Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Jean Spencer, July 7, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:09 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Hello. Um, my name is Andrea Allen and I am here to interview Mrs. Jean Spencer.

Segment Synopsis: Andrea Allen introduces Mrs. Jean Carlton Spencer. She gives her birth date and describes the farm that she grew up on. She also discusses moving to different farms.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Farm life; Food preservation; Fruit orchards; Jean Carlton Spencer; Lawrenceburg (Ky.); Rural community support; Sharecroppers

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Farm life.; Food--Preservation; Sharecropping

00:11:40 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: Well, now where were your grandparents during all this time?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Spencer gives biographical information about her parents and grandparents. She also recalls memories of summers spent with her grandparents and cousins.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Childhood experiences; Childhood play activities; Tobacco farms

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Childhood; Family--history; Farmers.; Tobacco farms

00:15:27 - Childhood experiences on the farm

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Partial Transcript: Did you have any chores that you had to do on any of the farms?

Segment Synopsis: Jean Spencer describes the chores she had on the farm, and other childhood memories in Anderson County.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Childhood chores; Childhood experiences; Dairy farming; Early life and education; Entertainment; Farm life; Schools; Tobacco

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Childhood; Dairy farming; Farm life.; Tobacco--Harvesting

00:31:06 - Family medical history

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Partial Transcript: Now, uh, do you remember anybody in your family being sick while you were growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Spencer talks about her family's medical history and a few remedies that were used in her childhood. They also briefly discuss the role of doctors in the community.

Keywords: Coal oil; Croup; Home remedies; Tuberculosis

Subjects: Family--history; Health

00:36:11 - Married life

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Partial Transcript: How old were you when you got married?

Segment Synopsis: Andrea Allen asks Jean Spencer about her husband, and his family history. Spencer also recalls her duties on her husband's farm.

Keywords: Daily farm chores; Farm inheritance customs; Farm life; Gender roles; Gender roles on farms; Marriage

Subjects: Family--history; Farm life.; Farmers' spouses; Lawrenceburg (Ky.); Marriage

00:47:53 - Farm life with the in-laws

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Partial Transcript: Uh, let's see, did you keep any chickens or--

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Spencer expounds on her chores on her in-laws farm, and what it was like working with them. She talks about hiring help from other countries and her desire to learn Spanish.

Keywords: Day labor; Family farming; Farming technology; Tenant farming; Tobacco farming

Subjects: Family farms--Management; Farm tenancy; Farmers' spouses

01:01:09 - Healthcare

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Partial Transcript: Um, let's see. Now, uh, when your children were growing up did they have any serious illnesses?

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Spencer talks about her children, healthcare, and the family's medical history.

Keywords: Childbirth; Education; Family medical history; Health insurance

Subjects: Health

01:08:15 - Dairy and tobacco farming

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Partial Transcript: How have you seen what, uh, has been done with the farm change through the years?

Segment Synopsis: They discuss raising cattle, dairy farming, and the changes in the business.

Keywords: Cattle farming; Cattle operation; Cattle production; Dairy farming; Raising cattle; Tobacco farming; Tobacco production

Subjects: Dairy farming; Farm life.; Tobacco farms

01:15:29 - Changes in farming

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Partial Transcript: If you had to, to just kind of sum up some of the changes you've seen in, in farming through the years.

Segment Synopsis: Andrea asks about the changes that Jean Spencer has seen in farming over the years. Spencer also gives her thoughts on farming as a lifestyle and business.

Keywords: Changes in farm technology; Changes in farming.; Commercial vs. family farming; Crops; Farm life; Farm technology; Growing tobacco; Raising cattle; Tobacco farming

Subjects: Farm life.; Tobacco industry; Tobacco--Processing

01:22:29 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: How do you think your own childhood was different from that of your children?

Segment Synopsis: Jean Spencer compares her childhood to her children's and grandchildren's. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Changes in farm technology; Childhood experiences; Childhood on the farm; Early childhood; Poverty; Tobacco farming

Subjects: Childhood; Farm life.; Poverty; Rural children