Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Tina Cook, May 31, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:18 - Cook's family and childhood

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Partial Transcript: This is Elizabeth Albert on May 31st, 1991, and I'm about to interview Mrs. Tina Cook in her home.

Segment Synopsis: Tina Cook talks about her family and growing up in Caney, Kentucky. She is the oldest of twelve children and was raised in her father's first house. She talks about going to school, and her father's work.

Keywords: Babies; Brothers; Chickens; Family; Farmers; Fathers; Gardens; Hogs; Knott County (Ky.); Mothers; Parents; School; Sisters; Vegetables

Subjects: Country life; Education--Kentucky.; Families.; Family farms; Farms, small; Gardening

00:07:39 - Marrying and building a house and farm

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Partial Transcript: So whe, when did you meet Arnold and where, did he live over there too, in Knott County?

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about meeting her husband. She talks about the house that her husband built when they were first married and the farm that they had at that first house.

Keywords: Building; Butter; Cabbage; Cattle; Chickens; Children; Corn; Cream; Farming; Feeding; Food; Fruit trees; Gardens; Hogs; Houses; Husbands; Milking; Moving; Potatoes; Preserving; Produce; Schools; Selling; Vegetables

Subjects: Agriculture--Appalachian Region; Family farms; Farms, small; Gardening--Appalachian Region

00:21:13 - Visiting family and moving

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Partial Transcript: Now, when you lived here in this first house, most of your family was still back in Knott County, is that right, or?

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about visiting her and her husband's families. She talks about her husband working in Seco and moving away. She talks about gardening and raising livestock.

Keywords: Animals; Cattle; Coal camps; Daughters; Family; Hired help; Machine shops; Meals; Moving; Seco (Ky.); Vegetables; Visiting; Working

Subjects: Families.; Farms, small.; Gardening--Appalachian Region

00:30:36 - Moving to Thornton / differences in Thornton and Seco gardens / getting help on the farm

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Partial Transcript: So how long did you live there in, in Seco?

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about moving from Seco. She talks about her husband retiring from the machine shop, and the differences between their gardens in Seco and Thornton. She talks about canning and pickling vegetables.

Keywords: Barns; Canning; Children; Corn; Farming; Hay; Hired help; Machine shop; Moving; Pickling; Selling; Working

Subjects: Agriculture--Appalachian Region; Country life; Families.; Gardening--Appalachian Region

00:42:09 - Cook's children / technology and electricity

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Partial Transcript: What kinds of, um, chores did your kids do, did you have them do chores every day or were there certain things that they had to do?

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about the chores that her children did. She talks about having electricity, television, and radio. She talks about the church she went to in Knott County, and keeping milk cold before refrigerators.

Keywords: Appliances; Boys; Children; Chores; Community; Daughters; Electricity; Machinery; Marriage; Milking; Moving; Neighbors; Old Regular Baptists; Radio; Refrigerator; School; Socializing; Television; Wells; Working

Subjects: Churches--Kentucky; Country life; Families.; Mining camps.

00:56:10 - Community involvement and social life / raising a garden and making soap

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me about any organizations you were involved in, I know you said the church was important to you and you kept going to Knott County.

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about her involvement in the community and going to church in Knott County. She talks about the few crops that she and her husband sold and about working together in the garden. She explains the process of making soap from hog fat.

Keywords: Charity; Church; Eggs; Making soap; Meetings; Organizations; Pumpkins; Rendering fat; Selling; Soap; Socializing; Trading; Vegetables; Women's clubs

Subjects: Agriculture--Appalachian Region; Churches--Kentucky; Country life; Family farms; Farms, small; Gardening--Appalachian Region

01:04:07 - Land and houses / horseback libraries

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Partial Transcript: When you were young, do you remember what you wanted to do when you grew up, did you have any, any hopes or dreams about what you wanted to do?

Segment Synopsis: Cook explains that she didn't think much when she was young about what she wanted to be when she grew up and talks about her and her husband's decision to farm. She talks about the house that her husband built and about heating it with a fireplace and wood stoves. She talks about working for a horseback library where she would ride around the area and lend books to people.

Keywords: Appliances; Books; Brothers; Buying; Family; Farming; Fireplaces; Goals; Growing up; Heating; Horseback libraries; Houses; Husband; Land; Marriage; Moving; Quilting; Quilts; Reading; Rooms; Wood stoves; Working

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Country life; Family farms; Farms, small.; Housing--Appalachian Region

01:15:55 - Average day on the farm / the farming lifestyle and managing finances

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Partial Transcript: So on an, on an average day when you lived on the farm, what would you do when you got up and, would you cook a breakfast for people or?

Segment Synopsis: Cook talks about a typical day on the farm and talks about the differences between the chores that her sons and daughters did. She discusses her opinions on the farming lifestyle and talks about managing finances on the farm.

Keywords: Boys; Breakfast; Children; Chores; Daughters; Dishes; Family; Farming; Finances; Girls; Hogs; Milking; Saving; Shortening; Sons; Working; cooking

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Families.; Family farms; Farms, small