Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Henrietta Link, Al Link, July 31, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Al Link's family and career

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Partial Transcript: This is Al Link being interviewed by Zack Lewton on July 31st, 1991.

Segment Synopsis: Al Link talks about his parents. He talks about working on a cattle ranch in Florida. He talks about farming in Harlan County, Kentucky and the accomplishments in agriculture that he and his wife achieved. [Henrietta Link contributes to the interview as well]

Keywords: Baptists; Beef; Breeding; Cattle; Coal mines; College; Family; Fathers; Floods; Florida; Harvest; Hay; Hay balers; Marriage; Mothers; Parents; Pine trees; Planting; Ranches; Schools; Tipples; Tractors; Tree farms; Working

Subjects: Agriculture.; Coal mines and mining; Families.

00:09:49 - Al Link's work and education

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Partial Transcript: What year were you born?

Segment Synopsis: Al Link talks about the attitudes that his parents raised him and his siblings to have. He talks about working on a cattle ranch in Florida as a teenager. He talks about his parents moving to Florida from Kentucky.

Keywords: Baptists; Brothers; Childhood; Chores; College; Cows; Family; Fathers; Feeding; Florida; Gardens; Growing up; Heifers; Hogs; Horses; Jobs; Korean war; Livestock; Milking; Ministers; Siblings; Sisters; Summers; Work ethic; Working

Subjects: Beef cattle.; Education, Higher; Families.; Ranches.

00:21:33 - Growing up in rural Florida

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Partial Transcript: Well tell me about your, your parents. Now you said that you always kept a small garden and--

Segment Synopsis: Al Link talks about his family life growing up. He talks about his siblings, their work and education, and the chores they did. He talks about life in rural Florida.

Keywords: Brothers; Children; Chores; College; Farming; Father; Florida; Frogs; G. I. Bill; Gardens; Grades; Korean war; Money; Mother; Njurse; Parents; Piano lesssons; Ranches; School; Siblings; Sisters; Work; Yard work

Subjects: Country life; Families.

00:28:45 - Going to school, getting married, and starting a life together

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Partial Transcript: Okay now tell me--let's get on to your later life. Now, first te, tell me again a little more about how you met your wife?

Segment Synopsis: Al and Henrietta Link talk about how they met and got married. They talk about their decision to stay in Kentucky, and Henrietta talks about her work.

Keywords: Children; Classes; Courting; Cumberland College; Emergency certification; Florida; Kentucky; Korean War veterans; Marriage; Schools; Speech class; Teaching; Veterans; Wife; Wives

Subjects: Education, Higher; Families.; Married life

00:39:27 - Henrietta Link's parents

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Partial Transcript: Well tell me a little bit more about, about your parents, now. What kinds of chores did you do around the house?

Segment Synopsis: Henrietta Link talks about how her parents raised her and about their emphasis on education. She talks about growing up as an only child.

Keywords: Chores; Engineering; Fathers; Gardens; Mothers; Parents; Siblings; Sleeping arrangements; University of Kentucky

Subjects: Education, Higher; Families.

00:42:51 - First house and farm land / arson

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Partial Transcript: Well anyway, okay, tell, tell me a little bit more about your first house that you built. Did you build it, or?

Segment Synopsis: Al and Henrietta Link talk about their first house and farm. Al talks about growing corn and silage on their first farm. They talk about losing their barn and hay to arson and having to tear gas their house to get the arsonist out.

Keywords: Barn; Farms; Fireplaces; Fires; Hallways; Hay; Houses; Land; Money; Rooms; Silage; Tear gas; Tractors

Subjects: Arson; Farm equipment; Farms, small; Housing

00:51:23 - Raising children / agricultural economy

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Partial Transcript: Okay now let's, let's get a little bit about how you raised y--what, what were some things that you all tried to instill into your children as far bringing them up.

Segment Synopsis: Al and Henrietta Link talk about the values that they tried to teach their children, and Henrietta's father's role in their upbringing. They talk about how finances prevent them from farming as much as they want and how the economic conditions of Harlan County do not allow for people to make money from farming.

Keywords: Changes; Chores; College; Corn; Economy; Farm hands; Farming; Finances; Future; Growing crops; Highways; Hogs; Housekeepers; Land; Market; Moving; Railroads; Raising children; School; Sons; Welfare; Work ethic

Subjects: Agriculture--Economic aspects; Family farms--Finance; Parenting