Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Barbara B. Stanley, March 24, 1990

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Stanley's grandmother and her siblings / living through the Great Depression

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Partial Transcript: This is Nola Hadley. I'm interviewing Barbara Stanley in her home in Cincinnati, Ohio...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her grandmother and her siblings. She tells how her grandmother dealt with her family's poverty during the Great Depression.

Keywords: Aramenta Britain (??); Breakfasts; Brothers; Clothes; Clothing; Cornbread; Death; Frank Britain; Grandparents; Mothers; Nathaniel Britain; Principals; Sewing; Sisters; Soup beans

Subjects: Children; Depressions 1929--Kentucky; Depressions--1929; Education; Harlan County (Ky.); Teachers; Wallins Creek (Ky.)

00:07:48 - Stanley's great-grandparents / her great-grandfather's stories

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Partial Transcript: Do you, did, uh, any of your family members on that side say anything about their parents in the Civil War or Reconstruction?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley discusses her great-grandparents, their way of speaking, and her great-grandfather's stories. She shares several of these stories.

Keywords: Babies; Clothing; Corn; Grandfathers; Grandmothers; Grandparents; Great-grandparents; Horses; Mountain lions; Phrases; Sam Scott; Spittoons; Stories; Words; Yancey (Ky.)

Subjects: Families; Harlan County (Ky.); Indians of North America; Linguistic geography; Snuff; Storytelling; Tales; Television; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865

00:16:16 - Stanley's father's side of the family

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Partial Transcript: Uh, how about your father's side of the family?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her father's family, her grandparents' education, and how they came to Harlan County, Kentucky.

Keywords: Accountants; College graduates; Crowder family; Grandfathers; Grandmothers; Southern Baptists; White Star (Ky.); William Alexander

Subjects: Education; Genealogy; Harlan (Ky); University of Kentucky

00:19:54 - How Stanley's parents met / their religious and political views

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Partial Transcript: Well, let's bring, bring you a little bit forward in time about your parents. Do you have any idea how your parents met?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley shares how her parents met. She briefly discusses their religious and political views.

Keywords: Dependency; Fathers; Methodists; Mothers; Mules; Parents; Telephones

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University; Parenting; Religion; Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ); Sex role; Teachers; Wallins Creek (Ky.)

GPS: Wallins Creek (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.830791,-83.416615
00:24:00 - Stanley's mother's education / Rio Vista, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Could you describe a little bit about um... I guess I'm, I'm a little confu, your mother worked before she got married?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her mother's educational background, and her work as a teacher. She also talks about growing up in Rio Vista, a suburb of Harlan, Kentucky.

Keywords: Houses; Loyal (Ky.); Mothers; Rio Vista (Ky.)

Subjects: Children; Education; Harlan (Ky.); Harlan County (Ky.); Teachers; Teaching; Union College (Barbourville, Ky.)

GPS: Rio Vista (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.845216,-83.35855
00:27:03 - Family life / chores / celebrating holidays

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Partial Transcript: Well I guess before I go into school, I wanna ask you everything...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her family life when she was growing up, her chores, and family holidays and celebrations.

Keywords: Chores; Cleaning; Conversations; Dinners; Discussions; Family reunions; Meals; Mealtimes; Reunions

Subjects: Christmas; Cooking; Dishwashing; Families; Suppers; Thanksgiving

00:31:05 - Stanley's relationships with her sisters / early education

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Partial Transcript: In terms of your relationships with your sisters, was there, uh, were you closer to one than the other?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her relationships with her sisters, and her early school experiences, teachers, and classmates.

Keywords: Classmates; Desks; Elementary schools; Loyal (Ky.); Mrs. Davies; Peace in the Valley (song); Schoolmates; Sisters

Subjects: Education; Education, Elementary; Families; Schools; Teachers

00:35:53 - Family prejudice against lower class people / childhood friends

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Partial Transcript: Well, I guess, kind of along the same lines, um, did your family ever express anything about people of different backgrounds, like different race or ethnic...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley describes her family's prejudice against people of lower social classes, especially those whom they felt didn't work for a living. She also talks about her childhood friends.

Keywords: Friends; Grandmothers; Income; Mothers; Poor people; Welfare; Working

Subjects: Depressions--1929--Kentucky; Poor; Poverty; Public welfare; Schools; Social classes; Work ethic

00:41:14 - School activities / music / dating

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Partial Transcript: So, did you do extracurricular...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley remembers activities she participated in when she was a young girl, including musical activities, dating, and dancing.

Keywords: Beta club; Concerts; Dancing lessons; Dating; Etiquette; Expression; Musettes; Music lessons; Piano; Piano lessons; Shape note singing; Sock hops

Subjects: Clubs; Dances; Dating (Social customs); Music; Singers; Student activities

00:47:19 - Sex education as a child / attending college

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Partial Transcript: So here you were growing up in the, in the fifties...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley states that her mother taught her about sex when she was nine years old. She also talks about attending Centre College, and her desire to move to New York to be an actor.
[there is a break in the recording]

Keywords: College; College majors; Goals; Prejudice; Sex education

Subjects: Acting; Centre College (Danville, Ky.); Drama; New York (N.Y.); Prejudices; Sex; Sex instruction; Theater

00:55:46 - Living in New York City / advertising work

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Partial Transcript: So, after graduating, you knew right away you were going to...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about moving to New York in the 1960's, her family's reaction to this, and why she liked living there. She describes her advertising work there.

Keywords: Advertising; Anonymity; Apartments; Coca Cola; Contracts; Fathers; Mothers; Small towns; Towns; Typing; World's Fair

Subjects: Apartment houses; Beatles; Hippies; New York (N.Y.)

GPS: New York (N.Y.)
Map Coordinates: 40.712915,-74.008026
01:01:36 - Wedding and first marriage

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Partial Transcript: So, so, and, and at what point in there were you married?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley remembers meeting her first husband, and their wedding. She stresses their poverty in the early days of their marriage, and states that her husband was in the Army, but was never sent to Vietnam.

Keywords: Churches; Daughters; Furniture; Husbands; Jobs; Presents; Weddings

Subjects: Husband and wife; Marriage; Medicine, Military; New York (N.Y.); Poverty; Queens (New York, N.Y.); United States. Army; Vietnam War, 1961-1975

01:05:04 - Work as a music school director / homesickness

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Partial Transcript: Then, when were you the, the piano teacher?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about teaching piano, and getting a job as the director of a conservatory in New York City. She also touches on her homesickness when she was living there.

Keywords: Contracts; Directors; Documentaries; Grandmothers; Harvard Conservatory (??); Houses; Money; Mothers; Piano; School directors; Teaching; Teaching piano

Subjects: Diligence; Harlan County, U.S.A. (Moving-Pictures); Homesickness--United States

01:10:03 - The birth of Stanley's first child / Stanley's closeness with her sisters

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Partial Transcript: I want to kind of change gears a little bit...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about the birth of her first child, at Booth Memorial Hospital. She talks briefly about how close she and her sisters have always been.

Keywords: Babies; Booth Memorial Hospital; Cousins; Daughters; Mothers; Sisters

Subjects: Breastfeeding; Childbirth; New York (N.Y.)

01:13:51 - Decision to leave New York City

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Partial Transcript: Okay, well let's go back to... kind of following a chronology.

Segment Synopsis: Stanley shares why she closed the music conservatory she ran in New York City, and her reasons for deciding to leave New York.
[there is a break in the recording]

Keywords: Conservatories; Directors; Fire marshalls; Music schools; Parents; School directors; Therapy

Subjects: Divorce; Divorced women; Harlan County (Ky.); New York (N.Y.)

01:18:04 - Finding work in Cincinnati / writing an article about integration

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Partial Transcript: During the years between your divorce and...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about moving to Cincinnati and finding work there. She also discusses an article that she wrote about integration while she was in high school in the 1950's.

Keywords: Custody; Daughters; Emerson College; Integration; Newspapers; Writing

Subjects: Apartment Houses; Cincinnati (Ohio); Divorced women; Harlan County (Ky.); Journalism; Segregation

01:22:17 - Dealing with personal prejudices / Kentucky, New York, and segregation

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Partial Transcript: What about, uh, how did you channel that civil rights?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley discusses her struggles with prejudice, especially against African Americans. She describes segregation in Kentucky, contrasted with the unsegregated culture of New York City.

Keywords: Advertising agencies; Integration; Newspapers; Social security

Subjects: African Americans; Civil rights movements--United States; New York (N.Y.); Prejudices; Segregation; Stereotypes (Social psychology)

01:29:15 - Career as a journalist / finding work at the Contemporary Art Center

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Partial Transcript: Um, that was a newspaper for the Episcopal Di, Diocese?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her work as a journalist, then tells how she left the profession to work as an accountant. She states that she had no experience in accounting, so this was difficult.
[there is a break in the recording]

Keywords: Accountants; Apartheid; Awards; Books; Cincinnati Editors' Association Award; Computers; Money; Writing

Subjects: Accounting; Catholics; Cincinnati (Ohio); Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio); Journalism; Newspapers

01:36:28 - A controversy at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati

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Partial Transcript: Do you wanna say some about, um, what's happening at the Contemporary Arts Center here? For the tape?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about a controversy over an upcoming (1990) exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe's work at the Contemporary Arts Center, where she works. She gives her own views on the topic of censorship.

