Interview with Gussie F. Johnston, October 24, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:04 - Mine officials and coal miners / local churches

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Partial Transcript: Ms. Johnston, this is our second interview here today. Uh, tell me your whole name again.

Segment Synopsis: Johnston talks about the different positions in the mines ranging from the superintendent to the coal loader. She talks about the local churches and her parents' involvement.

Keywords: African Americans; Baptists; Black people; Catholics; Churches; Class divisions; Coal loaders; Deacons; Drinking; Fire bosses; Foremen; Maintenance; Miners; Mules; Officials; Smoking; Social classes; Superintendents

Subjects: Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Coal miners; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region; Kentucky--Religion

00:11:31 - Lynching / family's role in the community / poverty in McRoberts

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember hearing anything about, um, lynching or progressivism or child labor laws?

Segment Synopsis: Johnston tells the story of a lynching that her brother witnessed. She talks about how her family was respected, and how people asked her father for advice on a variety of topics. She talks about the poorest part of McRoberts, and a Polish boy that she knew who was poor.

Keywords: Children; Class rings; Dads; Fathers; Hanging; Leisure; Piano; Polish; Poverty; Railroads

Subjects: Appalachian Region; Country life; Lynching.

00:20:53 - Johnston's parents / family's work and education / school athletics

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Partial Transcript: Do you know--how--this is personal cause it's about money, but how did your dad make enough money to provide for twelve of you all?

Segment Synopsis: Johnston talks about her parents, their work and their leisure activities. She talks about her siblings' work and education. She talks about being involved in athletics when she was in school.

Keywords: Athletics; Brothers; Business school; Dads; Fathers; High school; Mothers; News; Politics; Radios; Schools; Sisters; Sports; Teachers; Voting; Working

Subjects: Appalachian Region--Social life and customs; Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Education--Kentucky; Families.