Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Marjorie Castle, September 12, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Alcoholism in mining towns

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Partial Transcript: That's your whole name, Marjorie Stambo Castle. Do you think that, uh, that there was a drinking problem in the mountains, or with miners working in the mines? Can you tell me about your dad or your husband?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie Castle addresses the issue of alcohol and alcoholism in rural Appalachia. She talks about her personal experiences with alcohol abuse and her opinions on the subject.

Keywords: Automobiles; Baptism; Cancer; Childhood; Children; Depressions; Elderly; Farming; Finance,Personal; Honesty; Illness; Injuries; Parents; Religion; Safety

Subjects: Alcohol; Coal miners; Money

00:08:25 - Sexual education

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Partial Transcript: Do you feel like you knew enough about sex and enough about life when you got married?

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks about the kind of sex education she received when she was growing up. She compares it to the kind of education she gave her children.

Keywords: Children; Communication; Dating; Family; Illness; Music; Piano; Prayer; Relationships; Religion; Sex education

Subjects: Parenting; Sex; Sex instruction

00:16:17 - Religion--Children

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Partial Transcript: So with your girls how did you handle that?

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks about how she raised her children and their relationship with religion and the church. She talks about how her daughters enjoyed music in church.

Keywords: Ballads; Baptists; Breathing problems; Collection donations; Methodists; Murder; Music; Organs; Pianos; Singing; Songs

Subjects: Churches; Religion

00:25:19 - Religion--Music

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Partial Transcript: Do you go more to the Methodist Church or the Baptist Church?

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks further about music in church. She talks about her experiences as a child going to church and being exposed to music, as well as her children's similar experiences.

Keywords: Baptists; Breathing problems; Methodists; Organs; Pianos; Songs

Subjects: Churches; Collection donations; Music; Religion; Singing

00:36:12 - Married life

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Partial Transcript: What year were you married?

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks about her marriage, and she talks about what it was like being a housewife. She talks about her canning, pickling, and preserving. She also talks about what she would do for fun.

Keywords: Agriculture; Basements; Canning and preserving; Children; Churches; Clothing and dress; Coal camps; Cooking; Food; Fox hunting; Friends; Hunting; Milk; Quality of life; Recreation; Relationships; Swine

Subjects: Boyd County (Ky.); Farming; Marriage

00:45:11 - Recreation / life in Van Lear, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: You thought of something else? You said it was the best thing--

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks about a game she used to play for fun when she was younger, She also talks about different economic classes in Van Lear, Kentucky where she lived.

Keywords: Economics; Friendliness; General stores; Houses; Kindness; Kissing; Miners; Mines; Mustaches; Niceness; Social classes; Wealth

Subjects: Entertainment; Friends; Games; Recreation

00:53:49 - Van Lear, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Did uh, Van Lear have any blacks living in the town? Did Van Lear have any black people who lived in the town?

Segment Synopsis: Castle talks about racial issues in Van Lear. She talks about the opinions others held about the black population there, and tells a story about a black baby she met and how it made her react.

Keywords: Age; Babies; Children; Chores; Employment; Friends; Friendship; Husbands; Kindness; Marriage; Parents; Work

Subjects: African Americans--Social conditions; Race relations--Kentucky; Racial slurs; Segregation; Van Lear (Ky.)

GPS: Van Lear (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 37.771111, -82.758056