Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Morris S. Collier, Kenneth M. Hourigan, March 3rd, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: I'm Colonel Arthur L. Kelly. I'm in the home of Kenny Hourigan...

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Kelly introduces Morris Collier and Kenneth Hourigan. Both men served in Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion in the Philippines.

Keywords: 192nd Tank Battalion; Company D; Philippines

00:00:40 - Losing the tanks

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Partial Transcript: I'll tell you what I think I know, and I may not be exactly right because there's a conflict in stories.

Segment Synopsis: Morris Collier and Kenneth Hourigan recall how Company D lost their tanks as they were trying to cross the bridge over the Agno River.

Keywords: Agno River (Philippines); Carmen (Philippines)

00:25:23 - Action in Carmen

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Partial Transcript: One other thing I would like to do here if I can.

Segment Synopsis: The men recall the action in Carmen on the shore of the beach as the Japanese were approaching.

Keywords: Carmen(Philippines); Combat; Japanese Imperial Army

00:30:27 - Destroying the tanks

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Partial Transcript: But in any event, bring up what happened after the beach action. What you can recall that you all ran into.

Segment Synopsis: They discuss what happened after the beach action and their destroying the tanks to keep the Japanese from taking their equipment.

Keywords: Japanese Troops; Philippines; Tanks

00:44:44 - Crossing the river

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Partial Transcript: You're talking about about Colonel Miller now, was he a good officer?

Segment Synopsis: They give their opinions and impressions of military officers and discuss their decision to leave their tanks on the river.

Keywords: Agno river (Philippines)

00:55:52 - Fort Stotsenburg

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Partial Transcript: We drove about all night to Fort Stotsenburg.

Segment Synopsis: They talk about walking to Fort Stotsenburg to get more half-tracks and tanks after abandoning the tanks they had before.

Keywords: Fort Stotsenburg (Philippines)

01:10:59 - Bataan

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Partial Transcript: You know that before Bataan they put the two Battalions together and then they had maintenance and all that stuff.

Segment Synopsis: They recall guarding Manila Bay until they received fuel to move. They tell of being surrounded by the Japanese.

Keywords: Bataan; Manila Bay

01:22:53 - Hunting and shooting

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Partial Transcript:

Segment Synopsis: They discuss how they tried to hunt for food and how they shot at the Japanese troops while they searched for it.

Keywords: Food; Japanese troops; Shootings

01:30:22 - Deaths at Camp O'Donnell

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Partial Transcript: Willard Foster, I was right with him when he died.

Segment Synopsis: Morris recalls the death of a fellow soldier, Willard Foster, who died at Camp O'Donnell, as well as other soldiers.

Keywords: Camp O'Donnell (Philippines); Diseases; Dysentery; Malaria; Willard Foster

01:40:13 - Prisoner of war

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Partial Transcript: Honshu.

Segment Synopsis: The men talk about their experiences as prisoners of war in Honshu and working in the coal mines. Collier also tells of getting his appendix removed in the prison camp. He also talks about the atomic bomb dropping near him in Hiroshima.

Keywords: Coal mines; Hiroshima (Japan); Honshu (Japan); Prison camps; Prisoners of War (POW)

01:55:27 - Homecoming

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Partial Transcript: What was it like when you got back to Harrodsburg- what was that like?

Segment Synopsis: Collier talks about his homecoming and how he was not healthy enough to go home right away. Colonel Kelly asks them about Lieutenant Hart and the tanks that were abandoned. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: California; Harrodsburg (Ky.); Hospitals; Ships