Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with John H. Preston, August 6, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Thoughts on farming

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Partial Transcript: This is John Preston being interviewed by Zach Lewton on August 6th, 1991. Okay if you would, um, just gonna ask you what you think about farming as a way of life? Especially out here in the mountains.

Segment Synopsis: John Preston gives his thoughts on farming as a way of life. He talks about how he became involved in farming and his personal history and education.

Keywords: Beans; Canning and preserving; Chickens; Eggs; Employment; Gardening; Letcher County (Ky.); Martin County (Ky.); Parents; Potatoes; Quality of life; Swine; Teaching; University of Kentucky; Welding

Subjects: Agriculture; Country life.; Farm life.

GPS: Letcher County (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 37.12535099999999,-82.8640623
00:07:07 - Farming experiences

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Partial Transcript: Well, would you say that you, you love farming?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about his experiences with farming. He talks about the kinds of things he grew and raised.

Keywords: Angioplasty; Beans; Cattle; Communities; Crop rotation; Economics; Education; Employment; Fruit; Gardening; Health; Marriage; Money; Neighbors; Rye; Surgery; Tomatoes; Wives

Subjects: Agriculture

00:15:31 - Gardening

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Partial Transcript: Well I noticed this copy of "Organic Gardening" here. Do you read that, or?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about the smaller projects he and his wife work on, such as gardening and preserving. He talks about the kinds of plants he grows in his gardens and the kinds of jellies and jams his wife would make.

Keywords: Beans; Berries; Canning and preserving; Corn; Fertilizer; Fruit; Jams; Jellies; Preservatives; Raspberries; Taste; Weeds

Subjects: Agriculture; Gardening

00:23:28 - Raising his son

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Partial Transcript: Okay well let's change topics a little bit and tell me about raising up your son and just anything you remember about making him do chores, or what he liked to do.

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about raising his son and the methods he used to raise him the way he wanted. He talked about trying to instill his son with a good work ethic and make him tough.

Keywords: Boxing; Boy Scouts; Doctors; Employment; Fighting; Grandparents; High School; Hospitals; Masculinity; Wounds and injuries

Subjects: Childhood; Children; Parenting

00:31:05 - Being a grandparent

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about that. So what sorts of things has he said about how he was raised and how he'd raise his kids. Has he said anything about that?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about his son as a parent. He talks about comparing his childhood and the responsibilities he had to his son and grandson.

Keywords: Cars; Coal; College; Cooking; Cows; Economics; Employment; Family; Grandchildren; Interpersonal relations.; Responsibilities; School

Subjects: Children; Parenting

00:39:16 - Marriage and relationships

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Partial Transcript: How come they didn't want her to marry young?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about marriage and relationships of his family members and himself. He then goes on to talk about his experience working with engineers and learning valuable trades through work and night classes.

Keywords: Adulthood; Biology; College; Dating; Education; Employment; Engineers; High school; Independence; Math; Money; Night classes; Savings; Technical drawing; Welding

Subjects: Age; Marriage; Relationships

00:46:33 - Marriage / teaching

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Partial Transcript: Well what made you decide this was the one? Or how did y'all finally decide?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about meeting his wife and his experiences with dating. He then goes on to tell a story about one of the students he taught and his involvement with the law.

Keywords: Chickens; Children; Crimes; Education; Employment; Logging; Mules; Reading; Teaching; Thievery

Subjects: Dating; Marriage; Relationships

00:54:53 - Child guidance and counseling

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Partial Transcript: Do you think anything could have been done to help him when he was little to not go bad like that, or?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about a troubled boy he knew and about what could have been done to help him before he became so troubled. He also compares his generation to the generation at the time of the interview.

Keywords: Children; Communication; Counseling; Dress codes; Education; Family; Fighting; Generations; High school; Marijuana; Parents; Principals; School; Supervision; Teachers; Television; Upbringing

Subjects: Childhood; Families.; Guidance; Parenting

01:02:53 - Censorship

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Partial Transcript: Well did you try to limit how much TV your son watched?

Segment Synopsis: Preston talks about current media and controlling what children watch or don't watch. He also talks about religion and its place in a child's life and in school.

Keywords: Baptist churches; Catholics; Children; Churches; Communities; Conflict; Control; Employment; Schools

Subjects: Censorship; Religion; Television