Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Daniel E. Fowler, July 28, 1982

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - BLANK BLANK BLANK 00:00:55 - W.T. Fowler's involvement in railroads, distilleries, and politics

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, uh. A lot of that I don't have. Where did you get this?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel E. Fowler talks about his father, W. T. Fowler, mentioning his father's involvement in the railroad business, Whiskey business, and politics.

Keywords: Congressional race; County judge; Employment; F&C Railroad; Judge Lewis; Judge Williams; L&N Railroad; Lawyer; Old Lewis Hunter Distillery; Prohibition; Railroad acquisition and politics; Whiskey distillery

Subjects: Christian County (Ky.); Frankfort and Cincinnati Railroad Company--History; Franklin County (Ky.); Georgetown (Ky.); Kentucky--Elections; Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company; Politicians; Whiskey--Kentucky--History

00:11:13 - Family land in Christian County / employment ventures

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Partial Transcript: He grew up on a, about a 1,000 acre farm in northwestern Christian County.

Segment Synopsis: Fowler talks about the land that his father owned in Christian County, mentioning that it was also where he grew up. He also mentions some of his father's political and employment ventures, mentioning some of his work as a lawyer.

Keywords: Attorney General's office; Court cases; Dr. Amos case; Family home; Golf course; Involvement in politics; Judge Dawson; Land ownership; Presidential campaign; Resettlement administration; Rough terrain; Selling land; Tanbark; W.T. Fowler (father)

Subjects: Christian County (Ky.); Gas; Hopkinsville (Ky.); Lawyers--Kentucky; Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park (Ky.); Timber--Kentucky

00:22:26 - W.T. Fowler's Personality

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Partial Transcript: Well is there anything you can tell me about his style or tactics as an attorney...

Segment Synopsis: Daniel E. Fowler discusses his father's demeanor and his public speaking abilities.

Keywords: Public speaker

Subjects: Dairy; Farmers.; Hopkinsville (Ky.); Kentucky--History; Lawyers--Kentucky; Sheep

00:26:16 - W.T. Fowler's papers

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Partial Transcript: Are any of his papers--or that come from this time period...

Segment Synopsis: Daniel E. Fowler talks about the possibility of his father's papers being with his sister in Lexington, Ky.

Keywords: Fowler Papers; Home; South Ashland

Subjects: Archives; Lexington (Ky.)

00:28:07 - W.T. Fowler's Law Clients/Cases

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Partial Transcript: What, what were the nature of his clients, in general, would you say?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel E. Fowler talks about the types of clients his father represented.

Keywords: Charlie Lamb case; Court cases; Law clients; Political affiliations; Sheriff's race

Subjects: Clients and attorneys; Elections; Fayette County (Ky.); Lawyers--Kentucky

00:35:38 - Night Riders Case / Dr. Amos

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Partial Transcript: There were four I think

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer gives Daniel E. Fowler information about his father's role in the Night Rider Case involving Dr. Amos.

Keywords: Judge Bush; March 1911; T. P. Cook, Circuit Judge

Subjects: Black Patch War, 1906-1909