Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Katherine H. Rollins, September 12, 1989

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Personal and family history

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Partial Transcript: Okay may I have your name please?

Segment Synopsis: Rollins talks about some of her personal background, including her education, occupation, and husband's background. She also talks about her parents background, including their education and occupations.

Keywords: First African Baptist Church (Lexington, Ky.); personal background

Subjects: African American families; African Americans--Education--Kentucky--Lexington

00:07:17 - "Kinkead town"

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Partial Transcript: What was this neighborhood called when you moved here?

Segment Synopsis: Rollins talks about what her neighborhood is like, mentioning that it is predominately black. She also talks about property that her family owns in the area.

Keywords: Black neighborhoods; Community relations; Race relations; Social activities

Subjects: African Americans--Kentucky--Lexington--Social conditions

00:12:59 - Kinkead town continued

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Partial Transcript: Now you say you were a toddler when you left there, and this property was rented out...

Segment Synopsis: Rollins continues to talk about the Kincaid town neighborhood. She also mentions what the houses in the area were like. She mentions some of the food that local businessmen would come by with, including fruit, vegetables, and meat.

Keywords: Family property; Gardens; Grocery stores; Kinkead town; Refrigeration

Subjects: African Americans--Kentucky--Lexington--Social conditions

00:20:37 - Medicines / various places of employment

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Partial Transcript: You remember any home remedies?

Segment Synopsis: Rollins mentions a home remedy, different medicines and some of the occupations of the people in the community.

Keywords: Ammonia; Community support; Home remedies; Medicine chest

Subjects: African Americans--Employment--Kentucky--Lexington

00:26:11 - Moving houses / community

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Partial Transcript: This place over next door here, when I was a little girl...

Segment Synopsis: Rollins talks about a house from her neighborhood that was moved by the city to another street. She mentions that they were going to move her house, but she protested and they decided to leave it. She also mentions the affluence of some of the neighborhood's families.

Keywords: Black neighborhoods; Demographics; Social classes

Subjects: African Americans--Kentucky--Lexington--Social conditions

00:32:53 - Teaching career

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Partial Transcript: Didn't think much about it and went away to college and then came back here...

Segment Synopsis: Rollins talks about teaching at various schools in Kentucky, mainly in Lexington. [The interview is concluded]

Keywords: City schools; Teaching; WPA

Subjects: African Americans--Education--Kentucky--Lexington