Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Marjorie Carlton, June 25, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:23 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Today is the twenty-fifth of June, 1992 and I am Andrea Allen here to interview Mrs. Marjorie Carls--

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Carlton gives her married and maiden name, birth date, and birth place. She talks about where her parents, and grandparents were from.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Family history; Marjorie Carlton; Parents

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Family--history

00:04:58 - Family farming

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Partial Transcript: Now, was your father into farming?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie Carlton briefly discusses growing up on a farm with her grandparents.

Keywords: Childhood chores; Childhood experiences; Childhood farm memories; Farm employment; Tobacco farms

Subjects: Farm life.; Rural children

00:07:21 - Home remedies

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember any home remedies that your grandparents used at all?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Carlton and Andrea Allen talk about home remedies that her grandparents used.

Keywords: Adult diseases; Family history; Herbal medicines; Herbs; Home remedies; Illnesses; Measles; Medical care; Tea

Subjects: Family medicine

00:15:22 - Growing up on the farm

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Partial Transcript: The first place you lived, when--I suppose, were you born on the farm where you lived?

Segment Synopsis: She describes growing up on the farm with her family, giving a physical description of the farm, and how they preserved their crops.

Keywords: Canning from gardens; Childhood experiences; Childhood farm memories; Entertainment; Garden vegetables; Hunting; Tobacco farming; Trade

Subjects: Canning and preserving; Farm life.; Food--Preservation; Rural children

00:27:05 - Education

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Partial Transcript: Went to school. Went to school. Uh, we, uh, I walked about a mile and a half and we had to go through the fields to the school up and down the hills there and I--

Segment Synopsis: Carlton talks about her experiences in school, discussing her favorite subjects and travelling from home to school.

Keywords: Anderson County (Ky.); Early educational history; One-room schools; Rural education; Schools only to eighth grade

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Education, Elementary, Secondary Education; Rural children

00:33:46 - Family life

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Partial Transcript: Now, uh, your all's house there, uh, you had outdoor--an outhouse?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Carlton describes the outhouse on the property, how her family washed clothes, took baths, and how they made their own soap. She also talks about being sick as a child and home remedies that were used.

Keywords: Home remedies; Hygiene; Illnesses; Making soap; Measles; Whiskey

00:42:30 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: What was your husbands name?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie Carlton explains how she met her husband, John Willie Carlton, and being married to a farmer. She goes more in depth about her duties on her family's farm.

Keywords: Childhood farm chores; Farm inheritance customs; Marriage; Tobacco

Subjects: Family farms; Gender; Marriage; Tobacco

00:53:53 - Homemakers organizations

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Partial Transcript: But we made, we made our clothes.

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Carlton discuss her interest in making things, joining organizations and clubs that fueled her interests.

Keywords: Home hobbies.; Homemakers Club; Organizations; Sewing

Subjects: 4-H clubs.

00:58:17 - Married life

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Partial Transcript: So now, let's see, you got married when you were about seventeen, and how old was
your husband?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie talks about her children, farming with her husband, married life, and more home remedies.

Keywords: Childbirth; Family medical history; Farm life; Gender differences on a farm.; Gender roles; Home remedies; Raising children; Women's farm chores

Subjects: Children; Farmers' spouses; Gender

01:07:48 - Food preparation and preservation

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Partial Transcript: What kind of meals were you cooking?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Cartlon explains food preparation and practices. She discusses how she made the best out of what was available. She talks about food canning and harvesting.

Keywords: Canning and food preservation; Eating habits; Food preparation; Garden vegetables; Rural life; Water

Subjects: Canning and preserving; Food

01:15:07 - Leaving the farm

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Partial Transcript: So you're saying that you all, uh, sold lambs and--Did you all ever, uh, grow bluegrass seed?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie discusses leaving the farm. She talks about her children and home remedies she used to care for her sick children.

Keywords: Baptists; Childbirth; Home remedies; Medical care; Medical practice; Midwifery; Religion

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Childbirth; Lawrenceburg (Ky.); Medical care; Religion

01:24:39 - Drugstore remedies

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Partial Transcript: What kind of store-bought remedies did you buy?

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie talks about the store bought medicines she has used and her few experiences at the hospital. They discuss health insurance and care as well.

Keywords: Family medical history; Health insurance; Healthcare; Home remedies; Illnesses; Medical care

Subjects: Family medicine; Family--history; Health; healthcare

01:39:55 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: Where did they go to school?

Segment Synopsis: Andrea asks Marjorie Carlton about her children. They talk about the homemakers' organizations that Marjorie was a part of.

Keywords: Anderson County (Ky.); Education; Family farming; Hobbies; Homemakers Club; Rural education

Subjects: Family--history; Homemakers; Rural children

01:51:55 - Changes in farming

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Partial Transcript: Well, um, what do you think has been--I guess since you can remember mostly what
farming was like a number of years back. What are some of the biggest changes you've seen in

Segment Synopsis: Marjorie Carlton discusses the changes in farming that she has seen over the years, and the benefits. She reflects on her own experiences as a farmer overall. Andrea Allen concludes interview.

Keywords: Changes in farm practices; Changes in farming; Commercial farming; Family farming; Future of farming

Subjects: Farm life.