Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Charles E. Faulkner, May 16, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:13 - Family

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Partial Transcript: Today's date is Saturday, May 16, 1992.

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner discusses his father's hobby of flying airplanes. The first time the interviewee's father went on an airplane is also recalled. The history of Faulkner family reunions is given as well. Next, Faulkner talks of his paternal genealogy, including his grandparents. Lastly, where the family originated from (in the United States) before moving to Kentucky is revealed.

Keywords: Airplanes; Ancestors; Cane Creek; Children; Creeks; Family reunions; Farming; Flying; Grandparents; Isolated; Kentucky; Powell County (Ky.); Relatives; Runways; Virginia

Subjects: Family farms; Genealogy

00:07:34 - Father

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Partial Transcript: When did your dad first get his airplane, do you know?

Segment Synopsis: How Charles Faulkner's father became interested in aviation is described. A description of the airfield Mr. Faulkner built on his property is given, as well as the types of planes he owned throughout the years. Pictures that Mr. Faulkner took of the farm are illustrated. Additionally, Mr. Faulkner's lifelong passion for aviation is emphasized, as well as the possible origins of this affinity. Lastly, the business ventures of Mr. Faulkner are chronicled.

Keywords: Airfields; Airplanes; Albums; Crop Dusters; Drive-ins; Family; Florida; Flying; Korean War; Parents; Photos; Powell County (Ky.); Restaurants; Runways; Wrecks

Subjects: Family farms; Korean War, 1950-1953; Life; Photography; Small business--Ownership

00:16:42 - Previous owners of the house / floor plan

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Partial Transcript: Okay, now who lived here before your father--

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner explains the history of the farm, including who lived there before his family purchased the property. Known owners include a doctor and various farmers. It is noted that Faulkner was unable to determine the original owners of the farm (due to the property's significant age). The floor plan of the house is described, and is revealed to have remained virtually the same as when the house was first bought. Finally, recent improvements to the home are examined, including an addition to the kitchen and the draining of a creek.

Keywords: Alcoves; Clerks; Creeks; Doctors; Family; Farmhouses; Farms; Homes; Kitchens; Land; Layouts; Property; Records; Renovations; Rooms; Stoves; Yards

Subjects: Architecture; Family farms; Farmhouses; History

00:23:50 - Sketch of the house

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Partial Transcript: Um, just for our, our records I'd like to, uh, work on a little s--a little map here.

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner and the interviewer create an outline for the farm house. Both the exterior and the interior are described in detail. Any changes made to the original structures are documented. The various exterior buildings located or formerly located on the property are also mentioned. In addition, the assorted uses of the buildings through the years are given as well. Next, the dimensions, materials, and potential builders of the exterior structures are explored. The infrastructure of the farm, including roads are also elaborated upon.

Keywords: Additions; Animals; Barns; Bedrooms; Cane Creek; Canning; Chicken houses; Clotheslines; Corn cribs; Creeks; Doors; Driveways; Fences; Fireplaces; Floor plans; Gardens; Grandparents; Kitchens; Maps; Milk parlors; Outhouses; Outlines; Porches; Roads; Smokehouses; Stairs; Tractors; Trees; Well houses

Subjects: Agriculture; Architecture; Farmhouses; Farms; Gardening; History; Plants

00:33:03 - Outdoor toilet

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Partial Transcript: Did there, uh, used to be, uh, an outdoor toilet?

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner describes the outdoor toilet they had in the house growing up. The toilet was unusual in being a concrete structure with a septic tank.

Keywords: Concrete toilets; Outhouses; Septic tanks; Toilets

Subjects: Plumbing.; Sewerage.; Toilets

00:34:55 - Chicken house / smokehouse / well house

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Partial Transcript: Uh, with the chicken house, about how large is, is that building?

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner describes the dimensions and construction of the out buildings. The well house was concrete, the chicken house and smokehouse were made of wood.

Keywords: Chicken houses; Smoke houses; Well houses

Subjects: Family farms; Farmhouses

00:37:07 - Fence / garden / dairy barn

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Partial Transcript: Okay, you have this up here. Now where did the fence go?

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner describes the location of the fence around the house. He talks about the garden and the things his grandmother cultivated. He describes the location of some fruit trees around the house. He also talks about the dairy farm and the driveway.

Keywords: Barns; Cribs; Fences; Fruit trees; Gardens; Locust trees

Subjects: Family farms; Farmhouses

00:41:56 - Tobacco barn / clothesline

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Partial Transcript: And then there's the tobacco barn over--

Segment Synopsis: Faulkner describes the tobacco barn and the clothesline within the house compound.

Keywords: Clotheslines; Tobacco barns

Subjects: Family farms; Farmhouses