Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Hattie Wells, July 31, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Gardening and having a milk cow / teaching children life skills

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview with Mrs. Hattie Wells on July 31st, 1991, and the interviewer is Elizabeth Albert.

Segment Synopsis: Wells talks about her work with young adults at her church. She talks about having milk cows and making buttermilk. She talks about working in the garden with her husband before her health got bad, and talks about when her husband worked in the mines. She talks about teaching her children how to cook and her perspective on home economic skills.

Keywords: Animals; Boardinghouses; Buttermilk; Churches; Cooking; Cows; Daughters; Family; Gardens; Home economics; Husband; Learning; Milk cows; Mines; Retirement; Sons; Sunday school; Working; Young adults

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Dairy products; Families.; Farms, small; Gardening--Appalachian Region; Parenting

00:13:36 - Family life during childhood--Part I

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Partial Transcript: What about when you were young what, what kinds of, um--I know you left when you were about fourteen, but before that did you have, um, particular chores that you did? Or what were some of the things that either your mom or your dad--

Segment Synopsis: Wells talks about her family situation growing up. She talks about her parents separating and about living with her grandparents. She talks about how she and her brothers were treated poorly by her parents and grandparents.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Attitudes; Brothers; Childhood; Chores; Divorce; Fathers; Grandparents; Hardships; Mothers; Moving; Old Regular Baptists; Parents; Religion; Stepmothers; Working

Subjects: Childhood; Divorced parents.; Families.

00:22:17 - Family life during childhood--Part II / childhood goals

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Partial Transcript: Now when you say that, what--your father drank, was that the only alcohol that--I mean, your mom didn't, or did she?

Segment Synopsis: Wells continues talking about her family situation. She talks about her father's drinking and she talks about her stepmother. She talks about her desire to get an education and how her stepmother discouraged her. She talks about her brother's education.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Aspirations; College; Drinking; Education; Fathers; Future; Mothers; Parents; Relationships; Self esteem

Subjects: Divorced parents.; Education, Higher; Families.

00:37:24 - Personal account of becoming a Christian

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Partial Transcript: Yeah it sounds like you, you did a complete turn-around from your childhood.

Segment Synopsis: Wells talks about her decision to become a Christian. She talks about how her life changed after her decision.

Keywords: Changes; Children; Christianity; Family; Hatred; Husband; Love; Marriage

Subjects: Families.; Religion

00:44:23 - Farming, gardening, and house work / living in the country vs. living in the city

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Partial Transcript: Now what do you want to know about the farming?

Segment Synopsis: Wells talks about how she learned to farm and raise a garden. She discusses how she prefers to be in the city and to be near people, though she does like having fresh produce. She talks about how she dislikes doing housework and the other things she would rather do. She talks about how all the work she has to do around the house and on the farm has kept her from going back to school.

Keywords: Animals; Beef; Butchering; Cities; Education; Farming; Gardens; Milking; People; Poultry; Work

Subjects: Agriculture--Kentucky; Gardening; Livestock--Appalachian region