Interview with Dean Phillip Jenkins, January 5, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Family background

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Partial Transcript: This is an oral history interview with, uh, Phil Jenkins for the University of Kentucky Family Farm Oral History Project.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Phillip Jenkins discusses his family's background, which includes their ages. He describes who his children and grandchildren are and their careers.

Keywords: Careers; Children; Deaths; Fathers; Grandchildren; Marriage; Mothers; Wife

Subjects: African American families; African American parents; African Americans--Employment

00:06:11 - Siblings' personal backgrounds

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Partial Transcript: Okay, um, let's talk about the, the first farm that you lived on for awhile.

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins goes in depth describing his siblings' ages and careers. He explains that they are a large family and shares some about their family home which he calls the home place.

Keywords: 'Home place'; Brothers; Careers; Children; Cooks; Farm work; Farms; Fathers; Land; Large family; Marriages; Nephews; Nieces; Siblings; Sisters; White Station

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Housing

00:21:54 - Moving from home / memories of farming the home place

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Partial Transcript: So when you, when you were raised in White Station did you move anywhere else then?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins discusses his first time moving away from home and places he had lived. He describes what it was like to farm the home place with his father.

Keywords: 'Home place'; Careers; Chickens; Children; Construction; Crops; Dumplings; Farms; Fathers; Help; Homes; Horses; Injuries; Mothers; Moving; Mules

Subjects: African American farmers; African American parents; African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Housing

00:36:30 - Farming at the home place

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Partial Transcript: What kind of farming did he do mostly?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins highlights the crops his father raised on their farm at the home place. This included tobacco and corn that would be sold. He describes the differences in grades of tobacco to the interviewer. He discusses changes in farming equipment.

Keywords: Acres; Bales; Changes; Corn; Crops; Farm equipment; Farms; Grades; Harvesting; Planting; Plots; Prices; Rows; Tie; Tobacco; Tractors

Subjects: African American farmers; African Americans--Agriculture

00:41:48 - Growing up on the farm

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me, um--it's interesting your talking about these changes, can you just tell me what it was like growing up on a farm? What kind of work you did?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins shares about his life growing up on his family's farm. He describes the chores he and his siblings would do around the farm. This included milking cows twice a day. He explains who lived at the home place with him as he grew up.

Keywords: Cake; Canning; Childhood; Children; Chores; Cooking; Cows; Cream; Creamery; Crop; Fields; Gardens; Milking; Mothers; Nephews; Nieces; Schools; Selling; Separator; Sisters; Tobacco

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Education

00:52:52 - Church life

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Partial Transcript: You, you said that your family was the only Black family in White Station. Where did you go to church then?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins recalls walking to church with his family and others from the community. He shares about the churches he has attended, and being voted a deacon at one of them.

Keywords: Attendance; Baptists; Churches; Congregation; Deacon board; Deacons; Discipline; Membership

Subjects: African American Christians; African American families

01:01:44 - Childhood home and memories

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Partial Transcript: Let's, um, let's go da--talk a little bit about your--the first house you were raised in.

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins describes his home place and how his father built it. He explains the layout of the house and where everyone slept. He shares a story about one of his first jobs when he was fourteen years old cutting tobacco.

Keywords: 'Home place'; Brothers; Clothes; Construction; Fathers; Fireplaces; Friends; Jobs; Money; Mothers; Nephews; Nieces; Pay; Siblings; Sisters; Tobacco; Wages; Work

Subjects: African American families; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Employment

01:15:01 - Mother's cooking / food on the farm

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Partial Transcript: Can you, you tell--you've said several times that you like to eat. Can you tell me about the things that your, your mama and sisters would cook back then?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins recalls the kinds of food that they would store and eat on the farm.

Keywords: Aunts; Beef; Blackberries; Cabbage; Canned sausage; Chicken; Clubs; Corn meal; Fathers; Flour; Food; Green beans; Hogs; Jams; Meat; Pies; Potatoes; Slaw; Spices; Sweet potatoes; Turnips; Uncles

Subjects: African American cooking; African American families; African American mothers

01:23:18 - Community support

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Partial Transcript: You, um, you said that your--the community that your, um, family lived in, White Station, was, was a white community on the whole.

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins shares about living in a predominantly white community and the way families would support one another. He recalls a time he took a friend's daughter to Berea College using mules and a sled, and other memories.

Keywords: Accidents; Advice; Berea (Ky.); Bridges; Colleges; Community; Death; Families; Fathers; Friends; Groceries; Mothers; Mules; Schools; Sleds; Snow; Truck; White Station

Subjects: African American parents; Agriculture.; Race relations--Kentucky

GPS: Berea College (Berea (Ky.))
Map Coordinates: 37.57244, -84.29188
01:32:03 - History of the home place / son's interest in farming

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Partial Transcript: Okay, let's, um, let's talk for a, um, a little while about the home place now. What happened to the home place?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins highlights what had happened to the home place over the years, including living there for a while with his family. He tells about the work he had put into the home place and about what is was like when his brother lived there. He discusses his son's interest in farming.

Keywords: 'Home place'; Barns; Brothers; Buildings; Bush hogs; Clean; Coal houses; Construction; Contractors; Cousins; Crops; Dogs; Farma; Grandchildren; Hay; Houses; Hunting; Illness; Jobs; Nephews; Ponds; Smokehouses; Snow; Sons; Strokes; Tobacco; Trees

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African Americans--Employment

01:50:25 - Inheritance of the home place / family issues

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Partial Transcript: Um, one thing that you've mentioned several times, but we've not really laid it out: how did the farm--what happened when you dad and mom passed on?

Segment Synopsis: Jenkins explains the way he and his siblings inherited the home place. He shares about selling his share of the land to buy his own home. He describes some arguments he and his siblings had over the years.

Keywords: 'Home place'; Acres; Arguments; Banks; Brothers; Cattle; Cemetery; Cleaning; Death; Friends; Housing; Illness; Inheritance; Land; Loans; Marriage; Parents; Prejudice; Rent; Reunions; Selling; Sisters

Subjects: African American families; African Americans--Economic conditions; Racism--Untied States