Interview with Ruth Trimble, October 15, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Trimble's parents and husband

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Partial Transcript: Ms. Trimble, tell me your whole name.

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about her parents. She tells the story of how she met her husband and explains why they moved to Van Lear. She talks about becoming a Christian and her husband becoming a Christian.

Keywords: Baptists; Boardinghouses; Christianity; Churches; Farming; Husband; Marriage; Moving; Oil fields; Parents; Van Lear (Ky.); Working

Subjects: Appalachian Region--Religion; Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Families.

00:10:24 - Marriage and divorce / smoking and drinking

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Partial Transcript: Uh, would your mother have said anything if you married somebody that, uh, was a Methodist or maybe had no home church?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about her mother's death and her father's remarriage. She talks about her stepmother. She says that she didn't really hear about a lot of divorce, but her sister was separated without getting a divorce. She talks about people she knew who drank and smoked.

Keywords: Alcohol use; Brothers; Divorce; Drinking; Fathers; Marriage; Mothers; Pneumonia; Sisters; Smoking; Stepmothers

Subjects: Appalachian Region--Social life and customs; Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions

00:21:35 - Mother's work / Christmas in the country / father and husband's wages

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Partial Transcript: What, uh, kinds of things would keep your mother busy all day?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about her mother working around the house and the quilting bees that the women did together. She talks about her childhood Christmases. She tells a story about one time her husband's work friends pulled a prank on him by giving him his paycheck all in one dollar bills.

Keywords: Butchering; Money; Mothers; October beans; Quilting bees; Soup beans; Stepmothers; Turkeys; Women; Women's work

Subjects: Appalachian Region--Social life and customs; Appalachians (People); Christmas--Appalachian Region

00:32:14 - Working in the mines / sex and birth control / mother, stepmother, and politics

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Partial Transcript: Um, now, so his, uh--was it your brother or his brother that lived here?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about her brother working in the mines and living with her. She says she didn't know much about sex when she married and says that she used birth control. She talks about her mother and stepmother. She explains that she and her husband didn't talk much about politics.

Keywords: Brothers; Children; Coal mines; Money; Mothers; Politics; Sex; Stepmothers; Working

Subjects: Appalachian Region; Coal miners--Kentucky--Van Lear; Families.; Married life

00:43:19 - Pneumonia, mother's death, and funerals / friendships with immigrants

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Partial Transcript: Did you know any, uh, United Mine Workers organizers?

Segment Synopsis: Trimble talks about her mother's sickness and death. She talks about their rituals for funerals and mourning. She talks about the Swedish woman that she was friends with.

Keywords: Children; Death; Foreigners; Funerals; Immigrants; Mothers; Pneumonia

Subjects: Appalachian Region; Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions