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00:00:02 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: This is our second interview Mr. Goble, but, um, I wish you would tell me your whole name again just to get us started.

Segment Synopsis: Paris Goble talks about the hard living he experienced during his youth in rural Kentucky before World War I. He talks about scant food, little work, and no money.

Keywords: Cornbread; Dairy cattle; Hunting; Milk; Money; Pumpkins; Stock market crash; Sunday school; World War I

Subjects: Appalachian Region; Farm life

00:05:12 - Public mental health

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Partial Transcript: Um, how would you compare people's uh, mental health and sense of self now to years and years ago? Do you think people are--

Segment Synopsis: Goble talks about public mental health in terms of education opportunities during his youth compared to contemporary times. He says television and other technologies reduce social opportunities. He talks about his mother being overworked by raising ten children.

Keywords: Auxier (Ky.); Family life; High schools; Newport News (Va.); North Carolina; Radios; Telephones; Television; Ypsilanti (Mich.)

Subjects: Mental health; Public health

00:11:43 - Hard work of farming and household roles

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Partial Transcript: Besides having the place cleared off and stuff, um, I don't know if too many people would want to go back to farming.

Segment Synopsis: Goble talks about his love for farming as a lifestyle. He discusses his views on the equality of roles of men and women in family life. He says that he never had a quarrel with his wife during 44 years of marriage. He also discusses the marriage relationships of his parents and in-laws.

Keywords: Bible; Farming; Gender equality; Gender roles

Subjects: Family life; Marriage; Married life; Sex role--Kentucky--Van Lear; Traditional farming--Kentucky

00:15:58 - Divorce and domestic relations

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember any divorces in--with people your age and your wife's age? Any, uh, any divorce here in Auxier or when y'all were living in Michigan?

Segment Synopsis: Goble says that he was divorced from his first wife, but that he does not want to discuss that relationship. He talks about his brother-in-law's alcoholism.

Keywords: Auxier (Ky.); Coal mining; Drinking; Inez (Ky.); Spousal abuse; Student loans

Subjects: Alcoholism; Divorce; Marriage

00:19:17 - Mountain top removal

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Partial Transcript: I just heard about this uh, this week in a class of mine. It doesn't have anything to do with the olden days, but it has something to do with just what's happening right now, but have you heard of the mountain top removal?

Segment Synopsis: Goble talks about what he knows about mountaintop removal in the area, and talks about the possibility of reclaiming the land.

Keywords: Hazard (Ky.); Land reclamation; Low cost housing; Martin County (Ky.); Mineral rights; Prestonsburg (Ky.); University of Kentucky

Subjects: Mountaintop removal mining--Appalachian region; Strip mining

00:22:38 - Gender relationships and church

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Partial Transcript: Well, um, I wanted to, to ask you about--I, I really wanted to ask you about the, uh, equality of men and women and what you thought about that.

Segment Synopsis: Goble talks about the church's views on gender roles. He talks about the early circuit riders who came to preach before a permanent church was built. He talks about singing in the choir.

Keywords: Choir; Chromatic scales; Churches; Circuit riders; Gender roles; Harmony; Marriage; Preachers; Shape notes; Singing; Tuning forks

Subjects: Music; Sex role--Kentucky--Van Lear

00:26:15 - Little person in a tree

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Partial Transcript: On again, because, uh, Mr. Goble wants to tell us an experience he had when he was just a little guy about nine or ten.

Segment Synopsis: Goble tells a story about hunting with his dogs and finding a little person in a tree.

Keywords: Afraid; Chestnut trees; Dog training; Elves; Garden gnomes; Hound dogs; Little people; Mountain laurel; Opossums; Puppies; Trapping

Subjects: Hunting