (POW)

03:49:44 - Thoughts and Emotions

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Partial Transcript: We're trying to locate where you were at the time of capture.

Segment Synopsis: He gives his thoughts and emotions on getting orders to abandon the tanks and surrendering.

Keywords: Prisoners of War (POW); personal reflections; surrender

04:02:21 - Experiences as a POW

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Partial Transcript: I started with the Peavler boy. The one I was talking about a minute ago.

Segment Synopsis: He tells who he was with during the Bataan Death March and talks about the Japanese treatment of American prisoners.

Keywords: Abuse; Bataan Death March; Bayonets; Camp O'Donnell; Death; Prison camps; Prisoners of War (POW); William Peavler

04:26:25 - Work Detail

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Partial Transcript: Every morning he'd call me out! Every morning he'd call my name.

Segment Synopsis: He continues to talk about his experiences as a prisoner of war, being sent to Honshu and the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.

Keywords: Atomic Bomb; Coal mines; Hiroshima (Japan); Honshu (Japan); Prisoners of War (POW)

04:45:05 - Airdrops

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Partial Transcript: He didn't amount to much.

Segment Synopsis: He discusses the airdrops the Americans made, being freed, and coming home. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Hoshu (Japan); Liberation; Prisoners of War (POW)