Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Betty Ward, November 18, 1988

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Family and moving / education

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Partial Transcript: Ms. Ward, what's your whole name?

Segment Synopsis: Ward talks about her parents and grandparents moving to Kentucky from Ohio to work in the mines. She talks about going to school and how she would have liked to go to college but her family's financial situation prevented it.

Keywords: Brothers; Colleges; Fathers; Food; Grandparents; Mines; Mothers; Ohio; Parents; Schools; Sisters; Van Lear (Ky.); Working; Worries

Subjects: Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Education--Kentucky.; Families.

00:11:46 - Working / marriage, sex, and double standards

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Partial Transcript: Um, after you graduated high school, how long until you married?

Segment Synopsis: Ward talks about working in the scrip office before she married. She talks about how her parents didn't tell her anything about sex, but she found out through hearing it from other people. She talks about the double standards in gender regarding sexual matters, and discusses girls who would have sex and get pregnant out of wedlock.

Keywords: Company stores; Double standards; Facts of life; Marriage; Pregnancies; Reputations; Scrip office; Sex; Sex education

Subjects: Appalachian Region--Social life and customs; Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Mining camps; Sex discrimination against women

00:20:12 - Marriage and working

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Partial Transcript: Um, would you say that your mother and dad had a happy marriage?

Segment Synopsis: Ward talks about her parents' and grandparents' marriages and says that both her grandmother and mother took charge in their marriages, and she was also the head of her household. She worked outside the home doing janitorial work once her youngest son was in school, and says that her husband helps her with cleaning the house.

Keywords: Cleaning; Father-in-law; Fathers; Gender roles; Grandparents; Janitorial work; Managing; Mines; Mother-in-law; Mothers; Moving; Parents; Working

Subjects: Appalachians (People)--Kentucky--Social conditions; Families.; Married life