Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Sara Ellen Ison, July 24, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Early life and family

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview with Mrs. Sara Ison on July 24th, 1991, and the interviewer is Elizabeth Albert. Okay, if we could just, um, start by having you tell me a little bit about your family, your parents, what their names are, and where they're from.

Segment Synopsis: Sara Ison introduces herself and talks about her early family life. She talks about how her family farmed and the responsibilities she shared with her siblings around the farm. She also talks about school and how much harder it was for her to go to school than her kids.

Keywords: Family; Farming; Fears; Marriage; School buses; Schools; Stepchildren; Working

Subjects: Agriculture; Brothers and sisters; Children; Parents

00:08:02 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: Well how old were you when you married?

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about her marriage and her life after being married. She talks about how she and her husband manage their land in relation to their families.

Keywords: Cooking; Inheritance and succession.; School buses; Schools; Working

Subjects: Children; Coal mines and mining; Marriage

00:14:03 - Family farm management

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Partial Transcript: Now tell me, when, when you first got married you said you moved into this two room house. And now where was that?

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about what it is like to manage a family and a farm, she talks about how she and her husband divide the land among their families, and how they make a living.

Keywords: Brothers and sisters; Children; Parents; Stepchildren

Subjects: Cotton; Family; Family farms--Management; Inheritance and succession; Real estate management; Strip mining

00:23:12 - Farming

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Partial Transcript: Now, of this, um, 102 and a fraction acres was it mostly hillside, or?

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about the her father's farm and the kinds of crops that they grew in their orchard. She also talks about the animals they kept on the farm and how they took care of them.

Keywords: Apple trees; Beef; Berries; Breast cancer; Butchers; Butter; Cows; Eggs; Farm animals; Milk; Peach trees; Pears; Plums; Swine

Subjects: Agriculture; Family; Family farms; Family farms--Management; Gardening

00:31:14 - Growing up on a farm

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever have to go to the store to buy anything when you were younger?

Segment Synopsis: Ison describes her life when she was a child living on her parents' farm. She talks about the kinds of responsibilities she had to take care of.

Keywords: Apples; Brothers and sisters; Chores; Coal; Cooking; Family; Farm life; Farming; Fires; Firewood; Happiness; Mules; Responsibilities; Trust; Vegetables

Subjects: Agriculture; Childhood; Food; Gardening

00:39:25 - Music and dancing

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Partial Transcript: And then we would, um--as we growed older--got grown--we thought we was grown, and, uh, we would have, uh, dances.

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about what she and her brothers and sisters would do for fun as they were growing up. She talks about the dances that would be held at various family properties in the area around her. She also talks about her strong interest in music growing up.

Keywords: Banjo and guitar music; Banjos; Brothers and sisters; Christianity; Faith; Games; Guitars; Music; Musical instruments; Parties; Shoes; Singing; Soap; Songs

Subjects: Community; Dancing

00:44:56 - Childhood chores

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Partial Transcript: Now who, who made soap when you were growing up? Did your mom do that?

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about her chores as a child, and how she, her sister, and her mother would all do the laundry together. She also talks about first getting electricity to her home.

Keywords: Beds; Cellars; Children; Electricity; Furniture; Houses; Kitchens; Mines; Obedience; Snakes; Soap; Stoves; Woodworking; Working

Subjects: Chores; Cleaning; Laundry

00:54:10 - Childhood memories

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Partial Transcript: You said you had, um, let's see feather beds and then corn--

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about her childhood and the feather beds she used to sleep on. She talks about memories from her childhood and how happy she was as a child. Ison also talks about the kinds of gifts she would receive as a child for Christmas and how happy those would make her.

Keywords: Age; Apples; Beds; Christmas; Community; Dancing; Entertainment; Family; Geese; Gifts; Happiness; Memories; Neighbors; Singing; Toys; Weddings; Working

Subjects: Brothers and sisters; Children; Marriage

01:03:41 - Grandparents

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Partial Transcript: What do you remember about your grandparents?

Segment Synopsis: Ison talks about her memories of her grandparents. She talks about how close she was to them.

Keywords: Faith; Love; Religion; Singing

Subjects: Family; Grandparents