Keywords: Art shows; Citizens for Community Values; Controversies; Corcoran Gallery of Art; Creative expression; Funding; Jesse Helms; National Endowment for the Arts; Principles; Robert Mapplethorpe

Subjects: Art--Exhibitions; Censorship; Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio)

GPS: Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 39.102907,-84.512157
01:41:31 - Work with the Urban Appalachian Council

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Partial Transcript: Ask about um, your connection to the Northside Community School...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her work with the Urban Appalachian Council, and her views on the Appalachian people who live in Cincinnati.

Keywords: "Hillbillies"; Journals; Northside Community School (Cincinnati, Ohio); Prejudice; Work; Writing

Subjects: Appalachians (People); Cincinnati (Ohio); Mountain people; Prejudices; Public welfare; Urban Appalachian Council; Women

01:46:42 - Welfare and assimilation of Appalachians

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Partial Transcript: And this goes right back to that whole work thing.

Segment Synopsis: Stanley shares her views on people living off of welfare, and on work ethic. She states that many people whose parents and grandparents were from Appalachia have not assimilated into the culture of Cincinnati.

Keywords: Accents; Assimilation; Culture; Working

Subjects: Accents and accentuation; Appalachians (People); Public welfare; Work ethic

01:48:59 - Self-identification as Appalachian / discrimination / the Urban Appalachian Council

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Partial Transcript: Wou, would you say some more about that? I know when we were talking you said your mother had strong feelings about...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley discusses her identity as an Appalachian person, and describes the discrimination against Appalachians. She also talks about the Urban Appalachian Council, and her hopes for its future.

Keywords: Cultural identity centers; Fathers; Heritage centers; Jokes; Mothers; Pride; Social services; UAC

Subjects: Appalachians (People); Discrimination; Stereotypes (Social psychology); Urban Appalachian Council

01:54:36 - Stanley's divorces / traveling within the United States

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Partial Transcript: I guess the only area I really haven't touched on, um, is, is some of your travel.

Segment Synopsis: Stanley talks about her two divorces. She mentions many of the places she has visited within the United States.

Keywords: California; Cultural attitudes; Culture; Fathers; Florida; Husbands; Mothers; National Geographic; Parents; Sisters; Southerners; Traveling; Vacations

Subjects: Divorce; Marriage; Travel; United States

01:59:31 - Traveling in Europe / a religious experience / Australia

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Partial Transcript: So, what, what took you to Europe, and where did you go?

Segment Synopsis: Stanley mentions some of the places she has visited in Europe. She also discusses having a religious experience while she was visiting some catacombs. She talks about visiting Australia.

Keywords: Appian Way; Bullfighting; Bullfights; Charles Gounod; France; Giacomo Puccini; Italy; Milan (Italy); Music educators; Ostia Antica (Italy); Paris (France); Roads; Rome (Italy); Switzerland; Tiles

Subjects: Australia; Catacombs; Europe; Music; Religion; Revelation

02:06:43 - Thoughts on the women's movement / gender differences / Stanley's daughter's generation

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Partial Transcript: I only have about two other questions.

Segment Synopsis: Stanley shares her views on the women's movement, and on the differences between men and women. She also talks about the difference between hers and her daughter's generations.

Keywords: Choices; Conservatism; Daughters; Hormones; Mothers; Phil Donahue; Relationships; Transgender; Values; Women's movement

Subjects: Divorce; Feminism

02:12:11 - Gender roles in Stanley's family / closing thoughts on being Appalachian

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Partial Transcript: Um, the only other question I have is uh, between your parents, you just, uh, shared that you reached a point with your husband where you divided work...

Segment Synopsis: Stanley discusses gender roles in her family when she was growing up. She talks about being Appalachian, and her Appalachian pride. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Cooking; Cornbread; Fathers; Laundry; Mothers; Parents; Prejudice; Pride; Punishment; Soup beans

Subjects: Appalachians (People); Discipline of children; Discrimination; Prejudices; Sex role; Stereotypes (Social psychology)