Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with William Goutley, July 27th, 1984

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:05 - Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: OK, I'm Colonel Arthur L. Kelly. It's July 27th, 1984.

Segment Synopsis: Colonel Kelly introduces WWII veteran William Goutley. Goutley served with Company D, 192nd Tank Battalion.

Keywords: 303rd Combat Engineer Battalion; 78th Infantry; Normandy invasion

00:01:49 - Before D-Day

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Partial Transcript: ...Billy, back in England, when you were there...

Segment Synopsis: He gives an account of what was going on D-Day, while he was in England.

Keywords: D-Day; England; Normandy invasion

00:10:08 - D+5

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Partial Transcript: So you loaded up then on the ships when?

Segment Synopsis: William talks about what was going on after D-Day, moving to France, and carrying the wounded back to the ships.

Keywords: D-Day; France; Normandy invasion; War injuries

00:25:36 - Battle of the Bulge

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Partial Transcript: You were there on December 19th when the Bulge started at Liege.

Segment Synopsis: He describes how the Battle of the Bulge started in Liege and his experiences fighting there.

Keywords: Battle of the Bulge; Liege (Belgium)

00:39:33 - Remagen Bridge

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Partial Transcript: As you go forward, now I want to get you up to the Remagen Bridge because this is going to be the main feature of this story.

Segment Synopsis: Goutley talks about coming upon the Remagen Bridge and the towns surrounding it. He also discusses how his convoy made it across the bridge.

Keywords: Germany; Remagen Bridge

01:00:02 - Buchenwald

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Partial Transcript: Were you aware of any of the atrocities that occurred? Did you go past any of that or see any of that?

Segment Synopsis: Goutley describes his visit to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Weimar, Germany, the burying of bodies and the interactions between prisoners and the G.I.s.

Keywords: Buchenwald; Weimar (Germany); concentration camps

01:11:18 - Celebrating the End of the War

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Partial Transcript: So after Remagen then, and the breakout at the beach head and you're going to move....

Segment Synopsis: Goutley names the different cities his convoy went through, tells how he celebrated the end of the war and where he was at that time.

Keywords: Germany

01:15:14 - Homecoming

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Partial Transcript: OK, the war ends, you celebrate, and you're going to go home. You're going home how long after the ending?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about his journey back to the United States, seeing his daughter for the first time, and his married life while deployed.

Keywords: Homecoming; Married Life

01:20:35 - Civilian Life

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Partial Transcript: Just to kind of get a little bit about your civilian and where you are right now.

Segment Synopsis: He describes his life as a civilian before and after the war, his high school experiences, playing football for the University of Kentucky, his current employment, and his family. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: College Sports; Employment; Homecoming; Secondary Education; University of Kentucky