Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Gary Napier, June 25, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Early life / father

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Partial Transcript: This is an un, un, unrehearsed interview with Gary Napier for the University of Kentucky Library Family Farm Oral History Program.

Segment Synopsis: Napier begins the interview by talking about his early life, including the names of his parents and various relatives. His father's occupations are also mentioned. Napier details the life of his father following his retirement as well.

Keywords: Factories; Fathers; Livelihood; Natural Bridge State Resort Park; Parents; Relatives; Stanton (Ky.); Work

Subjects: Farming; Life; Retirement; Tobacco

00:10:32 - Farming labor / mother's jobs

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Partial Transcript: And they was never out no money for labor 'cause everybody helped everybody.

Segment Synopsis: Napier discusses the differences between farming labor now (1992) and in the past. Cooperative labor is found to have been the more common form of labor for farmers in the area up until fifteen years ago, when this precedent began to change to hired labor as the preferred method. Additionally, the jobs that Napier's mother did on the farm are also described.

Keywords: Changes; Comparisons; Cooperation; Farmers; Mothers; Neighbors; Paid labor; Workers

Subjects: Canning and preserving; Crops; Farming; Gardening; Labor; Occupations; Tobacco

00:14:26 - Work history

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Partial Transcript: Uh, how about your work history? Have your farmed your whole life?

Segment Synopsis: Napier gives an overview of his work history, beginning with his military service in Vietnam. Napier is found to have worked in a factory, and currently works several part-time jobs to supplement his income from farming. This is also a common practice among farmers in the area, according to Napier. Lastly, a friend who does farming full time is recalled as well.

Keywords: Cane Creek (Ky.); Carpentry; Factories; Farmers; Finances; Friends; Income; Jobs; Kentucky; Part-time; Post offices; Schools; U.S. Army; U.S. Mail; Winchester (Ky.)

Subjects: Employment--Kentucky; Farming; Tobacco; United States. Army--Military life; Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Veterans.

00:27:22 - Family / education

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Partial Transcript: So, uh, you're married, and how many children do you have?

Segment Synopsis: Napier briefly talks of his wife and children. Next, the interviewee outlines his educational path, beginning with grade school and ending with high school. Napier also chronicles what he did following the completion of his education. The topic of education is discussed, including its importance to Napier's family, and how the educational system in Kentucky has changed through the years. Then, Napier considers his own children's education, and what their level of education should be (ideally).

Keywords: Banks; Children; Farmers; Grade schools; Hospitals; Jobs; Part-time; Schools; Siblings; Stanton (Ky.); Teachers; Wife

Subjects: Education; Farming; Life; Marriage

00:39:06 - Farming / homes

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Partial Transcript: Would you, would you give up farming totally if you had the chance?

Segment Synopsis: Napier reveals the importance of farming to his life. The places and homes that Napier has lived in throughout his life are recalled as well, including Stanton and Winchester, two towns in Kentucky.

Keywords: Cane Creek (Ky.); Factories; Farmers; Homes; Kentucky; Values; Winchester (Ky.); Work

Subjects: Farming; Life; Occupations

00:42:37 - Childhood home

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Partial Transcript: Thinking back, uh, to a time when you were let's say eight or ten years old, I mean you're living in this house, who, who all lived here?

Segment Synopsis: Napier illustrates many aspects of his childhood home, including who lived there, the floor plan, and a physical description of both its interior and exterior. The same is also done for the home of Napier's grandmother, which was adjacent to the Napier house. Next, the acreage of the property is established, as well as when both homes were demolished.

Keywords: Acres; Barns; Buildings; Cane Creek (Ky.); Dimensions; Fences; Floor plans; Foundations; Grandmothers; Kentucky; Parents; Rooms; Sheds; Siblings; Smokehouses; Wells

Subjects: Architecture; Electricity; Farming; Heat; Life

01:02:51 - Childhood / family today

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Partial Transcript: Well, is there any--thinking back on this place when you were that age, is there anything other that you can, uh, think of that, that, was, was there or was important?

Segment Synopsis: Napier elaborates upon the subject of his childhood. Chores that Napier and his siblings performed are then recounted. The activities that Napier participated in for amusement are also mentioned. Napier's present relationship to his siblings, family, and in-laws are each examined in detail.

Keywords: Cane Creek (Ky.); Chickens; Chores; Driving; Family reunions; Fathers; Feeding; Friends; In-laws; Jobs; Kentucky; Milking; Siblings; TV; Yard-work

Subjects: Childhood; Cooking; Families.; Farming; Leisure; Life; Recreation; Television