Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Donna Cox, June 6, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:14 - Childhood in the country

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Partial Transcript: This is June 6th, and this is Elizabeth Albert, I'm about to interview Donna Cox.

Segment Synopsis: Cox talks about her parents' upbringing and talks about her father working in the mines. She talks about her brother and sisters reading as children and talks about the chores that they did. She describes the house where she grew up.

Keywords: Bedrooms; Brothers; Canning; Chickens; Chores; Coal miners; Coal mines; Cousins; Fathers; Gardens; Grandparents; Mothers; Parents; Reading; Responsibilities; Sisters; Union strikes; Well water; Working

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Coal mines and mining--Appalachian Region; Families.; Family farms; Gardening

00:13:11 - Education and marriage / more about childhood in the country

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Partial Transcript: Now, um, you grew up and you went to this high school and then did you go away to college or?

Segment Synopsis: Cox recounts her education and where she lived. She remembers growing up in a very close-knit community. Her father was part of the United Mine Workers and had good healthcare. She talks about the country doctor that her family went to. She talks about playing with her sisters and babysitting.

Keywords: Agriculture; Babysitting; Changes; Children; Community; Construction; Doctors; Hay; Health care; High school; Husbands; Land; Memories; Moving; Neighborhoods; Neighbors; Parenting; Playing; Sickness; Teaching; United Mine Workers; Working

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Childhood; Country life; Education, Secondary.; Family farms; Farms, small.; Gardening--Appalachian Region

00:23:04 - Differences in child raising / houses and careers

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Partial Transcript: Well you mentioned that you think that kids are different these days and parenting is a little different and you were talking a little bit about how your mom was.

Segment Synopsis: Cox reflects on the differences between how she was raised and how her own children are raised and what she has noticed in her high school students. She talks about the different houses she and her husband lived in. She talks about teaching and the money she made starting out and now. She talks about her sisters' education and careers.

Keywords: Children; Chores; Coal mines; Death; Girls; Houses; Mothers; Raising children; Teaching; Trailers

Subjects: Children; Education, Higher--Kentucky; Families.; High school teaching -- Kentucky; Parenting

00:33:29 - Building a house and raising livestock / Cox's children's activities

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Partial Transcript: Now, when you built, did, did your husband build this house?

Segment Synopsis: Cox talks about building their house and the barn, corn crib, and livestock buildings. She talks about raising chickens and pigs. She talks about the different activities that her children are involved in.

Keywords: 4-H clubs; Barns; Basketball; Building houses; Canning; Chickens; Corn cribs; Foxes; Music; Ponies; Retirement

Subjects: Farm buildings; Housing; Livestock--Appalachian region

00:40:25 - Preserving food, sewing, and having pets

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Partial Transcript: What other kinds of things, um, talking about back when you were a kid did you do, canning you did outside, any other kinds of preservation methods--

Segment Synopsis: Cox talks about the different ways they preserved food when she was growing up. She talks about different sewing and embroidery projects she and her sisters worked on growing up. She talks about having lots of different pets growing up and the animals she and her family own now.

Keywords: Animals; Apples; Calves; Canning; Cattle; Cellars; Children; Conservation; Cows; Daughters; Embroidery; Fruit trees; Grandmothers; Mothers; Opossums; Ponies; Preservation; Reading; Sewing; Sisters; Squirrels

Subjects: Animals; Clothing and dress.; Country life; Families.; Livestock--Appalachian region

00:53:45 - Running a farm with the kids

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Partial Transcript: Now, you, um, you got one cow after another, when did you start, did you start growing your own corn to feed them right away or?

Segment Synopsis: Cox talks about growing corn and hay and raising livestock. She talks about growing tobacco, their pet cats, and her children's roles in the farm.

Keywords: Cats; Cattle; Corn; Hay; Pigs; Tobacco; Tractors

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Family farms; Farm equipment; Farms, small.; Livestock--Appalachian region

01:00:35 - Changes in the agricultural industry / organic gardening

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Partial Transcript: What do you think about farming as a way of life, um, both in the past and the now, how do you think that's changed?

Segment Synopsis: Cox talks about how she has seen agriculture change and what she sees for the future of agriculture. She shares her opinions on pesticides and fertilizer and explains that they try to garden organically. She talks about how she would like to see her children go on to work in agriculture. She talks about selling their produce and livestock and giving away their excess produce.

Keywords: Antibiotics; Canning; Changes; Fertilizer; Labor; Pesticides; Technology; Tractors

Subjects: Agriculture--Appalachian Region; Family farms; Gardening--Appalachian Region; Organic farming--Kentucky